Romance scam letter(s) from Alex Marcus Pedersen to Steff (USA)
Letter 1

In this vast universe where love and wickedness walk side by side, pay attention only to the love I feel for you. You are very beautiful and have many virtues, both of body and of soul.
You give me peace and no discomfort. Be clear that everything I do is done for you with much love and affection. The sweetness of your voice and the intensity of your love alleviate the distance that separates us. You are wonderful, you are very special, and that is why I dedicate all this love and affection to you.
Since we started talking, my life has changed, and my soul has changed and I became convinced that you're my definitive love. Nothing in this world will make me change my mind or opinion.
To me you will always be the most beautiful, the most elegant and the most charming woman in the world, the most beautiful princess to inhabit this modest room in my heart. Come on over! We will enjoy wonderful moments, because the presence of love makes everything brighter and more beautiful.GOOD MORNING TO MY ONE AND ONLY... I hope to talk to you soon. heading to work.I LOVE YOU
Letter 2

I know you are distant for now and meanwhile I can’t help but feeling low and sad, but soon I realize, this time we are apart, occurs for a number of reasons, most against our will, and I sometimes think this can actually be a helpful experience, contributing for a life filled with harmony, love, peace and joy in the future.
I trust you completely. I keep you in my heart, in the coolest corner, warmer, most docile and loving at his disposal.
This little heart stays radiant when I remember your multitude of qualities, your virtues, and so, he beats softer and more cheerful.
When thinking of your few “mishaps”, my soul fills with compassion in a way that I accept you the way you are, but at the same time I make myself always willing in lending you a hand, intended to help you overcome any difficulty, because I truly love you.
When my thoughts are upon you and with you I have no fear whatsoever, not even about the future. I know we already went through some tough times maybe, but I know we learned from then.
I know that “the rest of our lives” is not what’s to come, but what has already been. I’m sure that our path, from now on, will be lit by sunlight’s joy and the moon’s most romantic night sky she can provide, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MY WONDERFULLY MADE WOMAN.. GOOD NIGHT AND SWEET DREAMS.. SOMEONE LOVES YOU
Letter 3

Has anybody ever told you that love is a promise of happiness? .It can be, but what I feel for you, all the calmness and peace that you pass to me are much more than a simple promise.
Loving you is to have the certainty of becoming and being happy. Your sweet presence and persistence feed me. The air that sustains me comes from your peppermint breath . And if sleeping with you is the greatest of the pleasures, waking up with your radiant "good morning!" is to taste the most pure dose of cheerfulness, an ingenuous happiness that lasts until the twilight.
I like to make my chest your pillow, to nest your head in my lap and to hold your beautiful and fertile womb. I love you my pet, my most intimate friend, my companion and my confidant. My protective mother, my spoiled daughter, my woman, my lovable number one fan lol.
I haven?t seen you , but I miss you so much. I can?t stand to wait any longer to meet you and have you as a prisoner in my arms lol, in the most sweet and perfect paradox of freedom, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH HONEY..
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