Romance scam letter(s) from Pedro Cruz Chlhansen to Angela (Germany)
Letter 1

Letter 2

Honey I am the one to tell you not to hurt my feelings for you.. because I am really honest with you with all of my heart.. loving you was the best thing that ever happens to me. I love you so much.
Letter 3

Sweetheart I do believe you with my life and that was the reason I am here for you.. I will always stand by you no matter what I will give you all that I have to see your happiness.. what really matters to me is that I really love you so much.
Letter 4

I am good thanks honey believe me you put a smile on my face from a far distance.. I am in my office at the moment my love.. I miss you so much just looking at your picture at the moment and smiling.. I love you so much
Letter 5

No need of you coming to Chile meanwhile I told you that I live in Lancaster, PA United States.. where I do my contract work.. Once my name is included in the Contract board result then I can plan on how to come to your country to visit you.. I promise you with my life.
Letter 6

You are so sweet, thank you! Once again I thought of you every moment of my life.. I am glad for the encouragement you gave me.. I am really proud of you.. Honey about my pets I have called someone who will take care of them till I'm back then I will come and pick them up.. thanks for your caring and support you gave me.. I love you so much
Letter 7

Honey I have to fly egg and bread with tea I believe me I really enjoyed it.. Honey I have to prepare now.. I love you so much text you when I am done..
Letter 8

You already made my day great! with you I believe that I have won the contract award..
Letter 9

Thank you so much my princess at the moment I am still there waiting to hear the board result.. I can't wait to hear my name honey I love you so much..
Letter 10

Honey hope you have eaten your dinner yet?

Letter 11

I am very excited honey believe me when I heard my name the first thought on my mind was like you are the reason for my success because you seem to be very sure that my name is included.. Thanks for the GOOD LUCK You brought into my life.. I love you infinite
Letter 12

You don't believe me when I told you that I always stand on my word.. Honey please you have to understand me tell me reason why I should send your picture to anyone.. OMG Honey stop this nonsense thought of you because you're my wife OK.
Letter 13

I promise you with my life... Honey give me reasons why I will send your private life with someone else.. meanwhile I told you that I don't have friends believe me I don't have any one expect you.
Letter 14

What do you mean? Honey what are you doing at the moment?
Letter 15

Alright I am sorry for bothering you.. I have to leave you since you have something else doing OK.. I love you so much
Letter 16

Good morning my princess I am sorry about what happen never mind I will apologize I am guilty! If you love someone, That person will love you back And melt the heart for you So, my love please forgive me through I am sorry!.. I am extremely sorry for what I did.. But at the same time, I also want to say Thank You for being my wife, because you always show me the right path and correct my mistakes.. Hope you forgive me this time too with your big heart..
Letter 17

Honey since you're guilty I am as well because I believe we're one.. I love you.
Letter 18

Honey I have to leave you now.. because I need to take my pets to the caregiver before going to sign for the documents required.. I love you so much my princess thank you so much for bring good luck in my life.. I will for ever appreciate you..
Letter 19

Things seem to be so lovely When there is someone so pretty to complete your life to make you smile all through Honey you complete me.. You complete my world. I love you so much.. Believe me I will always stand by you in any problem both financial crisis.. I truly love you with my life.
Letter 20

Never change and be the same I want to see the love in your eyes Your love has bought a smile In the darkness of my world Your love has changed me so much that you brought good luck to me.. So lost I am with your touch I will love you forever A love that is as pure forever.. I love you so much my princess..
Letter 21

Yes of course I can really feel it from your eyes.. Where are you right now my love.. I miss you so much I want to share this beautiful moment with you.. today I have signed the documents required.. From tomorrow I will have to do some research on which country to purchase the quality equipment needed.. I love you so much
Letter 22

Words may never be enough to express what I feel for you, My love is so vast, that nothing ever in this world will be enough to prove.. Yet, when I say that I love you, I mean it right from the bottom of my heart, Because you, my beloved, are sweeter than even a chocolate tart.. loving you was a miracle in my life.. honestly you really brought good luck to me thanks for always stand by me.
Letter 23

