Romance scam letter(s) from Frederick Ian Larsen to Sandra (USA)
Letter 1

Morning dear, How are you? I am Frederick a friend of Ray who has an account with the dating site called POF. I had come across your profile which you pretty much caught my interests, i would like to get to know you better and see if we could connect and perhaps have a good chemistry between us.. I notice your 55 years old and you live in Alabama, i'm 59 years old, 6'0" ft and i stay in Florida, just on the beach side here in Jupiter Island..I'll leave you with a picture, hopefully it doesn't scare you off so i get to read from you.
I have a lot to tell you about myself and i'm sure you do to so help me confirm if what have explained earlier is true then we can take it from there... Fred
Letter 2

Morning Dedria,

Thank you for writing to me, i am at a loss for words. Let's see, i wasn't expecting this kind of email, but it has made my day having gone through what you write me. i hope you had a beautiful night? Mine was great, although I spend part of it sleeping on the couch! That's what a hectic day does to me. I started this joking around but now, let's see how serious I can get about myself. I'd like to show you i was impressed by your site and would hope you would take me seriously as I further tell you about myself.. My names are "Frederick Ian-Larsen" and i am originally from Lyngdal, Norway. English isn't my first language. (not even my second) so if I make grammatical errors - could you please overlook, or even better, correct me. Wait until we speak on the phone. My accent is heavy still. Norwegian is a Germanic language and we all never seem to lose it. I’m a civil engineer with that of a building technologist, i have worked with some reputable engineering companies all over the world, visited 20 different countries within my 35 years of practice and experience. Indeed an exciting job to do and i run my personal real estate firm..Before i tell you my age, i would like to inform you that age is just a number and plays no part with things of the heart, with that been said. I'm 59 years old, 6'1" Feet tall, average body build, and I am very active. I lost my late wife in 2007 to cancer which happened to be the most horrible period of time of my life..After her death I isolated myself and threw myself into working but the truth is, that at some point in life you realize that you just can't be happy if you do not have that special person to share your life with. Technically have been alone for 10 years now, I live in Jupiter Island here in Florida which is close to west palm beach, i moved here after the death of my late wife, but i've since been thinking about a change of location. I haven't decided where that will be yet, maybe meeting you relief me of thinking where to move to..I looked you up on the map, i believe i'm a few hours drive away from you, i have literally driven 13 hours without sleep. I am ready to start fully living my life again, i want to find love and be happy so you see we are on the same path..Looking for a life partner to spend the rest of my life with and you could be this person. I have seen people grow old alone and that is not a fulfilling way to live. The only problem is - how do I get back into the dating scene again? Pof dating site has opened us all to the world of meeting someone special, now i hope this turns out well as we get to know each other. Do you prefer we talk over the phone and maybe save us the stress of typing? I have a grand daughter, she will be turning 16 years old on 20th July, her name is Elizabeth....i lost her dad 3 years ago to a brain tumor he was my only son, so she and her mom is all have got now as my closet family. I can't believe I've written so much! And I didn't know how to start. Maybe now I don't know how to stop! Well, I hope have been able to answer your questions. I’ll wait to read from you again, your welcome to share about yourself with me and you have such great beautiful picture on that site, i would like you to send me a picture of you so i can have saved on my Ipad. I’m a morning person, I like to take coffee before I start my day, gym, i like morning walk and that’s enough for now lol, let me know what you decide about we having to talk over the phone for the first time. I have a lot to discuss with you...........Have a great day. Frederick
Letter 3

