Romance scam letter(s) from Marcelo Luciano to Pamela (USA)
Letter 1

To the best woman in the world, How is your health? I hope you would be able to be strong and reply me I wish you the best and I know that you will be strong for me.
I just want to let you know, how much I love all that you are and will be. Without a doubt you keep me together and for the first time in my life I have something to believe in. You truly are my love, my soul mate, and my best friend. You' just saw me at my worst moment this few days and still took me as I am. I thank God for you every day because I know you are heaven sent; you are my angel. I know the years will be a test, but nothing will keep me from loving you or from being by your side. I love you more than you could even know for you are my world and I love you so much. I am sorry I could not email you yesterday as that was the day Mama was finally laid to rest and we did family thanksgiving at the church today for her after a life well spent as it is the tradition here in Italy. I don’t think I will be able to tell you anything about how the funeral went by email but will tell you all in person when I meet you. I know it will be soon because I have really been down here more than I planned. There is only one good thing about being away from you, it is the love I have for you multiplied by the weeks we have been apart. Right now it has multiplied enough that the only multiplication it needs now is to meet you. I wish there was a word that could describe how much, but maybe it is better that you don't know. You would see I do love you more than you can understand. Let me say here that I have made up my mind to resign from my Job with Arrows Financial Corporation. I thought about it yesterday very well and even had to discuss with my daughter about it and we all agreed that it will not be a bad idea considering my age and the job requirement. My Contract with them when I took the job was that I must give them 14 days’ notice before my resignation or it will not be accepted. Another clause on the contract is that I must conclude any assignment I have with the company that involves the company investors before my resignation is accepted. Those and others were part of my contract terms when it was signed. I will be going back to UK tomorrow morning and will be there before 10 am. I will go to the office to pick up the files I need for a trip to Dubai. I really need to go and meet with the investor because he needs me at this moment like I need you. I am not making this trip because of the company but because of the investor and YOU. This is because when I leave UK, I will not come back again so will like to conclude everything I have to do here. I will not want to leave you again when we meet as I have been away for long. As for the Investor, The man showed me that he is such a great man. This was a man that called me on Monday to know if I will still make it to Dubai as he really needed my attention on issues. I told him that I may not be able to make it due to the death of my mother in Italy. I told him that the funeral will be on Wednesday. After discussing with this man he just said wow! Marc he is sorry but wow! He is in trouble without me. I was so surprised when I got to the church in the morning for the funeral service of mum to see this man there. He flew in from Dubai on Tuesday night and was able to locate the place in the morning on his own simply because I told him the name of the church, the city and the time for the service. He left back to Dubai this morning and I promised him that I will make it up to him and will be in Dubai on Sunday morning just for him and for this kind gesture he showed me when my company could not even send one representative to attend the funeral of the mother of one of their best consultant Fund managers. Anyway, that is the situation for now. Like I said earlier, I have made up my mind to resign from the consultant fund managers job with Arrows Financial Corporation the moment I return from Dubai. I will submit my resignation letter once I get to UK tomorrow. I have the letter already written which was the first thing I did this morning. I will submit it on getting to UK, then go to Dubai. There are three reasons why I am going to Dubai. One is because of the Investor like I said earlier. The second reason is because of my contract agreement that stipulates that I must conclude any pending transaction that I have with the company and I believe that the Dubai transaction which involves the investor from Fidelity Investment that I came with from United State is the only pending transaction. The third reason is simply because it will give me the needed 14 days prior notice before terminating my job since I will be submitting it tomorrow being 18th of September, travel to Dubai on the 19th of September, arrive Dubai on the 20th of April and return back to UK from Dubai on the 30th of September to conclude the official resignation procedures before Tuesday being 1st of October so that I will fly back to United States on Friday being 4th of April. It will also enable me to be away from the directors that may want to talk me out of this decision. I know this was why they included the 14 days clause so that they will have two weeks days to convince anybody that they don’t want to resign since the persons will be working with them for those 14 days. I am financially very okay and will never ask any man or woman for money. I sat down last night to check my life and how much happiness that I have gained over the past ten years with the money I have made but cannot remember any. I have been busy working and acquiring money and saving them. I have more than 60,000 Arrows Financial Corporation Magellan Capital Share in Investment but have had to no time to sell or enjoy money from there. Anyway, I will resign and start up my own Advise and consulting Firm. With the money form the shares, I can come back home to start a new life with you. Buy a big new home and open up a business which will give me time with you. It will give me time with you and be able to accomplish all that I have promised you. This was just all that my mother wanted me to do and I just regret that I just realized it after her death. May her soul rest in peace; Amen. Anyway, we will discuss more about this latter. I know this is one of the longest emails that I have sent you since the death of Mama. I decided to write you this morning just to let the feelings flow. To write to the one I love. Every day, I fall over and over in love with you again ... as the time goes on and a new day shows, my love grows. I just wanted to thank you for sharing and making me laugh. Thanks for being the most awesome woman, thanks for just being there for me. I thank God that I have found someone who stood beside me and not over me and I'm so lucky to have you. Mum was the only one I had before and now you are here. There are so many reasons; so many causes that make me love you. Thank you for all the happiness you bestow upon me. Thanks for making me see what I don't see. Thank you for making me overexcited. I love you all the way down to my toes and up to my brains. Kissess….. Marc.
