Romance scam letter(s) from Scott David to Eloha (USA)
Letter 1

Hi..! my name is scot. just checking out profiles on here and i decided to stop at yours. i love your profile pics hope you are what i see here....i would love to start up something with you.... am new on this site. please write back if you don't mind feel free to ask me any question i will be glad to hear from you. I grew up in South Paris.. and i live here in Manchester United Kingdom, i spent most of my adult life in the Midwest having adopted many Midwestern values.. my mum live in Paris ... i am Civil Engineer available and ready to work at a significant relationship.. i genuinely love people and i love to laugh (loudly), i am a story teller at heart, am not here for any stupid games, i will love to know more about you and also for me to tell you more about my self,i will also be glad if i could read back from you or you can send me your yahoo id or still you can add me thanks and i hope to see you soon God bless you byeee for now. Best regards: scot david
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