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Letter 1

My Dearest Darling Sandra,

Please know the depth of my love for you, it is fathomless, deeper the deepest ocean, beyond the measure of the universe...I ask apologies for my worries ( your in-law getting sick and so much going with you )...I know what you are going through and I go through it with you Sandra...I want us to meet as much as you want to us to meet...don't think for one second, that I don't think of you every second of every minute and every minute of every hour of every are my total consumption Sandra...I will do everything to love you and for us to be must know and believe's just when I don't hear from you I get going with my worries...your voice and letter are all I have, and the love you give me through yours...we will get through all of this, because my arms ache with wanting to hold you, and my body weeps with want for you...and my heart cries for you...I cannot say anymore than what I say constantly, but, will say it over and over again to reassure you of my love, devotion, faithfulness, dedication, wanting you and only you.

My most precious Sandra, if this was my last day on earth, I would thank God for bringing you into my life, and letting me find the most wonderful, honorable, faithful, loving wife man could ever have, you make my heart sing, my body purr, my mind filled with the most beautiful thoughts of us together...and my Adored one, that day will come..I have no doubt.

Always know, that I am here for you , forever to be captured by your heart of hearts My Queen BELIEVE and REMEMBER....It is and will always be ...JUST YOU my Love..for me.

I thank you for you wanting and loving I want and love you..eternally Sandra Klein.

Your Faithful and Loving husband.

Edward K.

Letter 2

I want to feel you Sandra.

I want to feel you near me. I want to feel the hairs on my arms stick up as our arms move closer together. I want to feel your body heat jumping from your arm to my arm as we try to build up the courage to touch. I want to feel the singe of our skin upon impact and the ensuing warmth and numbness to that touch that follows. I want to feel your fingers run down my back, down my shoulders, down my arms, down my chest, across my face. I want to feel your forehead on my forehead and your cheek on my cheek. I want to feel you pull me in, skin touching skin, your arms wrapping around me. I want to feel engulfed by you. I want to feel the your shoulder pressed against my neck and the shiver that runs through my body when your cold breath hits my ear.

I want to feel your fingers run through my bald I want to feel your lips graze my jawbone, my collarbone, my forehead, my cheekbones, my lips. I want to feel myself dissolve into your kiss. I want to feel your weight on me. I want to feel you move. I want to feel the way your body feels under my hands. I want to feel your body’s ripples and dips. I want to feel your hair and the shape of your face and the way you breathe.

I want to feel the arch of your back. I want you to feel my kiss on your neck and your. I want to feel your body pressed against mine. I want to feel your sweat and your heat. I want to feel suffocated by you. I want to feel you hold me. I want to feel you pushing me into you by the small of my back. I want to feel your breath all over me. I want to feel you all over me. I want to feel you all over. I want to feel you.

I wish that I could lay claim to writing it, but it is so me with thoughts of you! I love you more than the sands in the seas Sandra.

Edward K.

Letter 3

My Most Precious Sandra,

You are the Flame that ignites me, you keep me burning for you, My Love , like the eternal Flame, will never die, It will burn throughout the countless centuries and never , ever be put out...that is the Love of Loves we have been given for each other, my True Love, for nothing can ever diminish what you and I have for each other.

Life may hand us some ups and downs, but as long as we have each other, we have it all and will fair the storms of Life, for us, the Sun will always come out tomorrow.

I Love you Sandra, wife Mine.
You are Priceless Sandra and worth loving.

To all our Tomorrow, for our Today's brings us that much closer to each other..With all my Heart , Soul, Body, and Life, As I am yours forever..I love you till the end of time Sandra Klein.

Edward K.

Letter 4

My Darling Sandra,

This is so very true, just to Love more, makes it all worth while...cannot remedy Love, but, just to keep on loving, wanting, caring, for each other..that is the remedy..without love, we are empty shells of a human body, with no purpose to life, I feel that since I met you and Loved you unconditional, I am the most fortunate of people, wealthy beyond description, for my wealth is the "GIFT", of your unbound Love for me, as I have for you Sandra....My Day, my Night, My Sunrise and Sunset, the wind that blows in through the trees, the every breath that I take, all and so much more, are you to me...I think I am running out of words to describe, my feelings, but know, that they are their...for you deep within my heart...waiting for the meeting between us, and the first of many nights of our passionate love making..that will be our completion, together in our very own ecstasy and warm and tender, fast and furious, wanting and lusting for one another...for so long awaited , it will be the most wonderful, glorious, mating between two people, who are so very much in Love, and that will be You and I my sweetest Wife Mine.

