Romance scam letter(s) from Peter Berndtson to Christine (USA)
Letter 1

I am single and very serious about finding that special one that i will be with... I am drug free, independent, self employed, happy and positive... a very caring person. I expect to meet a woman with a great sense of humor who is willing to accept me for who i am. I don't really care about physical beauty as the most important things in a relationship comes from the inside not from the the out. The simple things in life are the things that matter to me and let me tell you that no matter how expensive i may look, i am low maintanance. I will be very happy to correspond with the right person as long as we have a connection and no games please.
I love to travel and see new beautiful places... I wouls love to travel with that special woman and see all the beautiful places together. I am a hard worker but i try as much as possible to give myself a good treat from time to time.
I am a very simple person and live a simple life. I love to cook and just sit home and watch movies when i don't have work to do or in my free time. I am a free giver, very caring and positive in everything i do. I like to put in my best in everything i do.
Letter 2

Hello Beautiful, How are you doing? I got your email and I am glad you did write, I guess you should truly know who I am, I don''t really know how this is to work, but hey! here is an exclusive. If at my age I do not know what and when to say, then what would I be? When a wise man sees he has probably spent about half of his time in life already, he begins to assess his main goals in life. What could be more important than a happy ending? LOL. A man needs to live his life full of joy and happiness. No matter his achievements, he is reduced to nothing if he has no crown to complete him and that is a woman to call his own. Wife and Best friend. A woman who knows that even while arguing they still need to hold hands. A woman whom i can call a partner in crime, lol A woman whom you can tell anything. How could you think anything can make you happier in life than finding a love that knows no bound. To make you know more about me,.I will break this down to segments and it would be like a case study. MY BACKGROUND I am Peter Berndtson, I was born to a loving couple, a home, a Swedish from Stockholm and an Ireland woman. My father was an international business man who met this Ireland orphan whose only family were close friends. She says there was something about the man that no woman could ever resist, sometimes she says she sees same in me,lol. During my father''s global movement, while i was twelve i left to study in lethridge Alberta in Canada where I got the first degree in civil Eng and then I later moved on to join ma back in the UK. My father died and she was left alone. I met my wife and best friend in Paris. she was a fashion model. Very good at heart. Actually I could say I met her in a funny way, would explain that later. MY JOB I am a global contractor. I do basically rig constructions and renovations. or over water bridges. We have worked at many countries across the globe. The present project here is my last on the field and I shall quit field works and continue my works from my home office while my men do the field ops. I think I really have gotten to this height cos I embraced work for so long trying to get over my wife, that I worked this hard, but I think I now realize I can move on. MY DREAM I have told you how my typical dream day would be like; I just want to spend the rest of my life enjoying the fruit of my labor. I just want a woman who would be my best friend and everything. You know someone whom we would still love each other more as the days pass by, even when we cant make love anymore and all we could do is play bingo,LOL. I am a total package , I only need someone who understands the value of a good smile. I can't wait to hear back from you so we can chat and get more acquainted. Your turn! Peter
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