Romance scam letter(s) from Asbjorn Brown Hansen to Yvonne (Norway)
Letter 1

Hello Pretty ,
I really appreciate you for your response to my request as you have given to me your email., I really want to welcome you into my life and also want to say a big thank you as you make my life complete. I hope you're fine and was nice meeting and knowing you online..and i promise to be nice with you forever.
Well, I suggest i should write briefly about my self, as it's very necessary for you to know every thing about my entire life......!actually, I am a very loving and caring man, because i want everyone to be happy. I’m not slim but a little bit built in body as i love going to the gym. Presently, I work with Statoil Stavanger as i'm a marketer of crude oil minerals. I am an international businessman who's into the supply of crude oil to England. After buying this items(Crude oil), i later ship them to England where most company buyers are located. besides, most of my business transactions are mainly from the UK(England). presently, I (buy) transact business with Dubai. I also transact business with Russia initially as crude oil is one of their major resources. Well, my business transactions has taken me to different part of the world in Europe, Africa and Asia. Initially, I was once a sales manager to the BMW group of company in Georgia,United States before i became a boss of my own. Well,as a matter of fact, My present business transactions has taken more of my time as i'm still single, I see the necessity of being married to a honest and sincere woman like you pretty. I’m a sincere and honest man of 60 years old, and i'm very serious with you. Before now, i had a broken heart in my previous relationship which i would never want to encounter or experience in my life again.Well, I'm very happy to come across your photo online as it attracted me to your profile. I have always wanted to get myself a good Norwegian woman for a wife as it also pleases my parents who always wanted me to get myself a Norwegian woman for a wife after my previous relationship which ended with a broken heart. Remember i told you my mother is a Norwegian but lived together with my father in the city of Atlanta,Georgia USA. Meanwhile, I have to engage myself fully with my business as i am single and really don't want to be a victim to another heart break anymore until now that i have found you. Well pretty, I'm really very much interested in you. I'm tired of staying single and lonely. I will be very happy to spend the rest of my life with a good woman who's sincere and honest like you and i promise to be nice with you forever. Remember, distance or age are never to be considered in terms of relationship and friendship, what matters is love, trust and sincerity(honesty). Besides, I like going for shopping..! I like swimming, also like going to the beach(sea) because i like high surfing. My parent are still alive and together. I'm the only child to my parents. besides, I like nature, birds and dogs. I have a dog(smith) living with me and my 5 years adopted daughter.
well pretty, I must say you're a very beautiful woman and i really want us to be useful to each other. I promise to care for you and be with you forever. Well, i will stop here, but all i want you to know is that having you in my life is a pleasure and it will always be my pleasure. Undeniably, I cherish you for you're Angel personified.You're an angel that shouldn't be hurt. Again, I promise to be nice with you always and forever.
here are also some of my photos for you..
( Meanwhile, you may add me to your facebook through my facebook name: Hansen Anders Brown. )
Sincerely yours,
Hansen Brown.A .
Letter 2

Hello honey,
I miss you very much.I hope to be with you soon.
I feel like everything in my life has led me to you. My choices, my heartbreaks, my regrets. Everything.
And when we are together, my past seems worth it. Because if I had done one thing differently, I might never have met you.
I was made and meant to look for you and wait for you and become yours entirely.
Now that we are together, I consider myself very lucky, truly blessed to be with you ... you are my dream come true. I could not imagine my life without you, my darling.
My love for you grows every day, it matures and becomes stronger, fuller.
I love you with all my heart and I will cherish you until the day I draw my last breath.
Honey,here's a photo of me during my lecture at the international congress seminar in England today.
Your Love,
Hansen Brown.A.
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