Romance scam letter(s) from Jack Redd to Erica (South Africa)
Letter 1

Hello Erica,
A best friend is two souls in one body. Friends are the best person whom you can share your thoughts,feelings, our success, failures, secrets, ambitions in life, fears, hopes and everything.A friend is the best person who can safeguard our deepest secret and yet will not misjudge you or disown you. This is the greatest asset which gives the courage to share all my feelings. A friend is a real reflection of our character and personality. Friends can also be a great source of inspiration and can take us to great levels. It is very hard to explain friendship as it happens between two people who have the same wavelength of mind and are inseparable. Such friends come once in a while and become an asset in our life. I has more than twenty six years of experience in domestic oil and gas exploration and production operations, management, and petroleum engineering consulting. I was involved in the initial formation of four oil and gas firms, including an internationally recognized engineering consulting firm, all of which were successful and three of which are still in operation. I has extensive management experience in production, drilling, and oil exploration engineering, with total responsibility for an independent oil and gas producer operating I am Responsible for multiple platform production operations, including workover and maintenance operations. Designed high volume gas lift installations and participated in joint venture operations on various unitized reservoirs. Responsible for two platform drilling rigs operating in competitive reservoir areas, which includes producing while drilling. Drilling experience includes assignment on both Company operated platform rigs and semi-submersibles operating in 2000' water depths. I have both onshore and offshore experience . in Jubilee oil field ( Tullow oil company) and presently I am the drilling superintendent here in the rig i have a lot of workers under me. Sorry for how missive the mail is hope you gonna find time for yourself to go through it. talk to you soon best regards,
Engineer Albert.
Letter 2

my dad told me about u. please promise to be a gud frend , wife and mom to my dad
i love my dad so much and i miss him, do you have children ? you live alone? do you have tv in ur house and pool too? what is ur job hope to hear from you hug hug
i like to read i came out one of the best student in my class last year and i just resume new class
i want to be a geologist in the future
i attend cobham international school (acs)
i live with mr david here in uk a very good man
my dad has a very big house in the states but no one to live with
i feel really bad
Letter 3

Hello Madam,
I was at the veterinary/ pet shop with Andrea because he told me that you emailed him, i would have help to help engineer Albert out but the little money i have i used it to buy Andrea's textbook and not even completed yet he still need more 4 textbooks, they have ..Border Collie, British bulldog, Sussex Spaniel , American Eskimo Dog... This are the breeds and their cost.

Border collie = 500 pounds
British bulldog = 820 pounds
Sussex spaniel = 450 pounds
American eskimo 600 pounds.

This are good breeds, you can chose the one within your reach, i mean your financial strength
because i don't have any idea , so thank you so much for your concern about your son
please get back to me as soon as possible to give you the information to send the money..
Best regards
Mr David
Letter 4

Hello madam
It's my profound gratitude to hear from you, and on behalf of engineer Albert and son Andrea i wish to say thank you, for your kindness , caring ,philanthropist and generosity, though engineer Albert told me before now that you are going to be his wife in few months, that means Andrea is your son.
Madam due to your previous mail i am using this opportunity to let you know that i am a Non- Residential Alien of UK. I was unable to open Non-residential bank account last year November because i didn't meet the requirement. But by August this year am going to meet the requirements and open Non-residential bank account as a Alien.
So if you make the payment through paypal i can't withdraw it, so i suggest you use Western money Union transfer is also safe and secure, and send me the MTCN number when you are done. I will go and buy the puppy for your son Andrea as soon as I cash the money. send it to my name
David Wobin.
Best regards..
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