Letter 2

How are you doing today? I got back to UK this morning and went straight to the office like I told you. I have arranged the files and papers that I will need for my trip and have also confirmed the flight reservation that I made yesterday while in Italy. I will be traveling to Dubai tomorrow evening and will be going with my laptop so that we will be able to communicate while am there. I may not be able to email you tomorrow because of this trip as I will be packing my laptop tonight but I will try to call you today and will also call you before I leave UK tomorrow. Once I get to Dubai, I will email you to let you know that I got there safely. I hope that I will be able to speak with you this evening. I wish you are making this trip with me so that you can see the beautiful city of Dubai. This is where they have the best and most beautiful hotels in the world. I wish I didn't have to miss you. If only you could be with me always. I know I could never be any happier. But then again, I know that the day will come when I will be able to spend my every waking moment with you. I even miss you when I am sleeping! I love you, babe. You are my only love, and I thank you for being so kind with my heart. Hopefully, soon I won't have to hate missing you because I will be with you .I hope you had a wonderful night. Enjoy the beautiful day ahead of you. I miss you so much. Love You Always, Marc.
Letter 3

My Darling, How are you today? I must first say sorry for not being able to write you an email yesterday. You know it is always my wish and joy to email you and to tell you how things are going with me. Yesterday was beyond my control as I was on my way to Dubai like I told you. My Flight landed in Dubai this morning by 10:45 am and I checked into the hotel that was reserved for me by the Investor though he is planning to move me to his private guest house tomorrow. When I discovered that the internet connection in the hotel was not compatible with my laptop as they said the version of my laptop is a bit old. I told them that all I want is to connect to internet and email my love, the only woman in my life, "My world and the She in Him" It was when I said this that the investor and the hotel technicians started laughing and asked me what I mean by the “She in Him’. I told them that you are the "She" While I am the "Him" and you are in me so what is hard to understand in the statement. The Investor then suggested that I call you to tell you that I am having problem with internet connection here in Dubai. It was then that I asked him, will you wake your baby from sleep while she is sleeping like an angel? He said No, and then I told him, “That makes your suggestion a wrong one. I need an internet connection that is the only solution here”. Anyway, at the end, they rectified it and the internet became compatible with my laptop (The Power of love). My intention was just to tell you that I arrived here safely and have checked into a good hotel and most importantly that I love and miss you so much. I will be going with my client to his office in few minutes so that he will show me the files that he want me to study and brief me on what the investment and business is all about before we go into the meeting with his partners tomorrow. Its 4:03 PM here in Dubai so I am okay now having had 3 hours rest. The Investor was just so excited that I was able to make it as I promised. I will try and email you again when I come back from the meeting with him thou all will depend on the time I am able to come back. If I am not able to email you again today then it will be tomorrow. He said that after the meeting that he will be making me a proposal depending on the outcome of the meeting so I will wait to hear what his proposal will be. I am happy I am able to send you this email at least to tell you that I am okay here. Thank you for your care. With love,. Marc.
