Romance scam letter(s) from Alex Kendrick to Mary (USA)
Letter 1

Good day Mary,
I am excited that we got time to talk this morning and also thankful to God that I have you as my new friend because I believe in taking one step at a time. Thanks for the email address, I hope all is well with you and your family??How is your health,work and friends.You seem to be a very warm lady, I would love to communicate with you on daily basis to enable us stand a better chance of knowing each other better.
Here is a few information about me; I was born and raised in Austria,Dad an Austrian and Mom an American so basically,I'm mixed,I have lived in the states for over 22 years now.I am a born again Christian,a true and dedicated believer by faith.I was happily married for a period of 25 years,now a widower with one daughter who is happily married and reside in Spain with her husband.I'm an only child,my parents are both late,I lost my wife 5 years back,I am completely healed and ready to move on to the next level.I have my own home and live alone with my Dog Jack-a German Shepherd.I love Nature and I enjoy cooking.I also enjoy listening to good music,I don't drink and I'm a non smoker.I love to dance and I enjoy traveling, I love making new friends,meet different people from all walks of life.I love looking smart and clean,I can sing and play the piano very well.Guess I told you a few things already on the phone.
Some of my interest are "swimming,cooking,traveling, camping,surfing and reading.I have a friendly sense of Humor,I am well educated,comfortable,a fun loving person,friendly,understanding,independent,I am hopelessly romantic and a passionate man,down to earth and faithful to a fault.I am a Civil Engineer by profession but I am a Registered Civil Engineer Consultant General Contractor.last year,I got my license as a Consultant/freelancer, and a General Contractor. I intend on opening an investment and financial consultancy firm.
I really want to meet a good woman - someone who is loving, caring, a gentle, likes to laugh and hug and kiss, can take the reins and lead when necessary but, not dominate - someone to share life with. Some co-workers found friends/spouses this way. I do not go out anywhere I would meet someone - I will not date someone I work with - and at church it seems all the women are married. So, since my resolution this year is to expand my horizons and extend myself (how are we to be a light unto the world if we live under a basket?) Not bad meeting you right off the bat. :)
I would love to know more about your family Mary, friends,past relationships,Hobbies,likes and dislikes,turn on and turn off and anything you would love to share with me about yourself.Also,what kind of man you are looking for.
Please kindly share with me anything that you feel its a must for me to know and please don't fail to ask me Questions.
I promise to give you Honest answers at any given point in time.
I'm looking forward to your warm letter.
Letter 2

Good Evening Mary,
There are many more interesting stories to share Mary…..I appreciate the candor with which you replied.
Your email is so refreshing. I'm sorry for the late response, I had a really busy day yesterday but am still happy I texted you in the morning, But no matter how busy my day is,that won't stop me from responding back on your email.That being said I am a romantic, affectionate and kind. Enjoy helping people as much as I can and am not Judgmental. It takes quick Witt and humor. I am an easy going person that takes one day at a time. I am a happy person that enjoys life and tries to make the best out of any situation given to me. I am easy to talk too and I am a great listener and consider all angles of a disagreement before I come to a conclusion as to who is right and who is wrong. I believe is compromise when it is the best solution to a difficult situation.
I have never communicate with anyone out there ,Not sure of how it work by meeting people,I hope I can learn from you? LOL It seems to me that you a gorgeous person ,Anyway , Let's keep the spirit on and see where our communication would lead us to.. I believe for every person there is a soul mate , and I hope we would be good together.I think what we need mostly , Is just to be very faithful with each other " then all we need is to work things out to become one as much as how heart call each other.You are such a honest, fun, loving, caring, sincere,spontaneous ,affectionate, most of all are you just so gorgeous person. I am glad you are someone who is not afraid to speak out her mind not in head game .
I want a woman that is not too hard to trust again and can give herself to her man to be loved and taken care of, in a way that will bring a joy of life and an appreciation, she will look forward to every day. I am a man of integrity and very kind in heart and tender of soul. I am proud in the quality of what I do and responsible. I believe in taking care of a woman and treating her as a gift that God meant her to be. I also understand that making love is not just a physical act of two bodies. I believe in honesty, integrity, compassion, understanding and “social conscience”
My God and my spiritual life has given me the strength to stand tall, be myself, confident, positive about life, and happier now than I ever thought possible because I am comfortable being me and know that God will take care of me and is guiding me down the path he has paved for me. Of course, we may veer off that path every now and then, but if you recognize that you have, it's so much easier to get back on track. I learned to laugh again and it feels so good. I am told I have a nice smile and I get complimented on my deep blues often.
I start my day about 7:30am - 5:30pm and have my coffee and do some reading, and listen to Christian Rock to jump start my day. I especially like Building 429, Mercy Me, Matthew West, and all the rest!
I love watching movies - have Net Flix and Amazon Prime - but am mostly home alone watching them - I don't have favorite food,I just love all types of food,but mostly during the weekend I always do prepare Macaroni and cheese.Have been to few countries like,Switzerland,Netherlands, Mexico,Dubai and UK,my job has made me to travel around and I really love the nature of my job even though its really demanding and quite stressful sometimes,it has made me learn more about other peoples cultures and lifestyles.
I never speak negatively about people, I take less and listen more to people and does not jump into other people's affairs.Am very understanding,open minded with a heart of forgiving, loving and caring with sense of humor, Hard working , Honest, Sincere, Kind, Warm and Intelligent with Good Look ....
Anticipating Waiting for Your Message,
Letter 3