Hello Dedria, I also enjoyed every bit of your email, it was really amazing getting to know more about you. I’m sure you do have a lovely family, hopefully the best of relationship with your kids and siblings. My family and I had relocated to the US in early 2007 when the doctor who was in charge of my wife chemotherapy had asked us as at that time to relocate over to the US so he can watch over her so we did and couple with the fact I could work from anywhere. I sold the house in Australia and bought a place in Connecticut which was the first State we lived in when we moved into the country. The men with me in the picture are all architects, we've been invited for a conference so it was nice to hook up again, some of us graduated from same school while some met each other during their internship. I am a simple and easy going individual that is hard working and financially stable. I value commitment and honesty in a relationship because i believe with honest communication we can grow stronger and also have the possibilities of becoming good friends and lovers, see where it goes from there. At this point in time in my life, i don't want to be alone anymore. I know i have lots of love to give inside of me. I like to explore new places and learn new things, I love the beach, one of the sweetest things i love about it is walking on the beach holding hands while you allow the sea breeze flow right through you, while you are also feeling little splashes of sea water on yourself. I would love to experience this again with someone i am in love with. I have a lot to tell you about myself but i know you will find out more when we eventually meet. So, I thought I'd address some of my interests, likes, etc. Interests: I tend to have a variety and a lot of interests. I enjoy the outdoors. I love spending time by the water. (lakes, rivers, oceans) The water grounds me and provides me with inner peace. I enjoy a nice sunset especially by the water. With someone else, it can be so romantic. I enjoy cooking, walking, hiking, swimming, anything outdoors. I sometimes like playing like a kid with my partner. A swing is always lots of fun especially if someone is pushing you. For future reference, I am a very good swing pusher! I do have a playful spirit but no one, for now, to help bring it out. I enjoy a good movie, all types of music, reading, sports, and trying all kinds of different foods. I am open to trying new things. Bottom line - I am active and have a lot of energy to expend.. Passions: A few. I am passionate about being a good father. I'm passionate about my career... doing a good job, having a good work ethic. I am passionate about being kind and mannerly to others, making and keeping good friendships and relationships active in my life. I am looking forward to having a passionate and intimate relationship some day. I tend to be passionate about all things that are attached to the heart, my heart. My love and passion is for humanity, especially those that come into my life. They will receive my love and protection. Likes: Many things. I am open minded and flexible. Some of my favorite foods are Chinese, Mexican, Italian, and right now I am into seafood and rice with Jamaican sauce. I love chocolate and also red licorice. I like to send flowers to people I care about. I like buying presents for people, especially when there is no particular reason. Just, " I saw this and it made me think of you" kind of thing. I do enjoy traveling. One thing I haven't experienced is the greenness and history of Scotland and the castles still standing. On my bucket list. A Caribbean holiday is also a nice thing to do. Dislikes: I had to think about this. Not a whole lot of things I dislike however what I dislike is based on peoples values and behaviors. I don't like disrespect, unfaithfulness, dishonest, lying, cheating, mean spiritedness selfishness, inconsideration, and not taking responsibility. Anything that can cause damage to another person. No one is perfect and arguments and disagreements happen but there is a correct way to handle problems and many ways to say, " I'm sorry, I was wrong" Relationship: The kind of relationship i'm interested in must be centered on trust. A relationship based on love, honesty, fidelity, sincerity and loyalty with someone who has good sense of humor and wants to make this world a better place. I am not looking for someone perfect because i know no one is perfect, everyone has flaws and i believe as we learn more about each other, we are going to move from one level of understanding to another. Beauty is of little significance to me because i believe character and the inner person is more important and i am interested in the content not the container. I have just about a few questions i would like to ask you, i have mine own answers already for you so i hope you enjoy yourself while going through it. 1. How do you react when you receive poor service which you are paying for?
You: Me: I will kindly confront the situation. No nasty behavior, however, i work very hard for my money and i will not accept less than what expect for a service for which i am paying. I always get my way. I think because I handle objections with a smile. 2. You are stuck in traffic and someone push past you to squeeze in while everyone is waiting patiently?
You: Me: Total road rage!! Just kidding, lol. Generally, I let things go, you never know who has a gun on the seat next to them, it's just not worth it. 3. We have a date and I am late without letting you know?
You: Me: I am very patient. I would read, tend to something around my house. If we were meeting in a restaurant, I would enjoy a glass of wine while I wait for you. There would be a reason you would be late. I only could hope nothing serious happened to you. 4. Both of us are working and come home late, the house is dirty, the dishes needs washing, food must be made, what do you do?
You: Me: There are NEVER dirty dishes visible, they immediately go into the dishwasher. I love to cook, when I know the day is busy I use my crockpot and dinner is ready when we are ready to enjoy it. House rarely dirty. I have house cleaner, Matt. He cleans 2x a month and i do the in between maintenance. I am very clean and tidy. 5. I am having a bad day at work and when I get in the door you see she is in a bad mood, what would you do and say?
You: Me: I'm RARELY in a bad mood. I would hold you and kiss you softly on your neck... I would sooth you, relax you, embrace you not only with my body but with my heart and ease your fears & concerns. And I will say I love you. 6. It is late night and the milk and bread is finished because we forgot to buy during the day....
You: Me: Supermarket is right up the street, problem solved. 7. What would you say is your worst characteristics?
You: Me: I think I'm too skeptical sometimes. Life experiences have made me guarded. I'd like to take people and things at face value, instead, I am cautious about people's genuity. 8. What is your personal hygiene like?
You: Me: I shower every day. Depending on my activity during the day I will have a second shower. I think teeth are important, I brush twice, sometimes more times a day. I also wash my hands after the restroom, lol. 9. How do you leave the bathroom once you have showered and where does your clothes go to?
You: Me: I leave my bathroom as i entered it. Everything has it's place. I keep a hamper in my spare bedroom for dirty clothes. 10. How do you perceive the role of a man and women in a relationship?
You: Me: We are equal. I hold you up and you hold me up. Kind of like a teepee. 11. Do you look after your skin and hair by using treatments and creams?
You: Me: I use many skin and hair products. I take care of myself because I want to always look nice. 12. What templates your patience?
You: Me: When others make foolish decisions that affect me in any way. I have little tolerance for ignorance or common sense. 13. How do you handle conflict in a relationship?
You: Me: Take the emotion out of conflict. Always discuss with the other person if there is a dispute. Discuss, not scream and yell, it's not necessary, my hearing is perfect. I NEVER GO TO BED ANGRY. Resolve the issue before sleep, tomorrow is a new start. 14. We just had a fight, what do you do?
You: Me: I don't have any reason to fight. Let's discuss like adults. That is quite a lot to share, i hope it gives you more insight into what makes Frederick Ian Larsen tick. I would love to hear more from you, this is my number 305-224-6937 please text me, lets see what else we can discuss and share. I'm looking forward to your response. Many kisses and hugs,
Letter 4

