Romance scam letter(s) from David Bryan to Asako (Japan)
Letter 1

Hello Asako, I hope our time difference will allow us to have good communication. I believe talking via email will make the communication a bit easier because there is an indulgence of writing as much as we want. I wanna say with this kind of communication we are likely to make something good happen and it could be what we have always wanted. I haven't been a frequent user of the millionairematch since i joined because my optimism just started building..I live alone and sometimes i feel like "oh i'm all by myself" so I made up my mind to take a step forward and find the other half of me a woman who will be mine and we can spend the rest of our life together with lots of happiness.. I must say i have moved on from the pain of losing my wife because its been 10years now and its time for me to give all the love in my heart to someone new who is ready for a relationship. My optimism is helping me stay strong I'm gonna find a woman for me. I want ONE woman who we'll do everything together, a woman who knows how much happiness she will get from a man who cares about her..How do we do this? You are in China i'm in America..Have u ever been to America? I'm a mechanical engineer my job is building, repairing, installing and selling of industrial generators. I have a company where we make all these happen. I have one daughter 35 and a very beautiful granddaughter who everyone loves. In my free time I enjoy classical music and generally music with good lyrics, movies and i like to do necessary cleaning around the house. I enjoy rides and parade as well, going to live concert, comedy shows, i just wanna be happy with my life.. I'm a Family person but i don't have a large one, i like talking about the future and how to have it best. I enjoy walking, hiking, golf, kayaking, I love travel and just being outdoors when I'm not working. I'm a people person and i feel i can learn something from everyone i meet. I think I have said a few things about me.. What will u tell me about u?
How Long have u been single?
What are u looking for?
Have u met a lot of people on this site?
How long have u been on this site? Just curious but i'm interested in you. I hope to hear from u soon..How are u today? Curtis Parker
Power Generator LLC
Letter 2

Hello Asako, Its 3:29AM here and i want to tell you that this is the first time in a very long time that i have to write email this early, i'm glad to do it because i know u deserve it. I haven't dated since my wife passed away, neither have i wanted to be close to a woman. I've been focused on my job because i wanna make my company a better place for all my clients plus i was avoiding dramas because so many people want a relationship for just fun (i want a relationship that will last the rest of my life). This is sure a great way to meet someone if we know what we want. I know what i want so i can surely tell when i think i found the one for me. It's good to know you have worked for American companies and you have been to America lots of time, that makes me optimistic so that when its time for us to meet it wont be hard to make it happen. Sorry about the type of man you ex was, i was married for 25 years and i never cheated on my woman, i was never abuse but always showing care and giving much love. If my wife was alive i can say to you that nothing will bring me to the dating site because i would definitely stick to my wife. I can assure you are talking to a man who knows what he wants, who does not play games, and who likes to stay focused. You sound like a serious woman who has a happy life and knows what she wants so i'm gonna tell u more about what i want..I want a relationship that is worth my dedication and my time. I was brought up in the arms of an angel who taught me how to treat a woman, i can be the best you'd ever have.. I like the way we are making things go, the things we talk about and all...I'm a Family person i just don't have a large one, i like to spend time with my people talking about the future and how to have it best...I like the family thing, happy noise, gathering, picnic and all. I like to see smiles on people's faces. I'd just like to add I love harmony, warmth, good relationship and love itself. I like to learn and look more than i say. My Birthday is September 6, 1957
I love Romance movies, action movies, comedy movies i think i just wanna see any movie with a good story line
I love R&B music and generally music with good lyrics i dont care about the genre
I love Blue and white
I'm looking for an understanding woman, a woman who is ready for a relationship, a woman who knows what it means to have an hardworking man in her life, a woman who likes to laugh and who likes to enjoy life. I dont care about beauty but i'm glad you are beautiful, i want a woman who has good attitude and who is very loving. I have lots of love and kindness to give so i want it to be mutual.
I was talking about the fun parade where people dress in a very funny way, if u come with me to a parade i promise you wont stop laughing..I enjoy your email and i hope this communication continues. Hoping to read from you soon..Thank you. I knows its night in Japan so tell me what u did during the day?
Letter 3

