Romance scam letter(s) from Stephen Olaolu Emmanuel to Jaena (Italy)
Letter 1

Hello Sweet beautiful woman, You are sexy i admire that so much How are you doing? It's my greatest pleasure to communicate with you today, and I would be much honored if you keep this communication and lets see where this would take us too, first of all thanks so much for ever communicating with me, i feel Honored so much and i swear to God i really appreciate you. Yeah, i think i would make this a little bit introductions former, I would Introduce myself to you formally. But before I do this, forgive me to say it again That You are so beautiful, you are so clean, you are so pretty, When I first sighted on your web profile was lift my heart hurt, the way you smile, the way you Look, you hurt me how sweet face to express your loving heart Could Be, When I sighted your page on the web dating, i know very well That You Could Be One Of Those Goddess Angel of red in my fictions about, not that I have 'beauty was seen before, but yours is so extra-ordinary. i love so much how beautiful you are and how you look and smart i want you to know that i would be so much honored to have a lovely sweet woman like you as my Mistress, as my lover, as my wife, as my future Queen, as my Angel, as my best friend so think over it with time. but first of all we have to get to know each others and also known each others wishes and desires. Both we are grown up and we do not need to rush into anything, so we take it a step at a time please My full details and description is First name: Stephen
Middle name: Olaolu
Last name: Emmanuel
Date of birth: Jan 12, 196
Religion: Catholic Christian
Age: 57 Years Old This Year
Height: 177cm
Weight: 80kg
Education: Bachelor's Degree
Mothers Name: Late Mrs. Peju Emmanuel
Fathers Name: Late Mr. Emmanuel
Marital Status: Widow
Smoking: No
Drinking: Social Light drink
Eye Color: Blue
Hair color: Light brown
Body Shape: Sports
Hobbies: Sports, dancing, biking, reading, cooking, meeting new people, camping, out doors, and many more. i have the ability to prepare: a very good cook.
My work so far: I have been in International and Local Construction But for now i am looking for a sweet, loving, romantic, kind, gentle woman, Whom i can get to know and Whom i can build a happy relationship with, my Late wife died When my daughter was one years old and six month That was When my late wife died, She was if having lung cancer and When she died she Could not make the surgery since then I have been a widow. I take a lot of Difficulties to train my daughter she is now 14 years old. I trained her all alone by myself. I'm Such a passionate, romantic, loving, sweet, caring, kind, honest, affectionate, emotional, decent, moral, Responsible, easy-going, straight-forward, open-minded, optimistic, hard working, intelligent, God fearing , Religious, faithful, sincere, widowed Gentleman. I am a simple man and very loving, i like to act and to treat people the way i want people to do to me, I like to make my woman laugh, smile and i know how to treat my woman like a Queen, I am here looking for a loving sweet woman Whom I Can Make My Wife and Whom i can spend the rest of my life with .... Please get in touch with me as soon as possible and try to send me some pictures of yourself my lovely beautiful pretty sweet Loving Angel. You are nothing but a Queen ... Sincerely with love Stephen You can check out my biography details on my website and check my photo albums as well My Biography
Letter 2

