Scam Email(s) from Charles Harper to Jennifer (USA)


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Letter 1

My Dear Darling ,

I can't stop thinking about you.You are always on my mind.I can feel you so close to me..Kindly be patience, soon no connection or no human can come between us.It is a very busy day,I had to excuse myself just to write you.I can't wait to sail away with you.. You are amazing to me, your sweet love that you are giving me is changing my life in such a wonderful manner. I have found myself thinking about you in all aspects of my life and my excitement is indeed real and also calming at the same time.I feel that we have known each other for a very long time and I have no shyness with you.I am not usually one to open up with anyone as quickly as I find myself with you. The unconditional acceptance and just knowing we will be great with compatible thoughts, desires, and expectations filled with loving courtesy we give to the other. You are indeed amazing and God is amazing for us to have met and now looking forward to tickle each other's fancy....As I slept, a dream came ... I felt a gentle breeze that blew my hair across my face. I raised my hand to push my hair aside, and felt your hand reaching to touch my cheek. I held your hand as you laid your head in my chest. For the time we slept, the most blissful calm encompassed us both with a feeling of total trust, total safety, completeness.I feels so great to see you smile at me in the dream..You are so priceless, my heart is on fire and I look forward to all our firsts. I have a feeling there will be many for us when we begin.You can share anything you like... Your heart is safe with me. To quote Rhett Butler, Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn. They will just have to watch and see how good we are together. There is not a doubt in my mind that we will be so happy, the entire world will be jealous.I really and truly feel that God has sent me perfect Image of my mimi,i know wherever she is now,she will be smiling now.Thank you for standing to Mother me.I promise to worship you forever my god from God. We have so much in common, it frightens me. I think of you each and every day and wish you were here with me. Just to please you, we can argue once in a great while, so we can make up. Just so you know, I expect the make up to last longer than the argue. I don't know how this miracle happened. I am not going to question God, and just thank him every day for this tender mercy. Some things are just God things and I truly believe this is one of them. I also believe that happiness is a choice, you don't have to have everything you see or think you want. If you got everything, pretty soon there would be nothing to look forward to, now how boring would that be. When i get home, I promise to be your Bridge Over Troubled Waters, and do my best to never disappoint you. i am as giddy as a drunken man. I love you more than you can possibly know. I will be Your king until the day I die and you will always be my Sweet.
Love You Forever


Letter 2

My love,

I’m having a very tough day at field of work today one of the tools using as to break down rocks to attach pillars using the crane smashed down because the level of sand here in Cairo is very high and they consists of deep,poorly drained soils on low terraces and high bottomlands of broad flood plains.They formed in 20 to 39 inches of clayey slackwater sediments and are underlain by sandy alluvium.being it a desert area and i got in touch with a mechanic to come check it out and after he did he came up with working on the tools with his team,He tried his best but he told me that the radiator and The drill pipe inside the churns or well drill was jammed and damaged beyond repair,A worker that will be working with me came up with the suggestion that i could get the tools rented for the period of the contract.I was so happy with that idea and we went round the city to find a place to rent the tools. Unfortunately,We found a very good machinery firm that has an exact description of this equipment which i'm needing for the project after much inquiry,we finally agreed that they would be collecting the sum of $35,000 for renting out the churns to me for the duration of 3 weeks which will be really helping me a lot honey.Because without this machine i might end up not doing this project which will end up as a Great loss for me coming down to EGYPT which i don't want to happen to me honey.After checking my budget and finances i discovered that the money that i brought along i have used much on buying other equipment's and what i have left is about $12,500 for my welfare here and other bills and you know darling i have to reach completion of the job before i can get paid the intended $5.7 million. But since i have this unforeseen circumstances i have tried using my tactics but the people here don't really welcome Foreigners after a recent protest they had,they deal with cash and carry so they don't have sympathy in their mind as far as i know few of them today,I was thinking if you would be able to assist me by loaning me a sum of $25,000 to add to the money i have on me and get the tools rented.I will refund you back upon my arrival back home or before i get back once am being paid. I know it sounds too blunt and plain but i feel behind every successful man there's a woman to support..Now is the time i need your support and i believe you will stand by me now?"Values are only measured by the importance it has to you."Love is not something we find, love is something we do.Love Conquers all.I'll be awaiting to hear back from you as soon as possible my love.No matter how hard things seem,true love will aide us through it.Let me know when you get this message so i would know what next to do honey i promise to pay you when am back because i would have been issued a Check by then . I know this is a lot of pressure i am putting on you and this is a lot to ask for but i really need you my darling. Officially, if you loan me the money, i have to record where the money came from so you are entitled to 10% of what i am earning from the $5.7 m, of course, so whatever means you are using to help me get this money, you won't regret it, plus you are getting more than enough to cover it back. I am asking for a very extreme assistance i know, but i won't be saying or pleading to you this much if i was not positive this will work out and i know this is a huge risk and chance you are taking, but i promise you on everything i hold dearest I won't fail you or disappoint you my love, I swear to you on my word if it means anything to you. This is a lot to ask for i know, but think about the benefits this would provide for us financially and most of all, to show my appreciation, after i have paid back the loan, plus your 10%.I promise to make you happy for the rest of our life. I have tried every other resources, my cards would not get accepted for that amount of money, plus i already used all the money i brought. I really need you for this my angel. If you do this for me, i will be forever indebted to you, plus i would make this up to you for the rest of our lives together, because you are helping to save my business and my life of course..
Love u forever




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