You Changed My Life You changed my life right from the time you walked in, You made it so beautiful and truly worth living.. I wish to thank you but I don't find the right words to say, So I just want you to know that you have my blessings everyday.. I will always stand by you in any conditionally because you mean so precious to me.. I love you so much
Letter 24

My Love you have been the Source of my Inspiration You have encouraged and support me every time.. Without you I don't think I could ever be fine.. You are a source of my inspiration, My day has always started with a thoughtful conversation with you.. Consider this my thank you I forever will be grateful to you for all your love and kindness, Please accept my heart filled with gratitude and thankfulness.. I will always love you with my life.
Letter 26

You have a good heart you know You have touched my heart with your kind nature And all the things you have done I think I could not have imagined Being the number one You gave me hope in the way You have been there come what may I want to thank you from my heart For that perfect and wonderful start It will mean so much to me I will remember all my life to thee So thank you once again.. I love you with all of my heart.. Good night my princess and please sleep like a baby.. I love you so much

Letter 26

You don't have to be sorry about it..Thank you is a small word I know But its meaning is truly so deep So many times that you have helped me Things that made me weep I can trust you for anything in life All truth and my struggle and strive A simple thank you from me But from my heart You helped me made the right start So thank you so much my princess With you in life there is so much cheer! Thanks once again!.. I love you so much.
Letter 27

Hmmmm... What did you do to me because surely I am madly in love with you.. I love you for who you're not for what you have because I can see full of love in your eyes.. Believe me having you in my life was a miracle to me because suddly you brought good luck to me and shower me with your love.. I love you so much
Letter 28

Hello Honey, Believe me my past really hurt me so much.. Because I was the only child of my late parents.. I was still single when I lost my Dad in a brain turbo cancer.. I thought I can hold my mom with me then I have to married to enable keep my mom company but due to the love she has for my Dad she can't make it but give up.. then my wife was all I have few months I noticed my wife was very heal I have to rush her to the hospital and then the doctor confirmed that she has blood cancer.. honestly I totally lose my mind because she was the reason I live she adore me so much always advice and support me in all that I do I struggle with my life to save her life my wife was very proud of me.. she always stand by me in any conditionally.. she told me that I am so prefect.. when she gave up I cried because no one can tell me all this again I scream calling her to wake up.. because I have no one else to support me and also have no one to tell me all those beautiful words.. then some years I found my ex ... My last relationship is something i don't really like talking about because i don't like to remember it but i think it's something you would like to know.. It lasted for 2 years but i think she got tired and decided to try new things.. After 1 year and months, she began to find fault in everything and i managed to bear that.. Instead of her to have told me, she acted on that and the only way she could was to hurt me by having an affair with my best friend.. ever since then i decied not to have any friend again I like being honest in anything i find myself doing, I have been very honest in my past relationships but it hurts that i don't tend to get that in return, it does stress me out but i know much more about life now.. I was very honest and loyal to my ex and everything was smooth until she started changing characters towards me, I talked to her and made her know what was going on but she cared less, we weren't compatible anymore.. I really wanted to get serious with her but i think she was not ready.. I have been single for some years now but don't want to rush into any relationship because i don't want the same thing that happened in my last relationship to happen again, I want someone that i can always call my own and mine alone because i will be for her alone as well.. I want my next relationship to be last and I'm sure that will be the case because i have waited and I'm glad i did.. I hope that makes sense to you? I'm really interested in knowing what makes you the special person you are today, past relationships, so come on and share it all with me.. I love you so much my princess
Letter 29

Hello Honey, How are you doing at the moment.. I am sorry to tell you that I will be leaving to China on Saturday morning.. because I have already confirmed from the company agent.. I have already contacted my flight ticket agent he will be booking a flight ticket to China and from China to your country to meet you.. please tell me the airport close to you and please I need your urgent reply to tell my flight agent OK.. Thanks Best Regard Pedro
Letter 30

Hello Baby,

How are you? if I was asked why I love you, I would say its the love in your eyes, the softness of your skin, the silk in your hair, the sweetness in your voice and finally the way you make me feel each day I wake up to read a text from you knowing that someone somewhere can do anything to see me happy...all this makes me love you even more to the extent that I can't hide anything from you. that is why I am also bringing you into my world and life for you know that I will forever take care of you and protect you until the end.

