Romance scam letter(s) from Robert Bruce Abrams to Niqque (Czech Republic)
Letter 1

Are you alright? Who the hell do you think you're and what gave you the audacity to say trash about me. Have we meant before, do you know me in person. Can you stand in front of me and say trash to me. I will search for you and get you luck up. I'm charging you for defamation of character
Letter 2

How could you say such a thing like this to me. I demand an apology to you. I will love to call you, so you look at me very well and look deep into my eyes and tell me if am a thief and someone who's yet to hurt your mum or am here to love and to care for her.
Letter 3

Veronica are good friends and i hope to meet her soon, your mum and veronica should let you know the situation at hand, i love your mum so much and i will not and never do anything to hurt her, i understand how evil and develish the world is today, but trust is all we need to be happy in life, i trusted your mum so much and i gave her my bank online access, but there's a pin which was install by my military and in other for me to get that pin, i have to leave here first. I love your mum and i love veronica as well, i will love to be part of your happy family and take proper care of yourself. I so much believe we will have a great family. I'm not a thief and will not and never be one okay. I'm Harry and i will love to know your name as well.
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