I do pledge my, Love, Life, loyalty, faithfulness to you, my most treasured Sandra...Believe, always believe.
Yours forever, My Darling Sandra Klein.

Edward K.

Letter 5

All the treasured words we share between us - every word is ours to read with loving care.

To read again the dreams that came upon our hearts as we move forward in quiet certainty - of how we crept into each other’s heart to nestle and hold forever.

I read our words of love, and trust, and faith, and how we will spend our lives as we move down love’s precious path.

We will wake each day in sunshine - our hearts will drink in the morning dew - we will walk together, hand in hand, and daily renew our vows.

I look through the pages of messages sent between us, and I feel the longing for my eyes to finally set upon you.

To finally hear my I love you Sandra in your ears and see the smile upon your face, and see my arms outstretched toward you - I have come to claim your heart.

My love, my Queen of Hearts, I vow my love to you and choose to walk with you through all eternity.

Edward K.

Letter 6

Good morning to you my love, How was your night and how is your day going? I am just getting mixed up in here baby, this morning was fruitful again!. My presentation went well again, until i got a tax letter from the government and the company in-which i was expecting my accumulated tax bill.

The name of the company that i invested on is AVEA telecommunication, normally i was expecting to get taxed, which was why i sold my properties ( house & car ) to come over here and liquidate my investment.

I got a tax of 10% which is $25M, which makes me feel like they want to rip me off. Where am i suppose to get that amount of money from at this moment? My translator said the tax is a add-ons ( rip off ), maybe because i am a foreigner investor.

All i am thinking about right now my love is to go to court with these scums.. Please share any idea with me my love, i need you to share your thoughts about this baby.

Taking the company and the government to court is what i have in mind since my translator advised me on that too and i have thought about it, what do you think?. They ( company ) told me my stock/investment lost some points and its worth $200M, which was a lie, when i got here it's worth $250M and it’s even published on the newspaper in here.

They claimed that i have lost some stock which is not true. My translator did some works on the document. These Turks are nothing but thieves, I have to be smart with these people, It's like me against the whole Turks.

Their plans was to swindle me of $50M, honey these is what i am going through in here at the moment, all i need is prayers now. I have contacted a lawyer in here and the good thing is that law over there is that, the judge passes the judgement the same day, I asked the lawyer to fix tomorrow as the court day- the quicker I can get the sorted out the quicker I get back on the American soil- I need divine mercy and intervention from the heavens and your prayers darling.

I am getting worked up in here and i haven’t even had a proper human sleep- Don’t worry about me my love, I am not here to relax nor to spend time, the quicker i get things sorted out, the quicker i get out of here my love.

Pray for me my love, I am leaving for Istanbul in few minutes, It’s a 3 hours flight to Istanbul- I have nothing else to do but to prepare for the rest of the week darling- Let me know when you are less busy maybe we talk on the phone or through email my love. I love you so much baby, wish me luck and never stop praying for me honey, All i am doing is for our future together baby, and no one not even any human will stop me from being happy with you my love.

It’s my time for me to be happy and i say HELL YES!!! to it baby, This is an opportunity of a life time for us to be together and for us to be happy and it has been ordained from the heavens and no man will put asunder to this gift from above.

I love you, You are the reason for my existence. I love you Sandra Klein.

Edward K.

Letter 7

My love, arrived safely, please download WhatsApp.

My love, I just bought a brand new China phone baby. I was told phones get bugged in here my love. My translator asked me to download WhatsApp because it’s free baby and it’s much easier to talk to love ones.

My phone number: +32 460 22 21 28

Letter 8

My darling and Most Precious..Sandra...Wife Mine,

This is so true about being Miles Apart, and in Love...
This situation is so very hard for both of us , for many reasons..Being in Love and have never met, and anticipation of that moment in time when you actually hear me say to you..I AM COMING HOME...will probably put you in a tailspin, those will be such beautiful words.

It is almost 3-4 months since we have been talking, seems like years we know each other...I hope you will Love me a much as you do now, when we are finally up close and personal...FINALLY.

Everyday that passes, only brings us that much closer to reality, when all this smoke settles, the joy of our meeting will have been more then worth the will probably feel as if it were nano seconds instead of months of waiting to meet..I still can see me touching your face for the first time, and all the tears of joy and happiness rolling down both our eyes, the love we have finally seeing it in each others' eyes , face to face, heart to heart, soul to soul, body to body...that my most precious, is worth all the weight in gold....for there is no metal more precious on this earth, or gem, than the pure and untarnished love we have for one another..that will be the greatest gift given between two people.

