Romance scam letter(s) from Nick Dwayne to Ana (USA)
Letter 1

Hey My Baby, How Are you doing and how is your day going on now fine i hope. Am sorry baby, I have been going through a little sickness here, am not just feeling much fine and am trying to get myself better. That is why i never get back to you baby,I never text you or email you baby, Am sorry to tell you this, I have been taking a little treatment for that, so i have been at the Hospital and i dont go with my phone coz i left it there. I first having migraine serious headache, and my body start hurting me, then later in the morning i have a serious Stomach upset, so i have to go to the Hospital, but am feeling little fine now, but i dont work two days now baby., maybe on Friday i will be back to work baby, Am so sorry to get you so worried i know you will be worried about me as you never hear back from me, baby, you are so sweet and you are a good woman, i want to always be with you coz you makes me happy and you are all i ever want in all my life, You are everything to me and i cherish you in all my life, i love you so much and i just want to be with you for real. Am fine now baby, dont worry about anything, i will call you today but i wont stay much on the phone, but i will text as well baby, I love you so much and i cant wait to get this project done and come home to you my baby. I Love you so much much more my baby. Love Always
Letter 2

Honey, How are you doing and how is your day going on now, I Missed you and i cant stop thinking about you, You are so caring and loving, You are all i ever want to be with and share my whole life with, baby, you are a true woman and honest, I really cherish you baby, Its easy going on at work now, because i dont want to work much, am just feeling alright, so i left work early and now am back to the Hotel, am feeling lonely, so i decided to write you before i take my rest, i want to share all that have been going through my heart for you., How much i love you and i want to be with you, How much i want to make you my wife, how i made up my mind to be your man and your husband. I want to grow old with you and share the rest of my entire life together with you my baby. I wanted to tell you today how good I feel about us and our future. I enjoyed being with you. It seems that everything we do is even more meaningful because it isn't just for today... it's for always. You make me feel really happy baby, and I'll always love making you feel special too. I'm glad that I can count on you to be there when I need someone to understand, to encourage, to reassure me and I hope you realize you can always count on me too baby. We share so much of our lives, but it's nice to know that we can still go our own ways now and then and somehow, the more we grow as individuals, the closer we become baby. I'm so satisfied with all we have together, and I'm sure that those feelings will last ... that I'll cherish you through a lifetime of beautiful tomorrows. I want you to know how pleased I am to be a part of your life baby, how much it means to me to know I'll always be in love with you and only you. I am thinking about you. We are so close here ... it's not like I am feeling that you are far it's just that I want to let you know again how much I am in love with you. I will love you forever and for always, Baby. You are a woman every Man is dreaming about and that`s not all ... you are all mine. I don`t know what I did good in this life to deserve you, but I have must been doing something very good in my life baby, Being with you makes me feel like the entire world is mine. I love you, Baby, and I am yours forever Love always
Letter 3

My dearest and forever love, I missed talking with you as i cant stop thinking about you, I must know that you have a lot of things you are trying to complete at work having a long hours this days as am busy too working here to get my project done after some days i have been little sick, you still there for me and care for me in every ways thanks. You are a sweet woman and i cherish you baby..Baby I just wanted to tell you that I love you . I am always thinking of you and miss you dearly. I wanted to write to you before now but I have been working on the road and after work i have a meeting with my workers, for not even at work for two days, i have to know how they get work done and make a report for that later today. I do pray that everything goes well as i planned it this weekend and i can make schedule for next week. Well enough about me. I hope your day have been alright and that you accomplish everything you have set out to do. I know you will because you are so strong and ambitious and determined.
I want to tell you I love you and watch your pupils dilate. I want to lay next to you and watch you as you drift off to sleep . I want to take my fingers and trace your lips down to your boobs and kiss all over them. These things I do out of love for you. They may seem strange to many but just the touch of your body makes me tingle inside. The very thought of being able to lay in your arms. Saying that I love and adore you has no more meaning. Those words way far to less to hold the magnitude of my heart. With such passion and grace as I have for you all I can give that would even compare is my heart . Openly and totally and freely. You have captured my life and love.
I just wanted you to know , no matter the time , place or day I will love you and miss you. I promised I would write you daily but am sorry baby, my work and the long hours have been taken so much of my time and i have not been able to text or call you like before, but thanks for the understanding, You are a woman matured woman and you just understand to get use to me for this, but i promise you everything will be fine as soon as i get everything done here and i want you to know that, You first before my work baby, I really love you. Never stop loving me for I will die with your love inside of me. I missed you my lovely wifey and i will be thinking about you as always, I have to take shower now and do my paper work and report now, just getting back from work now and rush down to the computer to write to you, coz i have missed you like crazy, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MY BABY. Your Devoted Husband,
Letter 4

