Scam Email(s) from Gavin Smith to Migdalia (USA)


Letter 1

Thanks for responding to me..i am very new to the online dating stuff too and i have just sign up when i emailed you.a friend of mine tells me about a military man,(us army )on a peace keeping mission in Kabul,Afghanistan who seek for a respectful woman that also seek for true and serious relationship..I love life and everything it brings me. I am communicative. I am not only attractive but intelligent and I have lots of interests. I am always interested in self-development and learning something new. I can not just sit doing nothing, I like to be busy and I like new impressions..................Can you please tell me more about you and lets see where this could lead us to..but i believe this we end on the altar soon when we shall both says "YES WE DO" before the multitude of people..i cat wait to read from you soon..
Gavin cares