Romance scam letter(s) from Jack Redd to Helena (Netherlands)
Letter 1

Hello Helena, I'm so happy to chat with you on Skype, My name is Arnold Jones, born 12 sept 1956. I’ve been married once (for Eighteen years). I’m well educated (graduate degree), financially secure with many interests and hobbies. I’m a San Francisco native and now reside in Albany County,New York City USA. I enjoy a variety of activities including the theater, movies, sports (I’d rather play than watch), traveling and sipping wine while listening to music. Fine dining, wine (especially Champagne) and stimulating conversation are among my favorite activities. I don’t smoke or use drugs. I’m intelligent with a good sense of humor (that’s what my friends say) and I’m excited by the proposition of meeting new people and establishing new relationships. I like to think that I’m worth knowing and if you decide to make contact, I’m fairly confident that you won’t be disappointed. There have been lots of tears and loneliness in my life since the death of my wife,After 18 years of a wonderful marriage my wife died from a massive heart attack last two years. She was only 45 years old..She wasn't sick or anything just very sudden (shocking). As all great marriages should be she was my companion,best friend,help mate,lover and other things words can't describe.I'm having a very hard time dealing with my wife's death. I'm a Christian and I know she is in Heaven but she is not with me (selfish). We talked many times that when we die we would want to die together but that didn't happen although I wish we would have. After 3 weeks of my wife's death I disgraced my Lord and Savior,God,my wife and my son by starting to drink alcohol (beer). One night I was so depressed that I drank too much and took some Ativan that was prescribed to me. I had a reaction and collapsed in the bathroom exactly the same place where my wife was found.My son found me and was hysterical thinking I had committed suicide because when I fell I hit my head on something and there was much blood coming from my head.When they realized I was still alive they called an ambulance and was taken to the hospital and from the hospital was placed in a behavior center (thinking I was trying to kill myself). Everyone tells me that it gets easier with time, that I just have to move on, that I know my spouse wouldn't want me to be so sad, that my spouse would want me to find someone else to be with, that I shouldn't visit the Cemetery every day, that I should get rid of all of my spouse's clothing and personal items, that crying won't bring her back, that I know she is still here with me and watching over me and that she don't want me to be sad all the time, they always ask me if I'm remarried, because I still wear my wedding rings and they assume they are someone else. Everyone seems to have the answer, but no one truly knows the deep sadness, feeling of total loss, emptiness, confusion, and physical heartache and pain that I face.But God had been always with me. My job is shipping, have been a seaman my whole life, I love my job has been a Chief Engineer many years on Cruise ships, and other ships, for the time being I am under the payroll of the International Maritime Ships, Miami USA, taking care of their Cargo Ship as the Chief Engineer .I have been traveling almost everywhere and like to travel, to travel with you would be good.
Regards, Arnold
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