Hello my dear Wifey, How delighted I am to know that I can wake up with smile this morning when i got your text and go to bed with the same smile when i talked to you on the phone. I am so blessed to have a love that I can call my own. You give me so much hope for the future. Only in my wildest dreams have I imagined that I could be happy. There was no such thing for me . Today I am the happiest man in the world as always. I have a best friend who is my wife, who completes me in every way. I am thank full for every day that I spend knowing my love . I call you my own because you have come into my life and given me what no other person has. You have given me courage to love again. Faith to believe that love is possible . Hope that love does exist for me . Above all others you have shown me love. I have a beating heart again. My love is not conventional not now nor has it ever been. I can hardly contain the joy that I feel just talking to you about the way that you make me feel. To say that I love you is just not enough. I call you my own because I could not bare to see you with anyone else. I call you my own because you are my wifey. You are the woman that completes me . I call you my own because I am yours. I give you me . I give you my life , my heart , my world , my soul and my heart. I can only guess how you must feel . I am not sure of anything and I get emotional at the thought of maybe not having you. I wanted to make this a long letter and pour out my heart to you . I am not sure if it would even matter . I can sit here all day and say how much I miss you and how much I want us together . So much of my day is filled with the thought of never seeing you . Of all of this being some cruel joke . Baby , if only you could see what is in my heart . If you could know what was in my head . For so long in my life I wanted nothing more than to be a good husband and a great Man. I gave all of myself to make sure that my family had everything it needed to survive. I never look asked questions or complained because the only thing important to me is the happiness of my family. I have loved before and thought that it was true love. Only to be shocked at the truth of it all.. I was just made a fool of. I should be bitter or revengeful but I am not. I regret spending my youth and my years with people who think I am a fool . Truthfully all that I want at this time in my life is TRUE , Honest ,Passionate LOVE!! Love me like you would your very own mother or daughter. At a time like this I miss my mother more than anything . I have no one to talk to , no one to confide in , no one to love me . I am so tired of sitting in this room alone. It is nobody fault but my own . I must find myself again. Sweetheart it hurts to much to finish this so I am going to say i love you and talk later when you get home baby. I love you and please take care of your self as you are driving baby , you are my own love.
Loving you always ,
Letter 5

Since you have come into my life my dear angel, I have come to understand love. I have come to overcome my pain and hurt. I don’t agree with the way things in my life happened but I know if I had not endured the pain or hurt I could not love you with such a magnitude as I do. I know that this love that I feel for you can not be measured, removed , bought or destroyed. It is not weak or afraid or ashamed.