Good Morning Mary,
I love that you are serious, you are open with your conversation and how you share your passions, your hurts, and your dreams. You make me feel comfortable when we share and I can be myself with no feeling I have to act a certain way or talk a certain way or that I have to make an impression. I have learned as I get wiser (I say this instead of older hahaha) that when I meet people they either like/love me or they don't. I am done with impressing. I am comfortable with who I am and I am not perfect but if someone cannot see my heart and the real person that I am then, I will be cordial to you when I see you or I will love you and treasure you. I don't like drama it make things too complicated. It brings down the joy I have!
I truly care about people and find the joy in doing for others...I am so fortunate in my position I have many opportunities to give back -I feel it is honor and privilege to be a part of someone's life when they may be just diagnosis with terminal illness and their whole world has been turned upset down. I think I have always been comforting in these situations but after my personal experience even more.
I am always complimented on my contagious smile. I always have a happy disposition and how I share Gods love with everyone. I am humble How I always attract people (I know it is God in me who they are attracted to) how I am a confident man who respects and receives respect. I am an easy going person. I am a great listener. My colleagues, friends, and family come to me for advice and to talk even if I don't say a word.
Sometimes we just need someone to listen to us. I am kind, sensitive to the needs of others, I have a lot of mercy. I am a man of integrity and self respect. I don't like confrontation but I will stand for what is right and discuss the issue or take time out to think and address the situation in a calm manner. Words are powerful when one is angry or upset.I am passionate about my walk with my Lord. I have been praying the Lord will prepare and send me the one woman he has for me and I believe she is right here before me.
Take care and God bless.
Letter 4

Good Morning Mary,
I know you didn't go to bed early last night and I wondered why but I know you'll be fine but if you ever need to speak to anyone know I am here for you. It's a good morning from me to you!I have to say it was really refreshing just going through your email and your lovely pictures. Few of the people I encountered on the dating site(bumble) don't quite seem like real people. So I am thankful I got a chance to find you. I feel a good foundation with open communication and mutual respect can withstand anything. I feel good relationships are built over time and that although people will not always agree to that, they need to find common ground to stand on. I don't think it should be one way or another.I would be glad if we can get to know more about each other, Because we have a lot in common and I think we are good match but I would be nice if we can tell each other about ourselves more and more.
I think this is the best of my life because I know I'll be retiring right after my last project which is coming up soon. One of my greatest love is nature and the other is photography. I love to hike on our days off into the woods with my camera.
Seeing all the beauty around me energizes me and helps me to focus. Photography gives me a creative outlet.I love camping,Fishing And I love all the seasons!! I am out in the snow, heat, doesn't really matter. I especially love to find waterfalls which are often difficult to locate and so rewarding to find. We love weekend trips and going to new places. And although I like to be on the go, the best thing is being with someone you care about watching a movie and just being together.I like to read but find it hard to find the time to keep up with it. I am religious and work hard to live my life to be a good Christian.
You know I have realized that in our lives, we all need that one person to share our thoughts, joys, fears, love and other feelings with. This is one thing i have missed for the most part of my life. It would please me so much if I get the chance to share something more intimate with someone(You)..and I want you to know you are a great choice... Mary you are a beautiful woman..take this as a compliment.
I am very open to meaningful and decent communication.I am trustworthy and honest.I am a great listener.I choose to live life to the fullest, and be adventurous,I actually invent a new rhelm of possibility of being for myself and then the possibilities are endless. I have a big heart and caring heart (at times way too much), and like to keep things in order (know where things are literally and figuratively)cuddling is great (especially on the couch, in front of the fireplace, on the beach, under the stars, sitting on the docks, just as we drift off to sleep, etc).I have a passion for life and look forward to new challenge every day. I take each day as it comes and don't put much stock in material possessions. I value friendship and family above all other things. Things are nice but aren't what gives you that warm fuzzy feeling at the end of the day. I believe that God has a plan for each of us and I am hoping that I can find that right someone to grow old with.I hope this email finds you well and is a springboard to learn more about each other.
Stay Bless,
Letter 5

