Romance scam letter(s) from Martin Rodriguez to Des (South Africa)
Letter 1

Hi darling, I have been in a state of dilemma and not knowing what to do but I have picked up the courage to seek for your advice/help because this is important to my life and I believe you will not deceive me cause I believe when there is love, there is trust too. Please do read my message carefully and get back to me. Here is the secret I want to share with you, I have $1,800,000.00 USD. ( One Million, Eight hundred Thousand US Dollars) here in an Offshore Account in Canada. please for your kind information, I put the money in an Offshore Account In Canada. but I have a little problem now with the Canada bank where I save the money because they sent an email to me and told me that the Canada bank is about to fold up for a security reason that we have 48 hours to move this money from their custody which is very difficult for me to do at this time. I have thought a lot about the possibility, I'm really confused now cause I don't know what to do since my mum is too old ( sick and in a nursing home ). I don't know what to do again and if I fail to remove this money from their custody, the money will be confiscated to the government unused treasury.
Letter 2

Hello Des Thank you so much for allowing us to help you with your On-line account transfer. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service and the most innovative banking products possible. We are very glad you chose us as your financial institution and hope you will take advantage of our wide variety of savings, investment and all designed to meet your specific needs. For more detailed information about any of our products or services, You may contact us by phone at +1226-780-8655.Value First is a full service, locally owned financial institution. Our decisions are made right here, with this community’s residents best interest in mind. We are concerned about what is best for you! kindly complete Names: Country: Address: Copy of ID/Passport : Phone number : Sex: Please do not hesitate to contact me, should you have any questions. We will contact you in the very near future to ensure you are completely satisfied with the services you have received thus far. Respectfully,
[Thomas Logan]
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