Scam Email(s) from Ray Askin to Dobby (USA)


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Letter 1

Thanks Mrs Jeffrey for your email.
We are happy to hear that from you because we have expecting this very word from you and your husband ever since your husband introduce you to our union , Immediately we get your message is very a good news ,we will be very glad that both of you is going to be together soon.
Madam this is our rule and regulations in United nation before your husband can take a leave direct to you now . You are going to pay for your husband flight ticket so that we can sign for him .Madam your husband ticket is going to cost you some of $4,500 , if you can't afford it before on Monday your husband permit will be expire than you will pay for that again. Madam you have to try your possible best to make the payment coming week so that you can get your husband out from here. And this's the account number ShERRY M PAGE , ADDRESS 537 S. ASHTON AVE REPUBLIC MO 65738. please mail it through FedEx deliver service.Thank you for your understanding.




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