Scam Email(s) from Michael Levin to Jennifer (Canada)


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Letter 1

This is Michael from match, Please confirm this email.
Thank you.

Letter 2

Thank you so much for emailing me back.I was just about taken my profile off match when i came across yours.

I decided to try a dating site for the first time since i have been single so i put up a profile on match. I really do not have much belief in online meeting but i just decided to try it after so much pressure from family and friends recommended i try it(if you know what i mean). I'm in search of my soul mate, lover, and life companion. My name is Michael Levin I am 55 year old gentleman ( that still believes in chivalry :)). I unfortunately became widowed about 3 years ago after loosing my wife to a car crash. I am in the construction field, I am an Architect and a contractor, I design and get contracted to build and have been doing it for over 2 decades. I was born and raised in Geneva Switzerland, where my father is from but we moved to London when I was 20 as my mother is from England. I moved here permanently 2 years ago as i fell in love with it and figured it would be great for me to start afresh in a new city. I had been here a couple times on business prior to that decision.

I bought a beautiful condo in Yaletown Vancouver, that i renovated - beautiful peaceful area and set myself to take on life :). My whole life crashed down when i lost her (Ana) ,we were married for 28 years and very much in love and that was very devastating. I think it is time to move on now as she is in a better place right now. I have a son ( Robert ) 23 years old) who is currently studying medicine at Oxford University in the UK.

I do not want to sound narcissistic but believe I a man with a good sense of humor, a man with a strong heart,loving, caring, honest, compassionate and affectionate. I like swimming, camping,fishing,reading & writing,tennis,skiing, Football,Basketball,Baseball, golfing and most outdoor activities. When i read through your profile i was really interested and eager to show my interest. I think we have so much in common and would like to give this a chance and see where this might lead to.Anyway, let me not bore you with a long email,please tell me more about yourself and if possible you could attach more pictures of yourself in your next email just as i have done here.

Thank you so much and have a wonderful rest of your evening.

Letter 3

Good Morning Jennifer,

I am so very excited to hear from you today, I have been smiling since i read your email, I have a really good feeling about you. So sorry to hear about your marriage.
Let me try to sum up my life in a paragraph. I met the love of my life at 22 and it was love at first sight.We worked hard, bought a house and had a son together.We were very happily married for 28 years.Fast forward to August 2016 i received a phone call that she was involved in a car accident and pronounced dead at the scene. My world as I knew it was turned upside down. There were many nights I cried myself to sleep due to a broken heart and empty bed.My whole world shattered, eight months went by and i began to accept what had happened and i made a promise to myself to be the best i could possibly be to my son.

Here is a little more about me, I lived in Switzerland with my parents until i turned 20,my dad retired from active service then and we moved back to Birmingham UK.I lived in Birmingham UK with my parents for many years and also attended college there.After college, i got a job and moved back to Geneva Switzerland where i got married , settled down and lived for many years.I lived in Switzerland till 2 Years ago when i relocated here, after the lost of my late wife.Robert, my son, lives and studies in the UK, he visits me often. I was raised as the only child because my mom had complications after she had me.I grew up with all the love and affection from both parent.Not that i was spoiled in any way or over pampered or anything,I remember having my dad spank me really hard whenever i got really naughty, lol. I do miss him alot because we were very close, everything i am today, i learnt from him.He passed away 12 yrs ago, My mum still lives in the UK as she needed to be closer to her family, she will turn 82 in November.She is still very active for her age.

I love to listen to music such as blues,rock,good metal and classic music as well as jazz. I like to sit back and watch a good movie when i want to relax, mostly on weekends.I play Golf most times, I also like playing tennis.I love the beach or anything associated with water. I don't have any pet at the moment because there would be no one to look after them when i am away.

If you had asked me last year if I would be on an online dating site I would have said “No way” !!!!! Needless to say I am thrilled now that I am conversing with you.

I am looking for someone that is intelligent and funny, enjoys life, understand that a job is only that...a job. I also want "maturity, love, companionship, friendship, honesty"...but also someone that cares a lot for other human beings and animals. Someone with a big heart. I am a free spirit and extremely independent.I enjoy movies, great conversations, relaxing at home, just being happy. I live to meet my own expectations and not to please anybody else but me.I am a very thankful person. Love showing my appreciation. I am grateful for every single thing that makes my life what is it today.

