Scam Email(s) from Farhan Saleh to Viv (Spain)


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Letter 1

Dear Viv,

Wow you are vary beaiful, let me introduce myself my name Farhan Saleh i am a chef and i live in dubai and egypt and palistine and australa and new zealand i am 29 years and im very lonely and i am seeking a wife. i am search a honest wife to buid my life with .you look beauiful and as soon as i saw your photo i fell in love with you, your eyes, your body wow vary beatiful. money is tight but id love for you to visit me please i will give you my bank account details and ask you deposit 500 usd into my account so i can buy a ticket for you to come and mary me.

i wait for you reply about the money

with love

Farhan elan saleh




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