Hi Asako,

Sorry it took me sometime to write u again, I left for Colorado yesterday for a job which is why i have been silent. My mind has been on replying your message but i have to look for the right time to do it because you are special and i cannot email u in a rush. Its good to know we have so many things in common, what that means to me is that IF we make something work out between us it will be everlasting, happy and reliable.. My kind of person i like to concentrate on ONE woman i chose to talk to, i dont play games and i dont mess around. I already stopped going to, it might sound crazy to you but i want u to know that after reading your email i concluded i wanna keep talking to u and only you so i cancelled my account. I'll be willing to commit myself to this communication and dedicate some of my time. I had some hours job and 2 meetings today already, these with other things got me tired and i had to quickly end my day so i can have enough rest and enough time to talk to you before tomorrow morning (If you are available). How are you today? This is another day, another chance to look for my other half so we can make the rest of our lives the best of our lives. Chemistry is very important but Rome wasnt built in a day we need to have a good way of communication and spend sometime talking once a day is not good enough. Communication makes u see so many things in the second person and then u can decide if u would go further or not. I'll like to be close to you and be good friends, i wanna be that man you are looking for...How can i? Smiles The parade i like is like Halloween parade, All i want is one woman who is my dream woman, one woman we can grow old together, I want a woman who understands the best relationship is the one that lasts till the end of time. If i wanna have sex or play games, i have had women offer me sex but never wanted it. I do not want any distraction of such, i am concentrating on my search for a true woman and i know one day my
true woman will work into my life and she will never get a way out of my life (I would be glad if this true woman is you Asako), she will never see a reason to leave my life. I will give her everything she wants, take care of her and make her know that she is the best loved woman in the world. I want to be emotionally connected with a true woman, i want to see a woman everyday and be sure we will be together for the rest of our lives. I have achieved everything a man needs to achieve. I have a good health, i have enough money, i drive a very good car and live in a good house. I am not saying this to attract u because i believe the same things apply to you. You have a good life and you earn yourself a good and comfortable living. I said that because i want u to know i want a woman who will be sincere with me who i can give all my love and everything i have. I want a woman to stay in a relationship with me because she loves me for real and she cares about me. Well i do believe loving or falling in love is a gradual process. Day by day i will get more love and i will give more love. I want us to set a Routine so that we can always talk in your morning before u go to work or when u get to work, I want us to talk as often as we can..I would want us to talk in my own morning too before i go to work or when i get to work, talk at my lunch break and at your lunch break, this is really going to be nice and in the picture it looks like what we can enjoy..Finally we should talk at our nights and say how we feel about each other..Asako I"M INTERESTED IN YOU NO DOUBT.. My favorite food? I love Grill and Salad, grilled salmon, roasted vegetables.
I like cooking and I like BBQ
I used to have dogs but i gave them out in April when i had to work in Honolulu for 3 months
What kind of drinks i usually have for dinner? Because i dont like to take alcohol all the time i have mixture of fruit drinks for dinner and sometimes i go for Cocktail. I have said a few things in this email to give u a clear understanding of who i am, what i want and why i want it. There has not been a woman who i have given these much attention in sending emails. I do not know why i am getting attached to you and why i wanna tell u everything in my mind. You must be a very special woman and i want u to know i am a special man. Thank u for reading my long email and i hope it brightens your day. I will find a way to call you soon..
Letter 4

Dear Asako, You have increased my optimism about these whole internet dating because i enjoy talking to u and there is always a smile on my face everytime i think about the newly found woman in my life. Yes the distance can be questionble but i know deeply inside of me that we can afford to do everything we have to do so the distance doesn't bother me. In my free time I enjoy classical music, movies, play golf and because i like to keep things clean at all time i walk around the house and do neccessary cleaning, live concert and comedy shows also make me feel good, i just wanna be happy with my life and with the woman who deserves the much care, kindness and love i have to offer. I like the family thing, happy noise, gathering, picnic. I like to see smile on people's face. we do not have to do what we are not sure about, life is to be enjoyed and not waste the time we have to enjoy this life..If i was not interested in u we would not be talking these much...I agree with you about figuring out the best time to talk everyday, this communication is important, it is our life and it will give us a good life and a beautiful future. I will do all i can to make u see how important u are to me and to my life, I have been single for 10 years so its a lot of kindness and love i have kept inside of me for so long..I will shower everything on you. I dont make business trips often, sometimes i dont go out of Portland in 3 months sometimes i dont travel in 6 months and sometimes i do travel to get some jobs done. I wanna say somethings to u Asako, with this kind of connection I'm rest assured this feeling is true and it's what I've wanted all my life. Thank u for the attention u give me, thank u for your optimism and thank u for your feelings it is a mutual feeling and i will not let u down. I want us to grow so emotionally attached with eachother. You sure do not have the idea of how much i care about u and want the best for u... You sure do not have the idea of how much i am planning to be with u so i can make u happy for the rest of your life, making u happy will make me happy no doubt about that.. Will u allow me to always be your man? will you allow love grow between us? I will treat u right for the rest of my life. Here is a joke that has made me laugh out loud today; A boy with a sweet girl entered a jewellery shop & Choose a ring worth $1100 for her.
Gave a check & said she will collect ring on Monday after the check is cleared. On Monday, Jeweler called boy: There's no money in your account...Boy: I know but u can't imagine what a weekend I enjoyed.
I want u to give me one word to describe the boy.. I am ready for a new life. I have not had a relationship for 10 years, i have been concentrating on my job, my life, making my company better, taking care of my mother who is in a nursing home..This is the time i need a woman in my life. A woman we will grow old together and be happy together. I have wrote everything from my heart. Thank u for reading. I wish i could pronounce u as my woman because nothing will change this feeling inside of me. I am optimistic about this whole thing. Can i call u my angel, sweetheart, baby or honey? Which one do u like, u need to be cherished and respected.. Curtis Parker
Power Generator LLC
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