Hello My Dearest Princess,
I called you Princess because not only you look like one but you write like one.Thanks so much for all the beautiful emails and photo,I loved them so much and I feel speechless right now because it's been long I had such feeling.You fill my heart with so much happiness every time I do check on my email and I find out there's a lovely letter waiting for me.
I often think about you throughout the day...I do want to get to know you and not jump into anything but I think to myself sometimes., this is almost like a dream reading your lovely emails. I guess that is why I said it would be nice to See you first on Skype. I know there will come a time where we will meet and that will be wonderful. I catch myself smiling and dreaming of getting you know you even more. Your beautiful words ring through my ears throughout the day and I wonder what you are doing at the moment I am thinking of you.
Mary Inside of me there is a place where my sweetest dreams reside, where my highest hopes are kept alive, where my deepest feelings are felt and where my favorite memories are safe and warm. I find that you're on my mind more often than any other thought. Sometimes I bring you there purposely just to make my day brighter. But more often, you surprise me and find your own ways into my thoughts. There are even times when I awaken, I realize that you've been a part of my dreams. Then during the day, when my imagination is free to run, it takes me into your arms and allows me to linger there knowing there's nothing I'd rather do. I know my thoughts are only reflecting the loving hopes of my heart because whenever they wander, they always take me to you.
And yet I missed you so much and thought about you each passing minute and want to get close to you.Only the most special things in my world get to come inside my heart and stay.And now,I realize how deeply my life has been touched by you.
You are very special to me and I just can't get you off my mind,I know is too soon to be saying this to you,but I just had to express my feelings.I believe we can meet in real but we need time to get to know more cause I want a life with someone and I can see you from a distance.
Take care
God Bless.
Letter 6

Hello Sweetheart,
I enjoyed the way we talked yesterday but I guess you misunderstood me but I was able to give you my words. I love you everything about you and I'll always give you care, Support and attention, in other to learn more about you. I want you to know that am not into game but looking for a serious relationship that will lead to long lasting marriage/ long term and know that am not in rush into anything, I want us to take our time in getting to know if we are comfortable with one another. So please here is what I ask from you Mary, I want you to give me the chance to show you the qualities I have in me then you can tell if am the kind of man you are looking for.
Am not a perfect man and I can't lie to you in any way, what will I gain from lying to you at my age and how will I feel after lying to you? Am always going to tell you the truth no matter what it's going to cost me. I can't convince you to believe nor trust in me because I don't know how to do that but please always do what comes from your heart that is the only way you can live life to the fullest. We come to love not by finding a perfect person, But by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly, No one is perfect until you fall in love with them and Love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship. It's not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end.I just want you to know that am thinking about you and a Happy Day greetings to you from my heart.....Warm fuzzes I send From across all the miles Sealed with a kiss And great big smiles, This good day greeting is coming your way With all of my blessings and You'll have a good day So open your heart Let the sunshine in It's such a nice way For the day to begin. Enjoy your day in all that you do Mary, Mine will be awesome I'm thinking of you every minute.... I can't wait to wake up next to you love . Hope to chat with you much later love or like you said we can skype tonight.
Take Care and God Bless.
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