Romance scam letter(s) from James Morgan to CG (USA)
Letter 1

Hello Thia...
You really made my day after reading you email.. It's was great feelings that i will never forget about it.I'm looking forward to share everything with you the ups and downs will always have your back..You are such a great and a nice woman and I really admire that.Although we haven't never met, I feel I know you well,I knew from the start that there was something special about you, You have touched my heart and wouldn't let go..
Will hold your hand and will not let you go
Letter 2

A Great Day Starts with a Good Morning Sunshine How are you today?
Begin today with a heaping spoonful of energy Sprinkle it with lots of happiness sunshine and smiles This dream has to tell you that we are destine to be together and we thank God for bringing us together and this dream has to also tell you that, i am here to make you happy and take all your sorrows away Honey and it also tells us that we deserve each other.
I love you so much with my whole heart and life without you now would be miserable and my meaningless for me You have the greatest soul the sweetest most loving heart I have ever known.
You are more wonderful and lovely in my eyes and my pride and joy and gratitude that you should love me with such a perfect love are beyond all expression.
I'm sorry about last night i hope you did had a good night sleep waiting to hear from you i will text and call you during the day my Sunshine I love you so much Kindly take care for me and stay bless
Your Joe
Letter 3

I am an easy going, honest, energetic ,individual who likes to laugh and enjoys life.a honest and sincere and serious Libra who loves to dance, play golf, and traveling/site seeing. I have seen a lot of this world but want to see more ask me where I've been I'll tell ya.I like to laugh and enjoy life.
I am well known for being quick witted with a great sense of humor. I like helping others and am goal oriented. I believe in preparing for the future. I love nice things and believe in working to have nice things. I am selfconfident, likable,I am looking for a woman who loves life, spiritual, independent with some hidden wildness that only we would know about.
I would like a sincere woman who has a mind of her own. Someone with whom I can communicate with, trustworthy, full of energy, and not interested in leading or following, but being by my side. In short, I am not looking for Miss Perfect, I am looking for Miss Right for me. I will close with this: If you want a good listener, talker, someone who likes to have fun and laugh but knows when to be serious, doesn't run from problems solves them, will respect you, is a romantic, likes to surprise you (when I find out what you like), likes to cuddle up, wrestle around, and in general put you on a pedestal then write me. We all have flaws no one is perfect we have to work on them and not make the same mistakes over and over again. I hope each one of your days is an excellent one; better than the day before
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