Romance scam letter(s) from Lewis Britz Kartel to Belinda (South Africa)
Letter 1

Thanks for sending me the form. Honey, kindly go to any Moneygram office tomorrow to transfer the remaining balance of the money to the accredited secretary of the U.N Vacation department.. Send the money to the exact names and country you transferred the previous one too. Please, this is to avoid any embarrassment from the vacation officer and the U.N. please.
Letter 2

I miss you so much honey.. I am sad without you.
Letter 3

Good Morning Mrs. With reference to the payment receipt we received from you yesterday the 8th of August 2019, was not too successful due to the fact that the $750 you sent wasn't able to be withdrawn here in Ghana and the reasons was because the Western Union office in which you made the payment in Israel have reverted back the payment of $750 back to you the sender and this is offensive and humiliating to the U.N Vacation department Board Authorities here in Africa. Mrs Belinda, the $250 you sent was well received here by our accredited secretary, so this make all the payment you have paid and we received successfully is the sum of $500. And you have to send the remaining balance of $1,750. It's mandatory for you to send the money as soon as possible that is left to pay to enable the Vacation form to be approved, permitted and stamped for your fiance ( Doctor George Charleston ) to be given the military Private Jet to depart from Damascus Airport directly to Egypt and then transit to Israel with the next available Civilian Private Jet, and this will be done without wasting time. So therefore, we have decided to give you another accredited secretary names and that makes it only two names you have to transfer the money too. Yes and you have to transfer the money via MoneyGram or Ria money transfer service to Ghana. This are the Two names below. You should send the money only via MoneyGram , Ria or World-Remit. First Receiver Names: MOSES SAMUEL EJOVWO
(i) Amount to send: 500 DOLLARS (ii) Second Receiver Names: AMOQUANDOH RHODA
Amount to send: 500 DOLLARS
Receiver Country: ACCRA GHANA. NOTE: Send only through MoneyGram or Ria or World-Remit
Thanks for your cooperation Mrs Belinda Yours Sincerely,
United Nation Vacation Department / Anthony Graham.
Letter 4

Good Evening Mrs. With great disappointment in our heart (Board of United Nation Vacation Department) that i am writing you this letter. Madam, it is clearly stated in the United States law Court of Sub-section 112 and of the 4th paragraph that was amended of former president Bill Clinton law abiding rules instructions, that any fiance or wife of a serving officers or medical specialist on duty in war affected countries like Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Afghanistan or Africa, the fiance should never abandon, rejected or plotted evil on any serving officer or doctors in vacation or in trouble by any mean while on vacation. Madam, we the United Nation are ready to support you and your Husband ( George Charleston ) who is currently in the Egyptian police custody in Cairo city Egypt to get out of the problem he his in. Your refusal or lack to comply with our offer will lead to our issuing warrant of arrest on your name(Belinda). Madam, we have your address, and your phone number, everything is with us here for prove to the World Court. I know you love your husband, so i huge you to be patient and also support a reply to cooperate with us. We are here for you and your husband. Write to me immediately you get this message. Once more Madam, we await your reply.
Best regards,
United Nation Vacation Officer/ Anthony Grahams.
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