I would love to fall in love again and make my partner proud. There's nothing more sexy than being in love.

You are a very beautiful woman and any man would be lucky to have you as a partner.I would really like to get to know you better till we make time out to meet each other. So feel free to write me back.Hoping to hear from you really soon.
Bless you.

Letter 4

Good Afternoon Jennifer,

Thank you so much for all your beautiful words. My mom is doing good.

I am a person who does not like offending other people. So if I ever say anything that you find offensive you'll have to say so unless it's something you can let slide. I like to have fun. Usually not at someone else's expense though. I love to laugh so hard my face hurts. I feel it's great for a persons overall well being. I've been depressed, so I know the tremendous ill effects on the body that can have. So I look at each day with a positive frame of mind.I don't have a lot of friends. Acquaintances yes, but friends no.My lover is my best friend, That way there would be no secrets.
I believe smiling is important because you never know that day if someone is in need of that simple gesture.

I can't believe we are making good progress with each other.When my Dad passed away I saw my Mom just fade. She would never go out unless I dragged her. I often wondered why she did that. Now I understand why. I believe that brought on her Dementia quicker than if she would have kept her mind busy. I knew I would have to push myself forward whether I liked it or not. It was so hard and sometimes I just wanted to hide in my closet and close the door and not come out for a month after the lost of my late wife. So I pushed on and now here I am, ready for the next big adventure in life.

So I guess what I am searching for is a "best friend". I want to connect with someone that has the similar interests and aspirations. Life lessons helped me discover what I need in a relationship. Activities and common interests are huge in finding that soul mate. If you aren't willing to spend time together then why would you be with that person, how one relates with another individual is how a special bond develops. If you can't cry together as well as laugh together then there really isn't a bond.

I will also admit that i am a church person, Although I believe more in faith, and believe that the church has it's purposes, such as teaching society rules of right and wrong. I also believe that some people need to have that belief to survive and to understand themselves, as well as the belief that there is life after death.

It is hard for a woman to date today because there are so many who give us all a bad name and women find it hard to trust us. That will not be an issue with me. I am not like any of the other men. I am very unique in my thinking and outlook on life. I am an out of the box thinker. I imagine you are as well. I always see the good side of everything and have a hard time seeing the bad in anything.

I would love to hear your voice on the phone so we can put a voice behind our email. Please feel free to email me your phone number as well as the best time to phone you today so that we can finally put a voice behind our email and hopefully we can also set a day to meet in person as well.

Have a great day further.

Letter 5

Good Evening Jennifer,

Your voice was so sweet and soft. I am so glad i phoned you. Now I must meet you as well. I am so looking forward to knowing you better and meeting you in person
I want a woman who will grow old with me, someone who will take care of me and whom i will take care of as well.I am hopeless romantic. I am a one woman man. I am really a good person with a tender heart, that does not want to hurt anyone. I genuinely care how people feel.
I like the fact that we are making progress,I am looking forward to meeting you in person. I am hoping we can become best friends and move forward to something more. I look forward to the adventures and this new beginning of our lives.( Hopefully) I pray this takes us to where we both want to be (A happy ending which is been with the right person who makes us happy).
A Relationship is all about TRUST, SINCERITY and HONESTY, all this Paramount fact must exist in a relationship before anything can work out of it. I'm a man of my word and will always stand by my words. I'm a caring and loving man, Open minded and Upfront in every aspect of a relationship.I am a man with so much love and honesty "I am not praising myself".I am a happy man who loves to satisfy my love ones with everything i have.I want you to be free in sharing anything with me as i will do just the same.Who knows, We might just be the end to each others search and would like us to start by been best friends and see where this will lead to.
Ever Since i viewed your profile online, i feel this great impulsion on me and i was very glued to your profile as it stands out among others in a way i can't possibly explain.
I want you to know that when i enter into any relationship, I enter 100 percent in respective of what my partner brings to the table. I believe in 100 /100 % and not 50/50 % . You cant give 50 % to someone you genuinely love or care about.
All i can say at this juncture is that i have so much love to give and am looking forward to getting to know you better.
Have a great evening and would be looking forward to reading from you soon.

