Scam Email(s) from Henry Mark to Clbethel (USA)


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Letter 1

I'm Lieutenant-General Henry O'Mark of U.S Army, I reside there in Huntsville, Alabama but stationed to Tehran Iran on a PeaceKeeping Mission with the UN Government on a contract for 2 years, I have just 8 months more to complete my contract over here and after then I will retire and will be back to my home in Alabama. am divorce with a son and you?

My Son Is 17 Years Old He's Into Petroleum Engineering And Has Been to Countries Like Germany,Ireland,Denmark and Now In west Africa For School tour Excursion and sure to be coming Home real soon And Please Note: That

Letter 2

I'll love to tell you more about myself and know more about you too, but we're not allowed to be seen on Facebook for security purpose due to the nature of our job because the Taliban's are hacking into our system to get information about us, so I'll be glad if you can send me your Gmail address so we can talk and know more about each other on hangout? 1/20/2020 11:45am

Letter 3

I'm a country man at heart, I'm quiet and I love to treat people the way I want to be treated, and I have several hobbies such as swimming, cooking, beach walking, dancing, reading, hiking, camping,fishing, and golfing traveling, animals singing ( in my car) ! Love the church.

Letter 4

I am a God-fearing man, I do have my Christian faith to credit for my life, attitude and success; however, I don't use the name of God to attract humans  for my character speaks for itself. I am not the type of man who is focused entirely on himself.

Letter 5

My favorite colors are both white and red, because the white stands for a pure heart and the red stands for love, so when you add the both of them together you have a pure hearted love, that is me because I do have a pure heart for love.

Letter 6

I lost both parent when I was 20 years old, I lost my only sister in a car partly took care of myself afterwards till I grew up and became a man. I have a 17 year old son; he studies at the United Kingdom

Letter 7

The Avengers, patriot, Romeo and Juliet, Pearl Harbor, Fly Boys, Titanic, Superman so many of them but this few I have just listed are my top list.

Letter 8

My goals and dreams in life are to be with the woman of my life whom I will call my wife, who I will love and we will both live together and have a loving family together forever.




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