actually, i just think am looking for a connections then, Its almost hard to believe that all of this started by a co worker getting an email and he's asking me to go on line with him and see what the site was about. I am forever grateful for having come across your profile . I am not an aggressive person and I often imagine what my life would consist of if I had not commented on your picture. I wonder if you would like ne? Would I have even crossed your mind. I soon push those thoughts aside because they are irrelevant. We did meet, we have grown so much since that first day. I have grown so much in love with you . My life has taken so many twist and turns . My heart races at just one thought of you. I still nervous and sweaty when i called and I hear your sweetest voice that keeps me alive. Its grown beyond a school boy crush. My heart races so fast when I am texting you that I have to take out time to talk to myself and calm down. I love the way that you make me smile and laugh and giggle. It feels so good to be in love and feel like someone really cares about me , for me . I feel like this is the way I am suppose to feel . This is the love I have waited all my life for . I can not wait to be in your arms my sweet love. I imagine having your head on my chest and holding your hand as our fingers encircle one another . I must admit it gets a bit scary to think that I may not live up to what you imagined. All I have to offer is a life time of love and an undying belief in truth and happiness and take care of you as my wifey, to be there for you in good and bad time and love you forever. I can promise to love you always and support you in all things . To be your best friend , your confidant, your lover, companion and husband. I will respect you in all ways as my wife and am sure you always give me my respect too baby, Ana what I have found in you could never be duplicated or imitated. A love like this only comes along once in a life time and I am determined to have your love forever. I never want to be without my baby, or your love . It is a scary thought when you think of it . In 2 weeks or so i will be on my way back home to you baby. No date is definitive yet but I know it will be over soon.
I have so much love for you and I know that I am starting to ramble on and this probably has gotten repetitive but I just want you to know how much I love you . If there was any way that I could be near you sooner I would go to the ends of the earth to do so. I pray that you love me half as much as I truly love you and if so I know that I will forever be in love and happy. Baby, i have to get back to work now and i will text you when am back from work baby, or i will call you would be better. Love you baby, and Thank you for loving me baby.. Eternally yours,
Letter 6

Hi my love, How are you doing this morning and how was your night, Am at work now and its my break, i just came to the Library to write you, i missed you and i cant stop thinking about you, I missed all your text message but i think when am back from work i will share text with you today and we talk on the phone, Am sorry if i have not been able to do that constantly and thanks for your understanding baby, My heartbeat still racing from the thought of just the sound of being your husband.. I find great pleasure in knowing I can be loved at such magnitude as you express. . I love you Ana and I am in love with loving you. Deep inside these fragile arms beats a giant heart,to have and to hold till death do us part,endless growth of compassion awaits ,fulfillment that shatters the heavens, a high beyound the clouds, angelic harmony that transforms our love from joy into unspeakable joy baby..I want to always feel this way I want to continue to soar in love with you to heavens gates capture our souls...I feel so many things at this moment, I hope im not frightening you with my joy. .I hope u feel the same too baby..question. .if we are to marry when would u want to. ..were would you want to get married... How I wish I could reach through these pages and kiss your lips and touch your sexy body with your sweet boobs i love looking at on your pictures. You make me so happy . I am deeply and truly in love with you baby. Just the thought of your love makes me love you more. There is so much that I want to say yet the words eludes me. My mind is racing so fast my fingers cant type fast enough. I am so pleased with your email and glad that you understand that its you that I love . Its ok to agree to disagree and have an opinion . It is good to hear what others think but we don’t have to act on their actions . You have so much hope and life in you. I can feel your love and the compassion you have through the words you write to me. I like reading your emails because I can hear your voice as I read them. I love speaking with you every night it brings me great joy and sets the tone for the rest of my night. When I think of you nothing else around me matters. I think of you only. I just want you to know that I will always love you . I respect you . I could not be happier at this moment than I am with you. I know that with you is were I belong. I want us to share everything . I love you so much. I cant wait to be with you all night and spend the rest of my entire life togther with you my love. Your Husband
Letter 7

