Romance scam letter(s) from David Shaffer to Joyce (Canada)
Letter 1

Bain Capital plc.
Devonshire House
Mayfair Place
London, W1J 8AJ
United Kingdom
Email: Esteemed Investor, With great pleasure in serving you and giving you our best fund management services, we wish to notify you that we have conclusively carried out your share purchase instruction. This purchase was done as stipulated in the Memorandum and Article of Business Association between you and your business partners. This Memorandum and Article of Business Association was received by our Offshore Investment Business Directors during their meeting with your partners. Present at the meeting were: Messier Clay Riddell, Sir Michael DeGroote, Eng.Douglas Fregin, Mr Alfredo DeGasperis , Mr Stephen A. Jarislowsky,Sir, Joseph-Armand Bombardier AND Mr Harry Williams. These were your partners present at the meeting with you being represented by Harry Williams. (A Consultant Fund Manager with Bain Investment International and also your fund manager). Bain Investment International was represented by, MR OTTO Dillon, Mr. SILVESTER HARRIS, HUGO GREEN AND MR VANDER LLOYD. It was at the meeting that our business directors received the Memorandum and Article of Business Association between you and your business partners. The share purchase was made in your name on Wednesday, 14th August 2019 on the percentage shares as stipulated in the Memorandum and Article of Business Association .This share purchase acquired in your name the total of 128,572 Bain Investment Investment Magellan Share. We contacted your Fund Manager Mr. Harry Williams, requesting to know if you have our permission to issue all your Investment Capital Shares under a new Investors Certificate including this shares and he gave the authorization which he said was what you requested. Based on this, we wish to confirm from you if we are to issue your new Bain Investment share of 128,572 and your other Bain Investment share of 60,000 to get a total of 188,572 under (1) Bain Investment International Investors Certificate since the Investors Certificate for the first 60,000 BAIN Magellan share has not been issued to you. In the memorandum and article of Business Association which was submitted to Bain Investments International by your partners during the business meeting with our directors. The memorandum has the address below as your business address. Please confirm to this business unit via email that the information stated bellow is correct as authorized and provided by you to your fund manager Mr. Harry Williams, for the issuance of the Bain Investor Certificate for your shares with us. The provided address is: Name:
Address: I will be expecting your email confirmation before we Issue the certificate as that of your partners has been issued and will be given to them during the official share declaration meeting with this office. They informed us that you will not be with them for the meeting hence the reason for this email. We will also need you to confirm if we are to Mail the Investors certificate to you through Priority Courier Service (DHL) or make the delivery to you through Your Fund manager. He informed us that he will be returning to United States the moment he concludes his official demands here. We will need your quick and specific response to this. Thank you for your faith in Bain Investment. We hope our investment service has never disappointed you. You are free to contact this office anytime for information regarding your Bain share investment or Profit Return on Investment (PRI). Yours in service
Smith Oxford.
Consultant Relations BII.
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