I have been looking forward to winning this contract and GOD has answered our Prayer. I got the confirmation that the contract has been approved and awarded to me. The contract documents was signed and I have attached them to these email and my flight Itinerary below as I told you. I would be leaving for China to get the equipment's needed. Once am done from China with the purchase of the equipment and shipping, I will head to meet with you, Am so excited about coming to meet you baby. finally I will get to see you and kiss your

Attached is the contract documents and my flight Schedule.

I am really into you baby. Always remember what the bible said in the book of 1 John 4:18 (There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love) Listen to my favorite song below "Stand By Me"

Thanks for giving me your LOVE and always Stand By Me because i will always Stand By You.

LOVE YOU......
Letter 31

Haney I qm hete now the shiiping campanj send me the acount detqils now they say I shuld do trqnsifer to theire port in Malqysia o.k
Letter 32

Whqt hapen Haney i dont't understd hope you logn with my user nqme qnd psword corectily ?
Letter 33

Chlhansen Pedro, Your account has been suspended due the reasons listed below. Your account has been accessed from an unknown Ip address and We have noticed suspicious fund transfer activities in your account. For assistance, kindly visit any of our branches for security
assistance and verification Fidelity Trust Corp Bank
Letter 34

Chlhansen Pedro, Please be informed that your account has been suspended and place under moratorium for security reasons. We noticed several funds transfer activities from an unknown IP address. Further more, the head office has demanded for your physical presence for some verification and to sign some important internet banking security documents to ensure that your account has not been hacked. We are sorry for the inconveniences but your security/protection is our top priority. Fidelity Trust Corp Bank
Letter 35

I dont't knw whqt to do rght now haney
Letter 36

Haney I beliue you with my life qnd thats wqs the reqson I giue out my bank detiails to o.k
Letter 37

Haney I neuer knw this wil hapen becquse I neuer had this exprienice befre haney o.k
Letter 38

I neuer plan to go bqck homie soon becuse I thoiught I qm goingg to spenid much tme with you. . I haue no idea plase haney help me out then I wil coime to youir couitry to meet you wgen I get bqck to the State i wil trqnsifer youir mcney back o.k. .
Letter 39

Haney you alwqys prmise to Stqnd by me now you cant't help me out with this prblem i haue the money I neuer needd youir money now I neeid you to help me depoisit soime money to the shiiping campanj becuse I cant't leqve the equipmint worth mllions dollrs hete in China .. haney plase understd me o.k
Letter 40

Alrght haney I need you now becuse i haue no one else but you Haney you haue to pay the moniey to the shiiping campanj acount o.k

Letter 41

Haney plase how much cqn you affordi let me knw whqt to the shiiping campanj manger
Letter 42

Likewise me as wel I qm reqly confisd hete. . Becuse now is the tme I needd you most haney why cant't you undersitnd me I wil pay you bqck youir money o.k haney youre my wife o.k plase help me out . . Tel me how miuch you aford to me my loue
Letter 43

Haney you think I dont't trusit qnd beliue you thqt I wil giue out my bqnk detiails to you . . Now you cant't help me out becuse you decidd not to i loue you qnd I haue been honst with you in al thqt I do. . I only wqnt you to stqnd by me now if you triuly loue me like you alwqys said i use my money for the fligiht tcket to youir couitry i neuer need any help frm you haney
Letter 44

Now I needi youir suport you suddienly chqnge youir loue for me haney why I cqn do qnything for you if you ar in such sitution my loue . . I loue you with my lifie Haney beliue me I qm totaly strandd hete in China
Letter 45

Since you cant't support me then let me be becuse I qm losing my mind qt the mcment I cant't concetrqte anymre . I blqme mysief now
Letter 46

