Scam Email(s) from Peter Pardew to Laura (Sweden)


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Letter 1


Good morning I want to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell you about myself...

My name again is Peter Pardew I am originally from England but currently live in Sweden working as a Construction consultant Engineer in Sweden As i am here permanently, i am house hunting for a property to buy but not yet sure which city i will eventually like to settle in as i love the coastal areas a lot. Hence, I am very excited! My Mum is Swedish but my Dad was English (hence why I don't speak Swedish because i grew up in England). I love Sweden the people are friendly, accommodating and also very receptive.

This whole on line dating thing is new to me, my Assistant Bob actually put me up for it after he met his spouse here. He is married to a Swedish girl and they have such a beautiful life together in England! Just thought I’d explain one of the motivating factors that has influenced my eagerness to move here and settle down permanently.

I have been married before but now divorced and have a daughter who is studying and living in the US I have never been on a dating site before so forgive me as I ramble on...

Anyway, I have however been on Tinder just for a few days now and i would not say I have had a pleasant experience there. I have received messages from women that are not looking for the same thing I was there for. Most of the women that contact me are basically searching for a fling or something of that nature. This is frustrating because i am in genuine search for something real and serious. So I really liked the fact that we are both serious and want the same thing in a relationship. I understand that being together is the most important part of any relationship no matter what two people are doing (besides communication, of course).

So, a woman who I can spend quality time together with laughing, sharing jokes and talking about everything, and hopefully, live a reasonably happy life together would be ideal.. It would be nice to have someone who would enjoy traveling with me and of course trying out local eateries and restaurants. There's nothing like a good dinner and then holding hands to go on walks together on the beach with a great companion at sunset! Anyway, it will be interesting to know what your experience on the site have been like.. are you talking to any one else or not?

I look forward to reading from you and you can also tell me more about your work? What are your childrens names ? I equally look forward to getting to know you better and hopefully meet you soon. Please feel free to ask any questions and be rest assured that I will be glad to answer.

Good day and warm regards,




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