Hello Good morning Madam Jane Thanks so much for getting in touch with me my future mother to be, I'm going to make this letter kind of too long, Yes Dad thought me how to do this, he said when you want to express your mind, you take a deep breath, think deeply and type whatever you have from your heart and not from your fingers. so i would do the same this time and i hope it would work like dad thought me. I am so impressed that you honored my last letter and write back. I am so sorry that i am late before i replied to you Mom, what happened is that the Internet subscription expired last night i couldn't read or reply your email letter. But this morning i called the Credit card company to forward payment details to the service provider and they did. so internet is working again. Madam, I am a girl who did not know how adult feels, but i know one day i would grow to the stage of such understanding and maturity. but i believe one way i still understand some little things in life, I am young girl. but when i am with my friends in school we don't want people to call us girl, we tell them we are ladies. but Dad said i would be a lady when i am over 18 and also a lady is a girl who is no longer a maiden. he said he would explain to me further more one day. but since then he haven't. But me and my friends. Maria, Laura, Pauline Daisy and Bridget all of us we are brilliant students and we focus much about Mathematics and Further math. Actually Mathematics is my favorite and best Subject. In my school and in my Class i have never scored second in Mathematics before i always stand on the First position in mathematics. I'm English but i must confess i know fluent English both in speaking and written. but some girls still out stand me in English Examinations but no one does in mathematics Madam Please i want you to be my mother, My father would have said many things to you, like guys will do to girls and men to women. do you think you like my dad? What about him you want to know? in this simple world. no one know my dad more than me. I am the one who can explain my Dad's feelings and emotion because i know him all my life. No mother, no brother and no sister all I've got is my father and i know him very well. He is a man of his world. my father will never hurt animal not even human being. we have Dogs. we have Cat. Dad treat Dogs and Cat like human, Dad respect nature and humanity and he do what he think is right to everyone. But Madam i can not make decisions for you, But the way my father sound about you and for him to use your picture as his wallpaper i certainly know that my father have true feelings and some love for you and towards you. such which i would appreciate that you both bargain and have it all. I am writing this letter not with my wisdom alone. but i have seek for advise from someone. there is a counselor in my School, yesterday after sending you letter i met the counselor and he thought me many things about Adult feelings Madam if you want my Dad open up to him, and he would open up to you, I want Dad to always stay at home , He said he would settle down when he have a wife. i want him to have you. every time Dad travel to many places and live me all alone in the house. but i stayed much time in the school. Please reason enough and do something. My Dad did not come home last night, He said there will be a meeting with some official partners so he didn't come home, I only slept with my Teddy and our dogs and cat came inside to sleep. Do you know their names? their names are Mexino and Pecker. and the Cat name sound like mine Lizzie. I named the cat Lizzie. so when my father return i would tell him i sent you this letter and i would tell him what my school counselor told me Thanks so much my future mother to be Your Soon to be Daughter Lizzy
Letter 3

Hello my pretty sunshine...Jane Jane...Can i say good morning from here??? Now i am in Nigeria, i got here two hours ago. but it's nigh and dark here, when i checked the time different is the same with UK England time. I am very much happy to get here safe and sound. presently i am in hotel, but i can't stay long in this Hotel. this is Airport hotel and it cost more than city hotel as i was told at the airport here. here it cost $220 dollars per day, and i am staying for about 1 month and seven days but i don't know yet. that will be too much expenses for me so i can't afford it i would look for another hotel which is cheaper than this. and which is also closer to the project site. Please i got a sim card at the Airport and a small Nokia phone. the number is +234-70-5993-0133 that is the number i got at the airport. I've called the Hospital where Lizzy is and they gave me good news that she is filling fine and she would be discharged and she would go to Daisy mother house. so i have good news and that relief me. at least i know my Daughter is safe now so i can focus and concentrate on my work here in Nigeria i have to relax now, I would have to meet with the people tomorrow and see where the unfinished business is. because the contract i came here to monitor was a contract giving to a construction company named Julius Berger for over 2 years now and they are unable to finish the contract. so they company hire my company to make sure we finish the contract in less than 3 months. i want to finish it in less than two month. I have a strategy i have been thinking about.
1. i will increase the number of construction workers working on the field
2. i will increase their wages a little bit more to encourage them work more harder
3. support them morally and physically and lead them to work well
4. i would also work at the field which will even convince them when they see me working dirty with them, they will do more better
5. i will supervise and monitor everything myself those are the strategy and ways which i want to use in getting the work done on time and so i can achieve my promotion and then become the leader of another branch . then i will have enough salary to buy a house where we can live and also leave the house for our children when we are gone. I have to rest now. i will meet with the company by 10am Nigeria time, now is 5:54am Nigeria time so i need to sleep and relax for about 3 hours. I'm not hungry and i'm not tasted. my hunger is only for you. how i wish i have you beside me now. i really need a little massage after a long trip and many stop overs. I love you and hopefully see you soon after this project. may the lord see us through. I love you so so much my Darling precious Queen Yours passionately in Love Your Future husband by Gods grace Stephen
Letter 4

Hello Mom so sorry i didn't write you since, i don't know if you are aware that i have been sick for a while now. i had a minor little accident some days ago. but i am feeling fine now. My dad has traveled to a far country. the place is Nigeria. he said when he is back me and him will come to you for a visit. Dad have a number in Nigeria now if you don't know and if you want to call dad please do so through this line +234-70-5993-0133 I've missed you so much mom But i am not at home now, right now i am living with my friend Daisy. Daisy family love me and my Dad. they call my Dad St William there was someone who was William and when they met my Dad they said my dad look like that person and they have been calling him William. when i was admitted they and my father need to travel the voluntare that i should be staying with them pending the time i would go for competition in England. I will write more later mom, now i just took my pills ad eat some food. but i am always eager thinking about you Mom and now that i write to you i am fine and cool Yours faithfully Your Daughter Lizzy
Letter 5