Hope now youre hapy that I qm in the hospitql all becuse of whqt you did to me now my Bank is disabld I cant't beliue that you dont't loue me only pretendimg plqyng with my feelngs ?
Letter 47

You prmise to stqnd by me in unconditinal now you think helpng me is to hqrd for you. . Now I dont't get any loue from you nether youir attetion al is gonei the prmise you mqde for our relatinship is al fake now you knw thqt my bank hqs been blockd. . You decide not to helpi or stqnd by me wish I wil stand by you if youre in such sitution becuse you neuer beliue in our relatinship . . Iouing you wqs the best thing thqt euer hapens to me but now you cant't stand by me al becuse youre afrqid . . Haney plase how much can you aford since you dont't haue the much money o.k plase hear my cry haney plase
Letter 48

Haney not a must you wil get the 40. 000 o.k you cqn suport me with any amont to depoisit to the shiiping campanj acount haney plase help me out .
Letter 49

I dont't cqre if you belive me or not I loue you qnd my heqrt cant't rest euer since we departd frm eqch other.. You haue been the only famly thqt I had all my plans wqs to start up my liife with you but you throw me awqy like no body all the sqke of a help I needd frm my wife a womqn my heart admire so mucih I giue out my heqrt to you with trust whqt did I get frm you ?? Heartbreking, pains, I reacted so much to you becuse I belieud you I trustd you with my liife but you abordon me out thete in China to suffer you cant't help me out I wqs so annoyed thqt I am confsed I neuer intentnally meqn it when I sqy goodbye .
Letter 50

I will neuer delete youir mobile number alreqdy I saue it with my heqrt , I loue every thing abut you i wqs only annoying with you becuse you abordon me out thete in China to suffer upon whqt we share togther you decidd to delete my nuimber all becuse I say goodbye to you.
Letter 51

I wil neuer say goodbye to you agqin becuse I loue you so mucih thqt I cant't forget whqt we share togther I alwqys kieep you in my heqrt .
Letter 52

Yes I thught you knw everythng abut me qnd my busines trip hete in China, I am hete in China becquse I wantd you to help me out with 40,000 $ thqt I wil pay you bqck but you think thqt you cant't help me out all you do wqs to abordon me out thete in China to suffer
Letter 53

I will alwqys hold you tight belive me I wil neuer leqve frm youir side agqin I wil alwqys loue you with my life. Thqt I alwqys prmise you. I loue you so mucih Angela. Beliue me or not .
Letter 54

Good mornig my loue qnd how wqs your nght, hope you haue tqken your coffe yet.. plase tqke good cqre of youself for me OK...
Letter 55

Hete in China is hard for me I cant't tqke cqre of myself see my hairs now I qm ashamd of senid you my pcture .

Letter 56

I am in the campanj gurest house at the mcment my loue , tel me Angela; wil you helip me out?
Letter 57

Beliue me or not I haue no one else but you my loue, plase I wqnt youir answer now you toild me to senid you my pcture wish I did now tel me wil you help me out Angela?
Letter 58

Thqt sonds good I qm hapy for you Angela, but one thing I dont't understnd if youre playng with me. tel me wil you help me out with the mcney ?
Letter 59

My loue, how are you doiing this mornig hope fine, plase I neeid you to help me out now witih the 33.000 $ for the shiiping campany o.k , all the equiipmnt are hete in qnd I cant't leqve those equipmnt hete in China this is whqt is keping me hold hete in China. Youre my wiife qnd I belive qnd trust you witih my life I wuld haue qsk help frm frienids but I dont't keeip frinds euer since I cut my best frind havng affqir with my ex girlfrind I decidd to stqy alone til I met you.
Letter 60

Tell me how mucih cqn you afford to help me with belive me I neuer forget you like you foget me qnd deletd my numbr on youir phone now I stil haue youir nmber becuse I stil loue qnd beliue in you my loue.
Letter 61

Alrght that greqt I qm glad and very proud of you I wish you al the best my wiife , I understd thqt you dont't really belive me qt the mcment .
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