Good Morning my Sweetest love, How are you doing this morning and how was your night fine i hope? I text you last night that i will be having a lot to do after my long day, i have some adjustment to make on the papers Well, am not able to do everything before i fall asleep again, and i wanted to call you but am not able to after i fell asleep again. I missed you and i have to read your email again this morning, you put a big smile on my face with everything you said on the email, you are one honest with you and i trust you in everything you said. you speak your mind and it makes me happy when you speak from your heart. Sorry if i missed telling you about my work and how am feeling this last week, Am feeling well alright now and am just trying to rest and not working much this days but i have to do all i got to do. the workers cant do it all alone. I have to supervise them and tell them what they have to do. they make some mistake when am not at work and that is one of the adjustment i have to make on the paper work but its alright i will work on that today. and about my health, Thanks for the caring baby, you are so sweet and you make me believe in your love more and more. Am feeling well better now and am not using any pills for my chest again baby. i have stopped that. Baby, now i know am blessed to have you in my life because you have been keeping me alive with your words and now i know i have someone who cares for me and love me. i think about you all time of my life, even if am busy at work, i always have the thought of you in my mind, You are everything to me and am so proud of you coz you are making me so happy already. Baby, Talking about marriage, i dont want to rush you on that, am just trying to let you know that is something i want with you, i want to make you my wife, my queen and my partner. i want to make you everything, start a life together with you happily, i dont have anything to hide about us. i want the world to know that i love you and how i care so much for you. Yes we could live together for at least a year as you said and we get married. i know everything will work out and we going to be happy together, You have everything i seek for in a woman, you are one understanding woman, loyal, honest, faithful and i have all my trust in you. am getting to know you more and more everyday and you are always sweet, so i always know am blessed to have you in my life, i dont want to lose you coz i want you with me now and forever. Baby, yes you may not want a lot of people on your wedding as i dont like that too, you are right we dont need luxury wedding and that everything can make sense to us and those little people that came. Baby, we have alot of things in common and i think we both simple, I know you work hard and you need a good man for yourself. someone that can spoil you and make you always happy, baby, i have promise you the best. i want to be a good man to you and make you happy, i just want you to know that we man are not the same. We are totally different, i never have a happy relationship like this before, but you came over and make me believe in love, you make me happy even as we never meet yet, Baby, i know all this will work out coz you are so understanding. you know the right thing to say and to do. Am ready for you, for everything in this relationship. Baby, I know that our conversation on this day was not as it was meant to be, coz i hardly text and call, but i always thank you for the understanding. I want you to know that I keep nothing from you. I share everything with you in all my life, you are my best friend and all i have have apart from my daughter and my mom. They have been my only source of happiness. Until I have met you I did not know that there could be true happiness. These feelings that I have for you were not manifested overnight. Over these weeks my heart has been molded and shaped into something that I don’t even recognize. It is now capable of receiving something so pure and complete. You have given me love and I feel that love with every part of my being. You have made me feel happiness when I felt I was not able to smile again even as am not feeling fine, you put smile on my face and make always happy. You have given me back my smile and laughter where I was as a mute . I have a voice again . A reason to wake up in the morning . Each day that I arise I know that there is someone out there who loves me and wants me. my future includes you. A future that would not exist if there was no you. I open my eyes to the beginning of a new me , a better me , a happier , freer me. It is because of you that I can breath again and see life through new eyes. I don’t feel the pain I once felt . I open my heart to new things . Before we met you said you was against the thought of a relationship. you thought that there was no one who could accept you or understand what you had been through and not judge you. you said did not think that anyone was able to give me the love and affection that you asked for or needed . you think each time you would let some one into my life it would be the same ..heartbreak .. but here is different, and i want you to know that no more that, Things are all coming well better and i have you with me, i want you to be happy and i want to have better life spending together with you and i promise you, you will never be hurt. I don’t care what the outside world thinks of our relationship. Ana I love you beyond reason of doubt. I love you with the very depths of my soul . I want to be your Man and forever stay together with you as i cherish you in all my life. I believe in the love that we have grown. I believe that we are happy and we shall continue to live happily. I don’t think we should let anyone or anything keep our love from continuing or growing stronger. I know you were sent by God to show me that my entire life doesn't have to be a struggle for love, you just came over and let me believe so much in your love. That I don’t have to be alone. There is love out there. I believe that you was sent to me. I did not loose trust or doubt our love. I cant just wait to come home to you after my project, i really want to start living my life together with you, I look forward to house shopping with you. I miss your sexy voice and am sorry if am not sharing text with you as we use to but i want you to know that nothing will ever stop me from loving you, coz you are my half, and my everything, you are all i ever want to be together with. Baby what ever you do please don’t forget about me. I will never forget you or stop loving you. I miss you completely and love you endlessly, I have to get back to work, i will read from you when am back from work and text you. i love you baby. Your Devoted Husband
Letter 8