Morning babe, how was your night? It was really nice to have spoken to you last night i felt so much closer and chemistry between us i can't deny the fact that within this period of time we will use in getting to know each other i will definitely fall in love along the line no doubts but i'm not scared because i would be falling in love with the right person....I know you will never do anything to hurt me, i love the truth even if it would hurt just say it to me i would respect you more, Dedria i want you to know that you can learn to trust and confide in me, don't worry about love for now once we do have a strong friendship background...Love would grow along the way and here are some pictures, i had a picture of my grand daughter from last year christmas..We can talk later today as i told you last night i'm going to have a busy morning but i'll be thinking about you the whole time.
Letter 5

Hi babe, been busy all day trying to get issues sorted out here…I hope your day is going so well? I know this has become a burden on my shoulders but I believe it’s what God intended for us to share in one another burdens and troubles..Would you join me in fighting this set back? Together we can conquer $115,500.00 USD, I will start looking to see how I can raise some money, I already have in my possession $384,500.00 USD which my plan today was to make a transfer of all that money to MOLAW as I said earlier over our phone conversation but their was a refusal from them stating the whole fee must be paid and received, operation will not resume back..Would you mind looking inwards on your end and see what you can support me with, as a team whatever you contribute is needed my love...Having money coming in here and there before you know we will make up the $115,500.00 USD…All this years have never had anyone to share my burden with, God actually brought you this far…I would pay you back every dollar you borrow me with interest soon as I received my cheque. I hope this note find you well, let me know what you decide…I’ll be looking out for your call, I love you.
Letter 6

Evening baby, how was your day? I received a text from you this morning stating a "memorandum" is non-binding and when i tried to call i was directed to your voice mailbox each time i did try to call back but in any case i didn't explain things better to you or perhaps phone calls are difficult to do that with most especially when we are facing terrible network problems. Have been waiting for your call all day today as i could not get through to you that has kept me worried all day so i'm assuming perhaps something went wrong with your phone, their would be an investment plan agreement it's like a "Loan term agreement" which you would be paid a return rate base on the success of the project just as i did with my investors not a flat rate return... This is far better and when you call me i will explain a lot more better to you so you can have a very good understanding to explain to the girls but like i mentioned before to proceed with my attorney preparing the document i would need both your full names and address then it would be sent to your email. I still doubt my reason for not being able to get though to you please i'm a little worried i'm hoping you get this tonight so you read and respond but any reason why you haven't called me all day and not even a text. Frederick.
Letter 7

I’m sorry I know how you feel that’s because I’m also stressed and maybe the girls are too we never know but you don’t have to step away. I quite well noticed you blocked me from reaching you through phone calls, you didn’t have to do that but I forgive you... Can we talk about this? My attorney tried to get in touch with you yesterday. Please call me when you are up I miss talking to you and you saying you still love me quite made me weak.. I love you more Dedria.
Letter 8

