Romance scam letter(s) from Mark Richardson to Dobby (USA)
Letter 1

Hello Madam, I am Hon. Sean Bryant from United Nations Development high Commission Storage and Diplomatic Unit Accra Ghana What is needed to be done is to acquire the change of ownership certificate in your name as the legal beneficiary to these boxes. Once that is done, I shall take the change of ownership certificate to the delivery department for the delivery to be made to your address in your country, However, to obtain the change of ownership certificate from the Ministry of Justice will cost you $3000 I'll send you our secretary account which you will send the required fee to After which, delivery shall commence to you in your country at your doorstep. Attached is the change of ownership form fill it and send it back together with the required fee I wait to read from you. Note, our company don't keep goods up to one week in our company if not they will be dispatch to their original place of origin.

Best Regards Hon. Sean Bryant
Letter 2

Send the fee $2000 to this account Bank: Wells Fargo Bank name: Kimberly K Hervi Address: 681 Chaney Ct
Unit A
Crest Hill IL 60403-3701 Checking acct : 8719339320 Routing:
121000248 Bank address: 420 Montgomery Street
San Francisco CA 94104 Note: Purpose of sending should be for purchase of equip asmaent's, because your husband said we must deliver these boxes to you secretly without anyone knowing about the delivery, as soon as you pay the money, Send the payment slips to me through my email.
Letter 3

I'm A One-Star rank Senior Brigadier General commander of the 11b squad holding a rank describe to be NATO code of OF-6... I grew up with my mom in Ireland when i was young my dad came to Ireland to meet me and my mom, we spent few months together in Ireland as an happy family, but my dad decided to take my mom and i to united state, when we got to America, we were happy and as one family we share everything together, Few months after in the month of december, On a good and sad morning, my dad and mom told me that they were leaving the house to go fishing but never came back alive, they were both involved in a ghastly car accident.
"I felt the pain and the suffering i went through when i was young with no one to look after me, before my parents died they told me that i had an uncle which i never saw with my own eyes until my parents died, I went everywhere to search for my uncle but couldn't find him, so i decided to stay on my own with all the sufferings and humiliations, i decided to join the US Army and ever since then, my life has be growing so successful and i dont want any one to go through the same pain i went through. So i sworn to use my life to protect others and make them feel safe and comfortable with life, though i inherited my ranch from parents which don't matters to me, I gave it to someone old in Ireland to make a living from it. All that matters to me is to see people being happy and loving life so much.
Yeah i remembered that's were i stopped (from talking in the Twitter DM, which disappeared when his account was suspended.) I joined the Military academy at the age 18 and i lost my parents at the age of 17... I fought in the Gulf war in 1990 to 1991. The gulf war was fought to liberate Kuwait from autocratic rule of the late Saddam..I had a pretty bad experience..I also act as a platoon sergeant in the absence of the Sergeant First Class. I am the leader of my squad. I am a noncommission officer As you already know, I am currently stationed in kabul in afghanistan. I am an Irish American.
I think i this is what i have explained so far to you on there and i believe with time we 're gonna know more about ourselves here okay?
Oh honey I'm under a 2 years contract with the U.S. Army so i have been here for over a year and six months now , hopefully in next six months time i will get retired and come back home for you honey okay? I aszked about a vacation or leave.
Well like i said my vacation has been approved and i believed i would be there with you just for a vacation honey Cause I'm really missing you a lot and i just wanna be with you over there forever honey Honey I told you it was granted and I'll be coming home to meet you before the new year.
Then he claimed that the village chief had summoned him. There are boxes recovered that he wants to send to me. The fee for change of ownership was $3,000. I told the company that that was illegal because I am not a beneficiary. This constituted fraud and theft by conversion and international wire fraud. The company replied and the cost was reduced to $2,000, for some sort of stamp that had to be put on them because he was shipping to Ghana from Afghanistan, and then to me. Ownership would remain in my "husband's name." I am so done with this dude! His birthday is Nov. 25, 1967.
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