Letter 4

Wow! I am here at my computer again. The smile has returned back to my face. How I wish you could see the way I look whenever I open my computer to send you an email. To tell you how my day has been, went or more importantly to tell you how much I miss you. I was very excited to read your email most especially to find out that you had a wonderful day with the children. I want you to know that I am also one of those people that your words have touched . You must be a great mother. That is nice It is obvious that sometimes you don’t know what life have for you ahead of you until you take the right step in the right direction. It has always been my wish to start up my own Private Investment Consulting firm but the financial requirement and getting huge investors base has always been my fear. Because of this, I have worked all my life even when I know that I am the best in what I do. I have always wondered how to start a big firm and get major investor as clients. This has always been one hindering factor whenever I want to resign or terminate my job with Arrows Financial Corporation but this time around, I cared less and submitted my resignation and now it seems that I took the best decision. Yes! Because coming to Dubai seem to have provided all that I will need for my dream of being self employed as a fund manager. My day has been an exciting one if I am allowed to say so. I had the meeting with the partners of the investor who has oil blocks in Dubai. I saw myself surrounded by multi-millionaires and billionaires who control the oil economy of United Arab Emirate. I was nearly humiliated in their presence but my mind told me one thing. If this people should need my presence in this meeting, it means that I have something that they need which is my financial expertise in investment. If they really believe that I am an expert, it means that I am a multi billionaire also, may be not in money but in knowledge. Let me say financial knowledge. These, they cannot do for themselves with their money but can buy the services with their money and that is what they intend to do at this point. At that moment I remembered you and what you may say to me if you are there to encourage me. I then told myself “Marc I am sure you can do this”. Anyway, I did it because they openly made me the proposal right at the meeting. While the meeting was going on, they told me that they are aware that my client (The Investor) promise to make me a proposal after the meeting but they will make the proposal open here and will need me to decide on it. They explained that they will need my service in this business after which they want to invest their proceed with the investment company I work for under my Fund Management. They made me to understand that it will be a short term business and they are not sure if they can commit me to it for the period of the business by offering to pay for my service through the company as investor. If they are to partner me in this business for commission/percentage which means I will be in the business on percentage instead of as a fund manager working for Arrows Financial Corporation Investors. They told me that their US partners who are investor with Fidelity that I started this meeting with in Virginia advised them that I am the best to do this for them. My client (The investor) here told them that I am the best for this which is why they want me and are ready to give me 10% commission from the business even when they are not supposed to pay. The only hindrance here is that I do not have the right to sign any Private Partnership with any investor for my services while on the company’s assignment as a Fund Manager neither am I required to accept any payment outside my contracts Payment with the company. Since I did not know if the other partners of my client are aware of this, I did not give them my answer at the meeting but told them that it will have to wait till during the meeting tomorrow. After the meeting, I spoke with the investor that came for mum’s funeral and explained to him the company’s policy. He told me that they all are aware of that but the offer was a proposal to guarantee my commitment, services and availability to the business. Being businessmen with business acumen, they have come to see that I may not readily be available anytime they need my service if they continue with me on this consultancy arrangement. This was why they made this proposal to me. I had to inform him at that point that since I will not be able to include my name in the partnership agreement as it is against the Company Policy and agreement with me as a Consultant Fund Manager, that I can only accept the offer if they permit me to use another name /person as my representative in the business. This person is my woman and is trusted by me. While her name represents me in the business, then I will guarantee them my services while my commission goes to me through her. He said that there was no problem with that in fact that was what they are expecting me to say but they do not have the right to make such suggestion for me. We left everything until the meeting tomorrow when I will make it official to them for us to start signing the new partnership act which will specify my percentage commission in the deal as a partner. When I met with him this afternoon, he started by congratulating me on the proposal. He told me that from all indication; they want me to work with them not necessarily as a staff of Arrows Financial Corporation Limited but as a fund manager with investment and financial knowledge. I told him my intention to resign as staff of Arrows Financial Corporation Limited, he said the most important thing, and I will quote him here “your idea of using your woman (You) as your representative partner in this business is the best thing that you did, it is also good that you and her do not presently bear the same surname or Arrows Financial Corporation will know’. He continues by saying that the business will be there with my percentage going to me but after this particular transaction and they wish that their proceed should be managed together under my fund management with my new consulting firm, then they will have to come as a client registered with me. He said it clearly that I should also bear in mind that with these men as client, I don’t need many clients or investors when I open my consulting firm having submitted my resignation so this is my opportunity to tie them down. Honey I need you to send me your name and address in-case the company decides to send the original Copy of investor certificate to you, so that it does not go to a wrong address. You can even give a P.O Box which is still okay if you have. It does not require anything that will commit you or anything serious just a name to represent me. This is all and why I need your address. This has always been the wish of my mum. Please help me do her wish. Do it for me and for mum. I will speak with you on the phone later today. Regards
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