Romance scam letter(s) from Godwin Palmer to Marla (USA)
Letter 1

I went to a movie with my friends a couple weeks ago and that was the first time in more thsn 30 years. I guess we were homebodies. Lol
Letter 2

I'm trying to get it ordered since we don't have sales tax here that saved a bit of money. Trying to get veteran discount too. Have a good patrol. I should be done soon. There are two different grays a dark and a lighter almost silver do you have a preference.
Letter 3

If I upgrade memory it takes 2 more weeks get to me around april 10th. It comes with 2.3ghz 8 core 16 gb 2666mhz. Ddr4. Amd Radeon pro 550 witg 4gb of gddr6 memory. I was going to update It to 32 instead of the 16. I'd rather get it yo you sooner. What do you think.
Letter 4

Its ordered took a while. Will Be here Tuesday then ill foward it to the ambassador. Ill keep u posted if anything changes. Hope ur patrol is going well.
Letter 5

I'm listening to mellow music and reading my bible. Wish you were here with me. Can't wait to watch the sunrise and sunset with you. So many simple things. Love u always. Praying for call your safety. Today should be your Friday.
Letter 6

I'm just thinking about you before heading off to bed. I hope you are having a good patrol. I'm buying more lingerie. I figure I only had one piece before so I'm treating us. I'm going to wrap them up and let you pick one out at a time for me to try. It will be a surprise for both of us. Adventure is the spice of life. In going to fall asleep thinking of your hands all over me. Nite honey aka lover
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