Romance scam letter(s) from James Tucker to Eloha (USA)
Letter 1

hej du ser meget sød ud kan vi være venner? (in Danish) which means: hey you look very cute can we be friends?
Letter 2

Jest ok i bardzo dziękuję za twoją szczerą odpowiedź, tak miło cię tu poznać i z przyjemnością spotkamy się lepiej, ponieważ chciałbym zaoferować ci dobry i intymny związek, jeśli nieważne, jaki jest status twojego małżeństwa i skąd jesteś?

(Polish) which means: it's ok and thank you very much for your honest answer, it's so nice to meet you here and we'll be happy to meet you better because I would like to offer you a good and intimate relationship, no matter what your marriage status is and where are you from)
Letter 3

I want to tell you more about myself but where do I start? Okay, my name is JAMES TUCKER, I was born in Portugal, but I grew up in Houston Texas united State I am 50 years old and myself. I don't have the opportunity to meet the right woman in life, maybe because I am always busy with work, but now, I want to stay fully and have a happy home. I like your profile and you look very beautiful
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