Romance scam letter(s) from Johan to Katlin (USA)
Letter 1

in the Oil Rig,i have a daughter her name is Lisa She is presently living with my cousin for a school program on the study of History Lisa is 18 yrs old, Am a single dad I lost my wife in the year 2006 Death snatch her from me she was suffering from cancer of the lungs i also lost my parent many years back which is a bad tragedythat is the most saddest news and badest thing that has ever happen to me, but now i have chosen to put the past away and move on with life that is why am searching for a woman who can care and love me like i will always do to her,this is for the now do hope to hear back from you soon. i love to serve the lord and always want to be with those that have the fear of God in their heart and i hope that you are also a christian and i want you to know that there is no other way one can be save for it is only with the lord that we can find true salvation and joy and i know that together with the lord we can build a great tomorrow i hope to read from you soon but until i read from you dont forget that God loves you so much.
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