Scam Email(s) from Michael Andelman to Lisa (USA)


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Letter 1

My darling Lisa,

I want to write you something sweet but there is no time to say much. The work here is so tedious. I hired extra 7 engineers because from the reports i was getting i understand we needed more hands on deck to be able to spread the work and have a good number of experience engineers on shifts. This contract is a massive one. I have invested so much into it because i have confidence in the outcome and my work. It is a million dollars contract. The negotiation process was intense last year. But i am a great negotiator. Yes your baby is very good at his job.

So let me explain the situation of things here. I am running a turn around maintenance procedure on the entire rig production equipment. Drilling process stopped and serviced gradually. We are working in a way where by production still goes on because stopping production will cost so much. The parent company do not want that. This type of procedure is dangerous and requires care and professional work. We are capable to the task. Another task for me is to keep tabs and full control of my PSV (platform support vessels) that render other services to the rig. I am tied to the contact in different ways. I will not be here for 6 months as you suggested. I will be here for a month and some few weeks.

I love you Lisa




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