Scam Email(s) from Lin Chi to Eloha (USA)


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Letter 1

Hey, are you okay? My name is Lin Chi, I am originally from Shenzen in southern China. I worked in the gas and oil industry in the Middle East, Ukraine and Libya as an emigrant and a wealthy and successful entrepreneur who has a few companies taking on financial risks in hopes of profits in the gas and oil industry, I want to distribute my resources as a philanthropist trying to promote the welfare of others, especially through the generous donation of money for good causes. And thank you, this message is not a sneaky or dishonest plan designed to con and hurt you. As a dying man diagnosed with colon cancer, I want to give some donations that need my funding where everyone in need, the poor, the revered, physically challenged children and the less privileged out there suffering can come to any help. This is my email:




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