Romance scam letter(s) from Benjamin Kent to Susanne (Germany)
Letter 1

Firstly I want to start with saying I’m truly sorry for how I treated you...everything expect the feelings for you was a lie
I came to realize you’re not as other folks...but a different kind of human being but it’s already too late before I discovered all that...wish I could open up earlier
I don’t know how you might take this but it’s totally my fault I guess you fell for the man behind those pics and not the pics...I fell for the lady behind the sweet voice on phone...the lady who fights for what is right...who knows between good and bad and who is more loving and caring...Wish I could get all that back I really wish all the love and care can continue but I’m just being hopeful and optimistic about it
My real is Sheriff Akatugba...and I joined the insight and started chatting with you..I couldn’t get the confidence to come out straight
You can search on google you’ll find everything about me ...
Hope it doesn’t change your mind
Letter 2

Yes just told you all you need to know...
If revealing my real self doesn’t convince you then what will??
You asked to know the real me not someone else
Letter 3

It’s just a random photo online and I don’t know the person or about the person...and honestly speaking if I don’t really like your kind of person I won’t be discussing this with you...I want to still be your friend...and the passport was just edited it’s not for someone
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