Romance scam letter(s) from Troy Robert Burton to Elsy (Canada)
Letter 1

Hello dear, Thank you for your email and thanks for the lovely picture, I keep asking why you are still single, maybe the guys that are out there are blind because no man will look at you and let you go, you look good honey ... well, about my personality, i feel so blessed because a thought has been channeled in my direction. Each trip is defined with a well-defined destination in my mind and it takes courage and conscious determination to get there. At this point, it is obvious that I am willing to undertake this journey of faith and it is imperative that the desired destination be well defined. I like to clarify something while reading this. My intention must be disclosed early enough so you know where I'm going.
The only reason I am here and ready to take the time to make all the necessary communication is because I want a partner and I want to approach and see if there is chemistry to unite the heart because nothing works until someone works it.
What I am looking for is someone who knows me, who loves me ... who is tired of being alone, who wants a sincere relationship, who is willing to love again, despite the painful memories of the past. willing to merge your soul with mine and your heart with mine. Someone with whom to share and spend the rest of my life.
You see, I think there are some basic but essential elements of a relationship. (1) Identify the need to be in a relationship (2) decision and willingness to contribute to success 3) HONESTY (4) TRUST (5) MUTUAL RESPECT, (6) DEVOTIONAL COMMITMENT READY TO MAKE SACRIFICES. knowing very well that a gold must pass through the fire before it can be purified and classified They are also in a sequential degree. I can choose the first honesty and then respect. They go hand in hand and without them no relationship; business, personal, family, whatever, is doomed to fail. Who is dishonest cannot be respected. Without showing respect, it is unlikely to be treated honestly. These are fundamental to trust, that as you earn respect, because honesty was the first and it happened. When trust is built and respect is earned, and given and shared, then love and happiness are inevitable. When your love and trust have been given, it is more important than receiving a treasure. Then the commitment becomes part of the relationship. At that point, you promise and think it will be forever.
I will try to be more specific. I don't smoke but i drink from time to time. I don't criticize people who smoke or drink. First, nobody is perfect, especially me. Although I know; When the right person or person seems right to enter your life, you will know. A connection occurs and you simply can't or won't let go. All your life changes and all the emptiness begins to fill. Start with the first touch, the first time you look into your eyes, the first time everything becomes a time to remember. Sometimes it happens quickly, sometimes it takes years. I do not pretend to have the wisdom to explain or understand. That's right, if you observe consciously, you will discover when a person is wrong for you. I really think it's easier to know if someone is not right for you than to know if someone is ... I think I tried.
Of course, now you know what my purpose is to be here, and that I am willing to cultivate that friendship to grow towards a rewarding and lasting relationship, if not lasting, in all sincerity. Are you on the same train now? regards,from Troy.
Letter 2

Hello Thanks for the reply to my email, how are you? I hope you are well there. I am pleased to hear from you after sending you the email. You look so beautiful in your photos, as I said, I am looking for a serious relationship, a woman that I will live and grow with the rest of my life. I really don't know how to start, but I'll start from somewhere. Sometimes in life, you begin to feel that you can handle a relationship according to what it means because many people have abused it. Sometimes, friendship is like a game where some win and others can be lost, but here is the case if destiny directs you to the person with whom you are destined to be. I mean my destiny and obligation, the feeling I have for you the first time I saw your photo is powerful and beyond my control, My hobbies are watching football, playing golf with friends, exercising in the gym, riding a bicycle and reading, but especially when I am less busy with my work and on my vacations ... I put God first in everything I do . It's not perfect, but I do my best to be good to people. I am calm and very easy to carry. People say that it is very easy to communicate with me. I am a man with a lot of knowledge and understanding, honesty, love, care, truth and serious mind! I want you to understand me to build what I have in mind, what I need to form is your honesty and confidence so that we can move forward with our lives and everything we discuss with each order must be kept between us and we hope to pray that day we will find each order in person. I heard from you soon. Ok thanks again. Regards,from Troy.
Letter 3

Hello, good morning and thank you for taking the time to write to me always, which makes me believe that the light of our friendship will never go off,i was married to lost her to cancer 5 years now and i don't have any child,i don't use facebook but i have viber, I am very happy to hear from you after sending you the email. How are you? I just checked my email now, when I saw your massage. You may want to tell me a little more about your culture and what you would like to get from this friendship, assuming it grows positively ...
One thing I would like to look for is HONEST, I want us to be honest with each other in everything we do, of course you will agree with me that the key is honesty for a good and lasting relationship, without the truth we cannot move forward. I believe in the cooperative existence in my relationship, which I think is the best for a mature relationship. I believe that love is the power that can unite the two from far and near, and I hope they hold on to this point like me. It will be an honor for me to read your massages. Ok, I have to stop here waiting to hear from you soon
with love. regards,from Troy.
Letter 4

