Romance scam letter(s) from Jack Redd to Carol (USA)
Letter 1

Hello Honey! Thank you for the lovely emails you sent to me, I am so happy to have you in my life to love and stand by me every time, we laugh together! and the world becomes a beautiful place for us. We will live together forever and you will be the only one to always kiss me Good morning and Good night for the rest of my life. I love you and i will always love you. Baby nothing can ever change my mind about you and you are the best thing that has ever happened to me so why would i want to loose you. I have been at the ports all day but still i am having some slight difficulties in clearing the goods. I had to quickly rush back to the Hotel room to call and write you this email because you are the only person i can talk to right now. Honey I have thought about this before mailing you but i just figure out that, since we are soon to me married and are ready to spend the rest of our lives together we should be able to stand by each other at times like this. I have been at the ports authority since about 6am this morning with my shipping/clearing agent to clear my goods but am having a slight difficulty in getting my goods from the ports because i really find things totally different here in this country. I cannot get my goods out because the tax i am to pay on it is higher than what i bargained and am not really having enough money left to complete the payment for the clearance. My Shipment arrived the country as you already know, and due to the value, it has been held by the custom agents and i was told that i have to make some papers and pay for the clearance which was extremely higher than the normal charges i planed for. I have tried to raise the funds since morning before sending this to you, i cannot contact my uncle because since he got to Dubai with his wife i have not heard anything from them and i presently don't have any means of reaching them apart from emails which i have sent a couple of emails to them already without any response, I was advised to contact the England Embassy in UAE where Dubai is and make a report to them there. How i wish my uncle was around so that he would be able to resolve this issue for me once and for all. Its about 12:00pm now (Lunch Break) and am in my hotel room. I have been very unhappy, sad and sick since today and i have been crying since i got back to my Hotel room. When i ordered my goods from china, uncle advised me to order some extra equipment and accessories that will be sold to some customers he introduced me to here in London and also for our store back home so I could get a huge discount, and on my way to the Hotel i called some of the customers to see if they can pay for the accessories they requested for and as soon as i get the goods cleared they will get it, but they refused and told me they have had issues with trust in their Business line and they can only pay for the goods when they see it. Like you already know, my goods (work equipment) are really going to profit me a lot, come to think of making over 252% net profit on the goods but on the other hand there is nothing i can do not until i raise enough money to collect my goods from the Custom Agency as soon as possible. Honey the Cargo Bill for the clearance of the goods was what I sent to you yesterday and if you take a good look at the cargo bill you will see that it will cost about $150,000 to get my goods out of the port and this is higher than what i planned for, i was told it was due to the high quality of my goods. I have immediately contacted John back home in Lawrenceville and i have instructed him to go to the office and send the $40,000 i left in my safe to my shipping agent today. Sweetie I have paid the total sum of $140,000 between yesterday and today and i need $10,000 more to complete the payment and the customs will only accept full payment before I can get my shipment. Honey at this stage i will accept whatever you think you can lend me right now and i will refund before the week runs out when i get the goods out and have sold the goods to the customers that wants to buy and be rest assured the customers are willing to pay for the goods immediately they see it. Honey i want you to know you are lending me the money and i will accept any amount at this point. If my goods spends extra time(days) at the ports, it will have more Demurrage(Charges) on it and it will cost more to clear it and i don't want my goods impounded so I will really appreciate if you could help me and i will pay back with interest during this week. How i wish my uncle was around so he can help me out with this . I have spent so much money on this project already( paying workers, buying some equipments here in London, getting an hotel, renting a car and paying the programmers here also) and the only thing left out is getting my goods and finishing the remaining part of the project. My Future wife i love you so very much and i wish this dont have to happen and i feel very ashamed asking you to lend me money. Honey i want you to know that if you cannot help me, it will not change the love and feeling i have embedded in my heart for you.
I love you so much Sweetheart and you will always remain special to me.
Love you so much
Letter 2

I added it to the profile. You could tell him that any legitimate business requires customers to pay a down payment on products that cost that much and that should more than cover the taxes, lol.
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