Scam Email(s) from Lawrence Harisson to Jessica (Philippines)


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Letter 1

as for me here my little daughter is sick back at home
she got a liver probblem
she would need a surgery for that
am raising funds for her surgery as soon as possible thats why i have not been able to come online to be able to chat with u am so sorry been hard for me here with all what is going on with her ok
am still so so short on funds for her surgery just been able to raise 1200 dollars out of 2500 dollars
still sourcing for more so i can send to her fast and then they can start the surgery and she can be releived of her pain there
hope to talk with u there soon ok

Letter 2

Customer Services Office.
Tara Can courier company..
Door 4. Pacific East Asia Cargo warehouse,
Jaldon Street, Mayor Climaco Avenue.
Zamboanga Philippines. Contact: 09154653615
Tell: 065-2123441,
Sender Data:
Lawrence Harrison
No. 1156 Washington Street,
Boston, MA, United State.

Shipment Date: March 14, 2013.
Shipped Items:
1, SONY A450 Digital Camera.
2, TOSHIBA Satellite M200-A413D.
3, NOKIA N80 Touchscreen 17mgpixels.5inc.
4, Fabricated Rose flower.
5, Amano Artisan Chocolate.
Delivery Date: March 20, 2013.
Attn: Madam/Sir,

Base on the notice given to you this morning We urge you to follow up, time is not on our side this is very urgent, The custom have already given us mandate of couple of days from today of notice to attend to this issue or else the parcel will be placed for storage and deformation which will result additional fee 3000,peso per day to avoid such, kindly attend to this matter as soon as possible, From OUR CONFIRMATION,, your parcel is very intact is not yet open, it was detected by scanner machine, we will schedule it for delivery it after clearance from the custom department is done. within 24 hours.

Outstanding Charges:

Administrative .......................... PHP,3,460.00
Clearance................................ PHP,10,500.00
TOTAL = PHP 13,960.00 only.

A total of PHP 13,960.00 ,(Thirteen Thousand Nine Hundred and sixty only)

has been charge. In acknowledgment to this Notice,

Send the Penalty fee PHP 13,960.00 as stated Above by the custom to (CUSTOM CLEARING OFFICER, Mam. Rissa S.Legaspi) Western Union using our above office address... and contact number to address THE PAYMENT. and clear your package, and quickly schedule it for delivery to your home address,

We will be glad to serve you better.

Mr. Christopher M. Pedro,
Tara Can courier company Services..
South East Asia Regional Coordinator




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