Romance scam letter(s) from Juris Anderson to Marina (Belgium)
Letter 1

Honey it’s not a dream and your words break my heart because it only beats for you. I love you and I’m not a mystery I am real and I will come to you in person.
Don’t throw away what we shear. I wanna be a part of your life and you also a part of mine. I love you so much and all that matters to me right now is seeing you.
If I Die your money will always get to you because I already dropped all your details with them and asked for it to be sent back.
I’m sorry this is happening my love. But I don’t wanna loose you. My heart is heavy and tears fill my eyes. I love you.
Unblock me and if you want we can talk here because talking to you is like air to me. Please my love believe me
Letter 2

I know you have been talking with another doctor and I am glad to inform you that he’s only gonna cause your doom.
Honey unblock me and let’s talk.
I’m sleeping in the streets here in Vegas and it’s not so nice for me. I have always got you back and I emailed my bank. They told me I can scan it and I already have since I told them what happened.
Now they have the documents complete and all they need is my presence in New York.
I need to get there before the end of the week if not I have to start all over and that will take another week. I want to pay all I owe and I want you to pay all you owe too.
I need to leave here with the best available flight because all they need now is your details and my signature in person My love... I love you so much and I will never do this to you.. EVER!!! I love you so much and I want this to work.
Letter 3

Hey my love how are you.
I haven’t been lying to you I have been truthful.
This is what we have together it’s been true and pure. I will never lie to you my love.
I love you too much and I wanna see you soon.
I Have to talk to you my Queen and
They say this kind of love is once in a lifetime, I know you are the one for me, I have given you all my today and always. Thanks for showing me how its feels to be loved. I can’t stop loving you because you are the one and I am willing to make this work cos I love you so much and I can’t stop thinking about you.
Letter 4

I won’t stop messaging you until you answer me babe. Because I know In my heart that we are this close to seeing each other and we’ve come all this way.
I wanna see you honey and this is the last thing we both have to do I am very very sure because I have asked all the Questions I need to ask about my account and this is the last piece. All the other documents are with them at the bank and this is the only missing one.
Please my love, it’s not a matter of money or anything honey. I have to present this so that I can get my funds back. The love of my life, your smile wakes me up every morning cos you are always in my heart. I wanna come to you to show you how much I have missed you and how much I love you.
Unblock me babe and let’s talk how this is never gonna happen again..
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