Romance scam letter(s) from Wilmer Anderson to Pez (Austria)
Letter 1

How are you doing today Ma? I guess you are fine. I am Erick My dad told me so much about you, have waited for this for long now i prayed every day for my father to find someone and make up a good family My dad has told me a lot about you, say's that you are a Caring,Honest,God fearing,Intelligent woman, Am really happy that finally my dad have found the woman of his life, Ma can i ask you a question? please don't be upset, Do you really love my dad likewise my dad love you? Cos my Dad write me email that he we go any miles for you that means he love you so much and willing to do anything just to be with you and am sure you have same feelings for him too, i guess my dad have told you so much about me on my behalf, I will like to tell you some little about my self Am friendly like to laugh and go out with my friends i also like to play video games. My favorite color is blue,i like eating vegetable cos my dad told me is very good for my health,i like going out with my dad cos he always make me happy. Since my mom is gone my Papa has being the one taking care of me,Maybe no need to tell you cos I guess my Papa must have told you all that. So Ma can i call you mom Is long have been looking for someone that is very caring to call mom, since i lost my mom have been so lonely Ma i really need you Please tell me if you are willing to accept me so i can call you mom Ma do have a nice day...Ma i hope to hear from have a lovely day. and i hope to hear from you soon Ma. From Erick
Letter 2

Thanks mom for loving my dad, i am happy happy you accepted me to be your son and i have always dream of having sibling, now my dreams come through, Mom i promise to be a good son to you. Mom i love Chihuahuas but i don't have any. I will love to meet with you someday. Mom my birthday is coming up on the 8 of April, since my Mom passed away now woman has gotten me anything for birthday and it makes me feel bad whenever my birthday is approaching. Will be glad to meet with you soon. I love you. From Erick
Letter 3

Mom, i told dad i needed a lot of things, i don't know if he's gonna get all for me, I need Iphone, PlayStation 5, Macbook pro, Ipad, and new cloths for my birthday out fit, But mom if you get me any, i will be so happy. Thanks mom, i will try give you a call soon. From Erick
Letter 4

Hello Honey i work up to see that you have blocked me. i was so angry and drove to where Erick was to fine out what they have been writing to you and i found out its been Esther that have been writing all the letters and requiring so much by using Erick. i give my son all he needs and i was surprise he asked you for so much. i know Sophie will be disappointed in me thinking am a bad man, but truly am not and i have no plans to hurt you all, take you and your kids as my family and all i care is your happiness, please fine a way in your Heart to forgive Ether because she is a devil i have told you about how she steal from me at all times.i dont need your money as morning is not a problem for me. even if you dont want me anymore, please send your account details so i can send you the money i promise to buy for Sophie holiday flight ticket to mexico. i love you all and i hope we can e together as one big family. forgive me.
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