Scam Email(s) from Kevin Oscar to Orietta (Canada)


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Letter 1

Good to receive your email this early morning. I was thinking before that you will not contact me after you asked for my email address from that site.
How are you? I hope you are well and in good health. Let me introduce myself and also learn more about you.My name is Kevin Oscar, I'm 55 years old. I'm from Ontario Canada, but i live in Wales UK. I am a hydraulic engineer and working as a contractor.
I lost my wife two years ago due to complicated breast cancer and since then i've been single, although i have a daughter who just turned 18 years old on 31 of this last December 2019,and her name is Jessica.
I am here to look for the real woman who can make the best of me. A woman who shares the solid foundations of the relationship with me, that is trust, love, relationship, company, commitment, understanding, friendship, sincere, who has the spirit of dice and a woman who will understand what is on my mind when she looks into my eyes, one who shares my happiness and sadness with me.
I am a very strong and compassionate person with a positive attitude in life, i want someone with whom i can share my deepest thoughts and aspirations. I realized that i don't want to grow old on my own and the company is very important. I hope that my presentation is to build a true friendship with you that can lead us to a relationship, because I believe that faith can guide us in a very beautiful way, which can eventually end in marriage, I would love to know more about you. Happy weekend to you from here.
Kevin Oscar.

Letter 2

Hello dear,
Thank you very much for taking the time to read my email and also write me.
I would like to know when you signed up for the online dating site and what is your experience since joining the dating site?
I asked you this because I am here for a serious relationship and ready to take the time to move on with life.
You see, I feel there are some basic but essential elements of a relationship. (1) Identify the need to be in a relationship (2) decision and disposition to contribute to success 3) Honesty (4) Trust (5), mutual respect (6) commitment to devotion and willingness to make a sacrifice. Knowing very well that a gold must pass through the fire before being able to purify and graduate into it last stage and with this six i mentioned, I believe that it will make a relationship successful. The last picture is my daughter Jessica and i on the day she was about going back to school few days ago after spending the Christmas holidays with me

Letter 3

I don't have whatsapp,i don't have skype and i don't have time for facebook.




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