Scam Email(s) from Philip Butler to Eloha (USA)


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Letter 1

How're you doing out there? i really hope you're cool, actually I'm a new member of this site and i find your profile quite impressive I'm here to make friends or something more, and i think you're cool with your profile when i saw you on here,I'm mailing on this site because i find your profile quite impressive and interesting. You make a smile out of me if you can find a spare time to mail me back. Best of luck and good wishes. Phillip

Letter 2

You welcome It's nice having you around and if the truth be told you look gorgeous. Would love to know you more better, can you please tell me more about yourself ?

Letter 3

I'm Phillip Butler by name. Widower with a 13 yrs old son and i live in United State but presently in the High Sea of Scotland UK where i work as an Health Doctor with the UN Red Cross
I am nice, honest and respectful man with great positive thought about life and above all i love meeting people around the world and helping others archeive great goals in life

Letter 4

since i lost my wife 3 years ago i decided to move on just this year but still have not find the rightful person yet

Letter 5

It might take a year, It might take a day. But what's meant to be will always find it's way! Each one of us has a destiny. We cannot change it. We can only work towards being good and doing good. Whatever has to happen will happen. True winner is the person who converts all odds in his favor. Hope you rise to be a true winner. Have a great day today. Good morning




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