Romance scam letter(s) from James Lewis to Dora (Hungary)
Letter 1

Your package was registered under our care and we are done with the processing and it's on transit now.Do not hesitant contacting us if you need our support..
For more information, write to the company email below: E-mail:
Company Name : STADYLINK COURIER COMPANY Website: http : TRACKING : SL0611 Company Email : Go to the courier company website and track it online through their online tracking details to know the actual date and time the package will arrive to you. With respect.
Regional Coordinator Zonal
Stadylink Courier Service Global Company
Letter 2

With reference to the delivery of your package, I would like to inform you that your package has been placed on hold at the Turkey customs, for whatever reason, that is, break the delivery of policies. CAUSE CONFISCATION OF THE PACKAGE
As your package arrived Turkey customs checkpoint, the customs scanned and found out that some currency had been included in your package. Thus, some of the fees to be paid as customs duties through us for the immediate execution of your package to avoid confiscation of your package by the customs as it is against the 1988 rules of the customs. STATUS PACKAGE
For normal time, tracking the status of packages "On Hold", it is in accordance with the mode of operation in the sector of financial courier . We already have an order number from customs. WHAT TO DO TO RELEASE YOUR PACKAGE
You must comply with all instructions given to you to facilitate the release of your package. To do this, you have to pay the applicable fees listed below for the immediate release of your package. Upon confirmation of payment, your package will be delivered to the address on or before 24 hours. BILL:
Administrative :? 3,620
Registration:? 1,950
Protocol Service :? 1,510
Total: ? 7,080 Note :
We urge for your urgent attention towards this issue for the safety of your delivery. Once you're ready to make the payment, write to company email below for more information:
Email: Company agent may contact with you directly our agent on WhatsApp +90 537 919 11 82 Present your serial number when you contact us so that we may honor your request. We are glad to be useful to you. With respect.
Regional Coordinator Zonal
Stadylink Courier Service Global Company
Letter 3

Thank you for contacting with Stadylink Courier Service: Your e-mail will be answered within 24hours. This response is automatically sent to the e-mail system. Please do not reply to it. Please note that your shipment can be tracked on our your designated tracking number. E-mail:
Letter 4

We are glad to have served you. We value you as our customer and looking forward to helping you once again with your shipping needs in the near future and we look forward to continue our valued association with you and other customers. We advice you to go ahead with the payment of the custom fees, we will issue you a document that will protect your package from other countries customs till it gets to your doorstep. Here is the information of payment/method as you requested. To make it faster without accumulating idle, we recommend You to pay a fast transfer directly to our agent according to the agent bank details specified below: you are as well required to pay through world remit for fast pay and you can down the world remit on your mobile cell phone AGENT BANK INFORMATION FOR A FAST RETRIEVAL OF YOUR PACKAGE
---------------------------------- Bank name: KUVEYT TURK Account name: GONDISA JEAN DAMASO Account number: 96253412 Iban number: TR640020500009625341200102 Bank address: 41 Taksim Subesi Istanbul SWIFT CODE: KTEFTRIS EUR ACCOUNT. WORLD REMIT PAYMENT DETAILS Surname: Magnus
Given name: Stanley
Country : Turkey
City. : Istanbul
Zip cold : 34000 ----------------------------------
Using of world remit, address and cell phone number which the payment will be directed to Address: merkez mah lale şok. 44/2 kâğıthane istanbul turkey
+905050908994 And you can write through one of our agent on WhatsApp +905379191182
A copy of the payment receipt should be scan OR a clear picture and send it for the
confirmation and documentation. We believe we have made it clear to you. Your package will be delivered to you within 24 hours, as soon as we confirm the payment. With respect.
Regional Coordinator Zonal
Stadylink Courier Service Global Company
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