Romance scam letter(s) from William Sakow to Eloha (USA)
Letter 1

Hi how are you doing my name is William Sakow 57 years old .I am from jacksonville frlorida united state of american .. i saw yourt profile it was so interested and excited, I must confess you really look so cute and beuatfiful in your photographs,It's really made me have a lot of interest on you, I am a single and i am looking for a good and honest woman to be a friend first and see where it goes, if you dont mind i will like to read from you also..Thanks Willian
Letter 2

Nice to meet you ..I am fine. How about you
Letter 3

Its dinner time here In just finished my dinner and checking my computer to know if I have message ..I am a Military Army from United State but present In Afghanistan Kabul War front zone
Letter 4

Its very dangerous life here only praying to god save me till when war end because I dont know when war end now. But I want to retire but I dont have who Can Apply for me as Fiance or my mother or wife. My parent passed away long time ago. My ex wife die about 6 years ago. My child live In Florida school and living In Boarding house Jacksonville Florida. Please tell me all about your self .
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