Letter 6

Good Morning Jennifer,

You have captivated my interest.Your words feel sincere and deeply heart felt.I may be your reflection, we will soon see!
It is very interesting to be engaged in mid-life dating and starting "afresh." There is great excitement in knowing who you are and engaging another with the same experience/aptitude in life.

I hope you are not expecting me to be perfect - of course beauty is in the eyes of the which case I pray that you would like me when we meet in person. The photos i emailed to you are my most recent pictures, they are less than three months old.
I am a very calm, peaceful, balanced and compassionate man, I am not praising myself, When I am in a relationship, I am "all in. " I know that everyone our age has battle scars (Heart, mind & soul). I can truthfully say that mine are simply part of my strength and character, but not a liability or deficiency.
I love VERY deeply and want to make my best friend my everything.

I do not have many friends, I am from a very small family and am a very family oriented person. So what I am telling you is that, if we have a heart connection - you become a significant part of all of family, friends and work family. I promise you, that if that connection is there - you have met my family...that is who I am and who my family is - we are a very playful, silly-sarcastic, lots of laughter and every once in a while cry together kind of family. I have no fears or regrets, nor do I harbor ill will towards anyone.

Since we are clearly in pursuit of having a love affair, I will be candid about my self as i am an open book. With that been said, I received a very good news this morning, I applied for a government project/Contract in Cape Town South Africa a couple of months ago ( 2 and half months ) to be precise, and i was informed today that my company has been shortlisted for the said project. Out of 17 companies that applied for this project, My company was among the top four that has been shortlisted and they will review all of the selected four companies today and the winner will be announced tomorrow morning.Please put me in your prayers because i have really invested a lot in that contract as i have struggled to get these types of government contracts/tenders since i moved here. Just for clarity sake, This does not mean that i am moving to South Africa if i do win, I will set up a team there that will build if i happen to win the contract.

Hope you do not have a busy day today? Please advice on the best time to ring you today as i cannot wait to hear your lovely voice again.

Have a great day darling.
Lot of Hugs

Letter 7

Good Morning Sunshine,

How was your night ? I Hope you slept well ? I have just received a call followed by a letter of appointment from the ministry of Housing and development in South Africa informing me that i have been approved and appointed to develop and construct a government school and hospital in Cape Town South Africa.

This contract is worth $21.6 million usd, of which includes the cost to design and build the said project.The contract award ceremony will take place at the Cape Town International Convention Center (CTICC) on Thursday morning the 19th of March 2020. This means i have to travel to South Africa tonight to arrive there tomorrow evening as it is about a 21 hour flight from here to South Africa in order to make it there on time for the award ceremony. This news came as a big shock to me as i was not expecting to win the contract nor to have to travel this urgent.

I already have an appointment with my bank this morning regarding some investments,Once i am done with my bank,i will have to go shop for some of the items that i will need for this trip. I will also need some summer clothes as they seems to be in summer over there at the moment.I also need to go get all the tools that i will be working with over there ready to be shipped over to South Africa.

I also need a good suit for the contract award ceremony which will be attended by some important personnel from the government, politicians, NGO's and other Government bodies on Thursday morning.

I am really happy to be awarded this contract as i have struggled in getting contract and tenders for my company since i relocated here.This is the first time that i will be working on a project in South Africa.
With this latest development,I am very sorry to inform you that i may not be able to see you in person before my departure as i have to be in South Africa ASAP to sign the acceptance letter and also to meet up with the minister of housing and development.

I would like us to keep in touch by email and over the phone just as we have done for the past couple of days till i return. I will be traveling with my laptop so i will send you mail on a daily basis. I will buy a South African sim card when i arrive there and we will be able to talk on the phone as well.I will be staying for two weeks to sign the acceptance letter and also to kick start the project before returning.

I am deeply sorry about my sudden departure,I promise to make it up to you when i get back.I will arrive back home in the morning of the 2nd of April, If i am not jet legged, We should be able to meet that very day or the day after.I will keep you posted about that. I promise to make it up to you.

Please text or call me when you get this email. I hope you are not mad at me?
Talk to you soon.

Big Hug.




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