Romance scam letter(s) from Mark S. Fisher to Dobby (USA)
Letter 1

UNITED NATION VOCATIONAL Address: 3 Whitehall Ct, London SWIA 2El, UK.
Telephone: +1(323) 510-1329
Date: SEPTEMBER 22, 2017 URGENT! To the attention of: Mrs.Dobby Hello
Mrs.Dobby Thanks for your message we well received your message in our mailbox, We earlier received a letter from your husband General Hamilton Jeff with a service code number RA14694587 that you are going to write to us concerning his early retirement, Furthermore, in processing of is document it's will cost you $2,650 {Two thousand six hundred fifty Us dollar] because we need to make sure that all his paper is well documented and stated in our office that it as been retired and no more coming back to service again, because is not yet time for his retirement and we need to make sure that all his paper is well stated that is no more in service anymore and the mission is not yet over here in Syria, I think you should know what is going on in the country and how bad the country is...... your urgent reply is needed because as soon as you make the payment the processing we take place. we have other people that we need to attend to so please get back to us as soon as possible... YOU ARE TO PAY THROUGH MONEYGRAM OR WESTERN UNION TO ONE OF OUR BRANCHES IN TEXAS NAME ::::: JOSHUA ROBERTSON
CITY :::::::: BURNET
ZIPCODE::: 78611 Attention
Mrs. Dobby
You are to print out and fill this form and scan it back to us, for security and documentary purposes. Yours
JOVANI MOORE Yours sincerely
Letter 2

Like seriously I don’t know they will ask us for money but I want you to know the commander is only doing this to help me get back home because is not yet time for my retirement as I said all the requirements and procedures to come back home to you will not be handle by the government because it’s not yet time for my retirement I think that is the reason why the fees was required from us all the same I’m talking about my life here like I said I’m not the only one going home please and please just do this for me I will give you back your money, money is not my problem have made enough for my self for us to live happily for the rest of our life this money is not my problem but my life is more important than the money you are talking about and I want you to know what I signed up for is different from what is going on here honey this place is hell how I wish you were here to see what we are facing
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