I hope that your feelings run the same direction as mine, I feel that we are such a lovely match, there just isn't anyone other than you for me, even sight unseen...I so believe in you and all that you say of your feelings for me...I hope and pray all of these will come to a blinding stop and i will be coming home to you, and victorious as well for all we have done to get this success of ours accomplished.

I just want happiness , health, well being and love for us, we are strong couple, and we will see this through and come through shinning like the brightness star above..Just remember, Nothing will ever stop me from loving you...always and forever my long as you want me.

Till The Stars Fall From The Sky....My Heart , soul, and Life are yours and only yours.

With all the Love a Heart can give and then some, your future Groom, Husband.

My thoughts are with you nite and day, never stopping for a minute, as I breath, your name is my is non-existent without you..I love you till the end of time Sandra Klein.

Edward K.

Letter 9

My Darling Sandra,

Good morning, how was your night? I write to you but you never get to respond after reading. I am fine and it's okay, it just makes me feel less important sometimes, writing to you and you don't get to respond to my letters. I will not stop writing to you and letting you know how important you are to me Sandra. I am in awe of are what dreams are made of ...and you know...A dream is a wish your heart makes...and yes, I have dreamed many dreams of a faceless woman there for me..and now, her face is reality and you are the face that belonged to my, for me, my dream has come true, I have waited a lifetime for you, so, whatever it takes for us to meet, will be more than worth the wait....but i know very very very very very very very very very very very very soon my Queen Sandra.

I know that special moment of our meeting will be like no other, I hope there is someone to take a picture, it will be our first wonderful memory made between us...My Queen Sandra, you have rescued me from a long, lonely existence...and I will never stop saying "Thank You", my love...loving you over and over again and falling so very hard for you, still amazes me, but it is "Kismet", meant to be...I had a wonderful day with all of your E-Mails to me, re reading them all over again...just makes me feel you are right beside my heart and soul...looking forward to come home to that wonderful shower together, one of lovemaking and never letting go, then a lovely dinner by a fire, great conversation and Lip Locking.. SWEET! and I will let the world know that true love goes beyond the everyday way of thinking, and ours is so unique, the entire world will turn green with envy.

How very proud I am of have survived all that you endured, just to wait to having you all wrapped up in my arms very very very very very soon my love....Can one ask for more than that?, and together, we will be a team that no one will ever be able to duplicate....My soul, my heart, my love, my life, My forever are all that and so much more to me.....My Love of my Life.

I Love You Sandra...My wonderful, Special woman.
Yours till forever more.

Edward K.

Letter 10

My Darling Sandra,

When your days are rough and you feel like nothing is ever gonna work out, please remember that in spite of everything, I LOVE YOU SANDRA! It makes me sad to hear you have had a bad day, I know we all have bad days, but I only wish for good things for you my love. You deserve to be happy without days filled with strife and fret. Your life has had enough sadness and sorrow, I pray these things leave your life forever, never to worry you again.

I dream of days when we share nothing but happy times and I can face the world and know that no matter what life throws at us, as long as we are together nothing can or will defeat the joy we share. I pray your dreams come true darling, that everything you have ever wanted in this life happens for you because it is your happiness that makes my days complete, knowing you are not bothered by the little things that can destroy all happiness, is what makes each day for me easier while we are apart. The thought of your love...well that is the one thing that gives me inspiration to be a better person each day, to love without hesitation and be the PROUDEST man on this planet, because I have you to bring all these things out in me.

I love you so much darling Sandra, sometimes I think I shall burst....I miss you my love. As I think of the day we will be together I am filled with only thoughts of you and the many ways I will attempt to ensure your days are filled with nothing more than love, adornment, pride and trust that our lives will be everything we have dreamt of and so much more.

You have all of me, my heart is just bonus!

Edward K.

Letter 11

Account holder: MERVE EREN

Home address: 1579 Mehmet Sokak, Kat 5, D.1007. Istanbul/TURKEY

Bank name: Türkiye Finans Katılım Bankası A.Ş.

Branch: Şirinevler Branch

Bank Branch Address: Hürriyet Mah. Mahmutbey Cd. No: 1A Şirinevler Bahçelievler İSTANBUL/ TURKEY

Branch Code: 66

Account Number: 3737060-101

IBAN Number: TR67 0020 6000 6603 7370 6001 01


Account type: Dollar account




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