Good morning Darling Sweet Angel Jane I want to inform you that i am on my way out of my hotel now, my friend just sent the check and i would go and pick up the money and i would write you when i am back from work today. how was your night and how is everything over there?? Honey i want you to know that i love you so so much and you are always in my mind. I woke up this morning with your thoughts in my mind, no one ever make me feel the way you make me feel and you always touch my heart the way no one ever did. so i love you so so much and i am here to write to you how i feel about you. darling... In the past, strong winds knocked me down; life kicked me around, but should foul weather come my way now, I'll get right back up and try again. I'll stand my ground, because now I have the strength of your love. And with your love, anything is possible-- no dream is out of reach, no star too distant. I'm certain that you were sent from above, and I would never push you away or lock you out of my heart. If you sought the door I would get on my knees and beg you to stay. I know what I want. I know what I need. I must believe that you'll always be here for me... just as I'll always be here for you. You're the world to me-- there's no one quite like you. You're the one I love, the one I want to touch. I give you my heart, and I need you so much. Offer me your sweet caresses; fill me with your wonderful light; soothe my aching heart; and hold me through the night. The mere sound of your voice summons deep emotion within Like an old familiar song like the comfort of a friend. When you're near, I'm lost to thoughts of love as you touch me with a magic that's as grand as stars above. I want to hold your hand. I hunger for your kiss. Offer me sweet tidings of true love's tender bliss. I promise our love shall soar, carried on the wings of a dove. So give me your heart, and bless me with your love. If I could spend a day with you, we'd never get enough of each other's company. We'd hold hands as we strolled along the beach, and we'd talk about everything. If I could spend an evening with you, I'd cherish each minute that we're together. I'd stare into your eyes, and, without a single word, you'd know how much I love you. If I could spend a night with you, I'd hold you in my arms the whole night long... and I'd make passionate love to you. If I could spend my life with you, I'd try to make you happy. I'd always be there for you, wiping away your tears when you're sad or blue, and every day, I'd tell you how much I cherish you and our beautiful love. Love is the feeling I get when I'm with you, a desire to wrap you in my arms and never let you go. Love is the flutter in my chest when you're near, the dreamy look in my eyes when I think of you. Love is the emptiness I feel when we're apart. Day becomes night without your bright light. Love lasts forever--
it never fades but only grows stronger each day. Love is a marriage of two hearts and two souls. Love never grows tired; it never grows old or weary, but becomes ever more treasured as the years pass like antique lace. I own the heaven and the stars and the silvery moon-- it's all mine when I look into your eyes and see the love reflected there. You take me to a distant shore where only true love exists. You make the long cold nights sizzle with fire and passion. And you possess all the mystery and beauty of the midnight sky, alive with moonlight. Enchanting. Yes, I own the heaven and the stars, and the silvery moon, and all that's wonderful, because you're a part of my life. How do you know when it's true love? You know because nothing feels better than being together. You know because the one you adore is always on your mind. True love keeps you warm on cold nights and gives you something to look forward to every day. True love is a taste of heaven, earthly bliss in its purest state. True love is what I feel for you. I want to share each moment with you, because I love you now and forever. When I met you, I found my soul mate. Your one and only Always love Stephen
Letter 6

hello my sweet loving Jane Please this issue is getting more complicated now, If i loose this project then it means i fail, I fail my self and i fail my daughter and i fail the promotion and this would be a great shame for me, I wouldn't be able to stand the shame. Daisy parents said they just paid tution fee of their kids and they don't have any money. they said the only help they have for me is to help me look after lizzy Darling i know your financial situation and i understand very well. But jane i really need you to help me please look for a way to help me out and in three days time i would pay when my MasterCard is done and activated here in Nigeria Please if you get any amount of money to help me with please send to me . the amount i need is 650 dollars. but if you can't get it all i would understand please send to me as soon as you can get a way to help me please My details is as follow Full name : Stephen Olaolu Emmanuel
Address: 26 Abidap Hotel and Suit
City: Ijebu-Igbo
State: Ogun State
Country: Nigeria
Zip code: 23437
Tel: 2347059930133 And when you send please send to me Your fulll name on the paper
Test Question and Answer
Amount sent Thanks so much my Love, may the Good lord reward you and i promise with my life never to disapoint you in life my Love thanks Yours in love love always Stephen
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