Scam Email(s) from Dawson Carlos Dagvin to Ang (USA)


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Letter 1

It's a pleasure to be connected on LinkedIn. I was actually searching for an acquaintance when I came across your profile. I must confess you are pretty and this is me being honest and not just mere flattery. I hope no offense is taken, I under-stand the medium is a business networking medium and not a dating or social networking website and I don't intend to use it for one.

You caught my eye, I am interested in communicating more and sharing more about me with you and hope to learn more about you too that is if you give me the chance to be your companion and interested in communicating further. I do believe everything is possible if we put our mind and heart together just like I believe that good things can be found in the least places. I do not just give out my personal details like email or phone numbers to people on linked-in or off it, but I am willing to make a compromise to communicate with you so here am I, emailing you off the site because I really wanted to touch base with you. I will wait for your response soon


San Jose, CA 95136 USA





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