Morning babe, how are you today? Hopefully you feel a lot better, I sent you an email in response to your message. It’s not nice you read my message and you didn’t respond to it or at least give me a call. Why should I suffer your absence you really don’t know how this is getting to me, if you ever loved me once please call me I’m WORRIED!!
Letter 9

Morning Sweetheart, Another day has passed without me seeing your beautiful smile in the morning, it is painful to think that the person I love so much is away from me and if I could do anything about it, believe me I would. I know that there is a great amount of distance in proximity between us now, but I also do know that we are capable of making it work. I have read and understood your email, I’m glad you understand the amount of stress I’m going through but I’m keeping my faith high. I love you much more than you will ever know, the fights, arguments, laughter and phone calls has shown my weakness for you which I’m afraid you know me better than I know myself now and the fact that you are mine is something that delights me each day. So just continue to love me as I do too. You are the reason why I have the strength to face each day head on, and take everything in my stride. I can't wait for the day that i’ll get back to you. Love, sometimes in life when we finally find that special someone, we want nothing more than to be with them and spend all our hours with them. When I knew that you were mine forever that is something that I wanted too, I wanted us to be together there for each other no matter what. This physical distance that has come between us is something that cannot diminish how we feel about each other. As they say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, I know that I love you even more with each passing day. I will love you forever.
Fred X Danette
Letter 10

Meaning you don’t understand the email, write up was for you so judging by what you sent me yesterday, now my faith lies in God. The name Danette means: God has judged, or God is judge. I want everything to go back to how we where when you can talk me and i can get you on the phone but in your last email you ask me to be patient so I am “I was your baby now if you check again” the name Danette is a Hebrew “baby” name which your to me. I didn’t mention about the attorney I read that to I don’t wanna “stress”. I know you expect me to write “Fred X Dedria” in that case I’m sorry but don’t forget you have kept me on days without your voice who I’m into blame or judge, you? For me stressing you so much and I scared you off!! I’m hoping you got my text early this morning? I have expressed how I feel in my previous email which you perfectly do well know it’s true don’t deny it’s a fact “I’m vulnerable” to you, you have never doubted me in the past....
Please don’t start now, perhaps let’s say you send me a voice mail the least, I miss that soft and calm voice??????. I have to go now, I wish you a lovely day “Don’t stress” i’m all yours. I Love you Dedria!!

Letter 11

It’s alright baby I understand how you feel, call me when you are home I think that’s a much better time to talk I should be back to the condo by 8:30 PM. Will be waiting for your call my love
Letter 12

Baby i'm back to the condo so if you are home and resting then you can give me a call....
Letter 13

Hello Mrs. Dedria Below is an attachment of the Investment Agreement, Mr. Frederick Ian Larsen received a copy and has his signature signed on it.. All you need to do is print out the agreement, then sign on where you are expected to sign on ... it will become effective this day, send a copy back to me for reference purpose and keep one copy with you okay. Note: you will receive the investment payment transfer information soon as the process is concluded. Evan Smith
Attorney and Counselor at Law
Evan Smith Law Firm
4445 Calgary Trail NW #833
Edmonton, AB T6H 5R7, Canada Tel: +1 289 769 9543
Fax: +1 587-762-1010
Email: NOTICE: This message is privileged, confidential, and intended for the use of the person to whom it is addressed. Its dissemination is prohibited.
Letter 14

Good Morning Mrs Dedria How are you today? I got the paper work and with your signature on it , thanks for your corporation..Have forwarded the payment information to Mr Frederick,he will have sent to you and attached back to this email a copy of payment slip as proof of payment. Since your investment will be transferred in check, take a picture of the check and send to me. Evan Smith
Attorney and Counselor at Law
Evan Smith Law Firm
4445 Calgary Trail NW #833
Edmonton, AB T6H 5R7, Canada Tel: +1 289 769 9543
Fax: +1 587-762-1010
Email: NOTICE: This message is privileged, confidential, and intended for the use of the person to whom it is addressed. Its dissemination is prohibited.
Letter 15

Got it babe, i tried to call you twice today but no answer... Let me know when you have it sent to the Attorney i'll be looking forward to your call sweetie and i hope you are having a nice day. I love you baby
Letter 16

Morning babe, how are you? Here is the info you need: Name : Jonny Martinez
Address : 10633 Hammocks Blvd Apt 1034, Miami FL 33196.
Phone : 305-363-9377 Please take a picture of the slip before sending to the address using the information to fill in the cheque and through Fedex, will ring you once I have this sent to you. Love you hun
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