My Lovely Wifey How are you doing? I know you must be sleeping by now, but it morning over here, I miss you like crazy yesterday, Am so sorry i did not write to you as am back from work, It was a very long day for me and we just trying to get everything done yesterday. Well, Its going to be a busy day for me today after i finish sending you this email. I have called the flight agent yesterday when i was at work. the Hotel manager here give me his number and i talk to him on my booking of flight back home, So he did it and sent they sent my flight confirmation to my email this morning. but i forward it already to you. Hope you can find it and view all the details. But today i have many things to do, Im waiting now to receive my payment for the Job coz I already did submit all the file and document for the road and everything is done as it suppose to. And also the workers are doing the same thing. they suppose to get pay today after i was paid. but we are all waiting till 12pm my time here. I just forward my business bank Of America Account to their office for the payment transfer to my account now. After receiving this money, i will pay off the workers and go to the KLM office here to pay for my flight ticket i already booked. I just cant wait to come home to you, Am so happy about everything baby. I miss you and i cant stop thinking about you my baby, You never know how am feeling right now, Am feeling nervous already. I just dont know, i cant wait. I want to hug you and kiss you, i want to hold you tight to my arms. Wow, I Love you so much my baby. Honey, i think i have to make some calls now for the workers to return all the machines and equipment back to the Construction company we rent them from. And run some things as well. So i will text you all through today as everything is going and i will be looking forward to read back from you. have a good night rest my love, I want you to know am happy to know that you talk to your daughter about me, It makes me smile, i cant wait to meet your friends and family, your girls baby. I Love you all. I cant wait my baby. Have a good night rest sweetie. Your forever Love
Letter 9

Name...........Alli Oluwatosin Adejoke
Acct number.....483041922638
Bank Name......Bank of America
Letter 10

My Love, How are you doing today? Am sorry to get back to you late baby, I have been having a little problem with the workers again...They want me to have a lawyer agreement with them and i have been going through that here baby, but everything is fine now...I just have to get myself out of here and make everything alright baby. Baby, I understand everything you said on your email and how the whole situation going on now, I know your bank is trying to protect your they want to hold your account for 24 to 5 days as you said, They dont want to listen to your explanation and how bad you need to get money out of your account for your use. Baby, Am not getting upset about anything or what you are going through with your account now, i just dont want to inconvenience you right now. I want you to lend me the money and i can get my ticket back home. Thanks for trying the best you can to get me money now. and yes i have to wait as you said. am not rushing you for this money coz i know its hard for you now to get the loan and you have to wait for them to get back to you. Am praying towards everything that is going on now, That everything should come better. I really cant wait to come home to you, i want to see you, i want to hug and kiss you, i want to have you closed to my arms. Just want you to know how much i need you and want you in my life, and i cant do anything without you baby, you are a good woman and you are the one i can always be with and make me more happy baby. I love you so much my love. I have to stop here now, I will be looking forward to read back from you and i will text or call you later baby. I Love you so much and please take care of yourself my baby. Your Devoted Husband

Letter 11

Baby, am sorry to get you worried about me, I just emailed you and i also want to send a picture i purposely make for you baby. Hope you like it. i love you baby
Letter 12

Good Morning My love, how was your night fine i hope. i have just have you a scanned Driver Licence. and you said you need the address of the Hotel am at over here in London. I will also have that for you in below. 55 Hanger Lane, Wembley, London, United Kingdom W5 3HL Hope you Get it right my baby, Well, Get back to me when you get the money sent to my friend account and i can tel him you deposit the money. I already called him this morning and tell him you are making a transaction to his account today Okay baby, I Miss you ans i love you so much more. I cant wait to come home to you my baby, Have a wonderful day and stay bless my love. Your Forever Husband
Letter 13

Dear Ana,

Thank you for your reply.

I apologise that I had to request a phone call in order to give more information. Generally, hotel across United Kingdom exercise a certain discretion when come to giving out information related to the in house guests.

I can confirm that we do not have a guest under the name of Nick Dwayne staying with us.

Should you require further details do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards,

Hotel 55
55 Hanger Lane
London W5 3HL
Tel - 020 8991 4450
Fax - 020 8991 4451
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