Good morning,i was worried you never wrote me all this while but am glad to see your email today ,,,,,,, before telling you my past life and about me, I have to tell you that you are the only woman I am talking too and please, and I want you to know this is from the bottom of my heart. Well, I have told you a little about myself, but here are the main points that I would like you to know me about. My name is Troy Robert Burton, I was born in Switzerland, my father is a Native American. His name is Paul called his great grandparents. He has two brothers and one sister. My father is the eldest son of the family. They all live in Texas because they are making family bushes. They are the main holders of shares of an oil company called Texaco Oil Company. Family Hills is a prominent and influential character in Texas and popularly known. My great father is a strong character, very stubborn and very demanding. But my grand mother is very simple and unique in her own way, because of my father she talked about them. My mother is from Switzerland, in Europe. She came to study at the University of Texas, where she met my father. The family did not accept the mother because of so many reasons that two reasons are that my mother wants to marry my father because she wanted to have her papers and also because of the personality of the father's family in society. My uncles said my mother is a gold digger. That was always the problem. my mother goes through hell in the hands of my uncles. You might believe that my uncles had to beat her one day chasing her out of the house until my father arrived home. my mother was pregnant and was going through all this. she wasn't fluctuating financially because she was still in school and my father couldn't help Until I was born, my father and mother are going through a disaster and have to find a part-time job to help with their responsibilities. but his father went and finished his work and said his anger for his name and for the family. the problems continue and my mother can not take it anymore and had to take me with her to her own parents to have peace of mind although they were very poor. My mother is financially depressed and her mother works at a traction company in Switzerland, thanks to her for everything she did to help my mother get up. I grew up in Europe and studied and finished everything. Growing up in Switzerland is a very tedious and hard life. I had to go from there to just to help the mother because the mother started teaching in preschool. Daycare and I had to work also to help in the family. I started working at age 15. Life is difficult, but today I am happy. It was not easy for everyone in the family. From here to here, just to stay at the end. Thank God for the mother until my father's death, she is always there to talk to me and encourage me, even when I think the world is turning its back on me. I finally returned after my university as a Mechanical Engineer and came back to join my father in his company because he left his family. He did this because New York is a pleasant place for the business and engineering sector. I went back and started to get more programs to improve my curriculum in information technology (IT), pipe measurement and a program scheduled at sea to have my license. The day I said goodbye was the happiest day of my life. I think I have to give you a little idea of my work, we have corrosion control, pipe engineering and environmental services ... it's a very tedious job because we supervise the pipelines from a very distant distance and do this on foot. Since we have two types of corrosion that are internal and external corrosion ... in the external type, we deal a lot with the surface of the pipe body ... and so that the pipes are protected against corrosion externally we use a large team called transformer rectifiers that discharges a few volts of current into the pipe body and this makes it difficult any petrochemical reaction that the pipes will tend to suffer near the ground ... and these currents can be regulated from the rectifier. We need approximately 850 volts of current so that the pipe can be protected and monitored using a multimeter of fluke ... And as for internal corrosion. First, we do pressure tests on others to know the tensile strength of the tubes, and if they are not strong, we replace them ... that's when we use chemicals to do it ... that's my job. Throughout the construction of my career and my life, I was not interested in friends, pleasure or women, because I need to find the necessary things about my life. It was very difficult and difficult for me to adapt to the state when I returned. Because of my accent and lifestyle, I decided to continue alone. The first woman I met was María Guerrero, but there was no connection, so it didn't last that long and she separated before i met my late wife Mary Robert and we dated, for two years before we got married, things were perfectly fine for us and i really loved her before she died,when she died I wanted to give up life, but thanks to my mother again in that part. That was the hardest part of my life because my father had an accident and was lying in a critically bad hospital before he died. At the same time, my mother is having cancer. Things got really confusing and I had to endure emotional stress and family stress. . I haven't talked to my uncles and they haven't taken care of us since my father's death. So I took care of my mother and she is my responsibility now. Finally, my dear, I want to know you more so I know. Know where the relationship can lead us. Once I told you that if you really love someone, everything would work very well, and if our love is strong, we can do everything. I realized that that's what true love is about. I want you to know that I've never met any woman as I've met you before, I've been interested in you, don't ask me why ... I HAVE TO STOP HERE, i will hope to hear from you soon dear. +14092241419 viber
regards,from Troy
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