Romance scam letter(s) from Jean Michelin to Eloha (USA)
Letter 1

Hello how are you ? I send you this message in order to receive a future response from you. Since it is for the moment the only means of exchange that I have to converge a few words. The purpose of my message is the pure and simple reason that despair and sadness are the feelings that overwhelm my heart. You would be wondering why this mail has meant you, and why such a quick confession of my state of life? If this is the will of God we will leave on a good basis. Life teaches us many things and when we are nearing its peak, it certainly comes back to us not to have to waste time by the different self-proclaimed approaches to approaching. My name is Mr. Jean Michelin I am of origin and Canadian nationality but at the moment in French Polynesia for a few days, for a particular reason. Having been adventurous for reasons that until now I can not explain if it is the desire to discover countries and cultures other than ours that imposes an endless routine. I learned a lot from this experience and having learned the importance of sharing and also good works, I would allow myself through this channel to make a charity work to your department. I am anxious to make a donation of all my fortune even if I confess that we do not know each other. My marital status does not allow me to have a possible heir because being an only child where I hold the sense of adventure that pushed me thousands of miles from my homeland. Indeed I am suffering from terminal lung cancer and my days are numbered. For this reason I would like to get involved in the help of someone in difficulty hoping that the management of property will be well regulated and the assurance that people in need will benefit as it should in my last wish. Please send me an answer if you ever feel able to take up this challenge and be the channel of this project that is purely and simply charity to the people who deserve it. I prefer that you contact me by email so that we can keep better contact. please reply to my private email: Looking forward to rereading you and counting on the presumed good time that lives in you because as it is said the chance makes things! May God remain with us and allow us to advance as quickly as possible in this work. Salutation in the wonderful name of our LORD JESUS CHRIST. May almighty God bless you and give you the wisdom to accomplish this mission.
Letter 2

Really likes? If I wanted to send you this message, this is not a simple coincidence, I would like first to apologise for this intrusion into your life even though I admit that it is very important to me. To better me know I'm Mr Fernado Pierre Necteaux, born 01 January 1950 in France. I suffer from Cancer in the throat since now more than 3 years and a half and there unfortunately, my doctor has just informed me that I am full terminally and that my days are numbered because of my somewhat degraded health state. I am widowed and I have not had child that I'm starting to regret. I've been throughout my life in Africa, Since my birth at the age of 12 years or ' I had still lost my father yet I had lost my mother for 8 years then was 12 years old and I continued my study in canada I was adopted by the family of one of my friends, a few years later this last also which has lost these parents then when has me I had my parents who had me leave property in lack that I had to touch up to the age of 25 years suite has this my friend died in a brain tumour this last which my entrust also these goods a few years remain only after having my bac + 3 I rendered out in Côte d'Ivoire with my property or I begin in exploitation and exportation of coffee cocoa when I was the age of 36 cela that my permit to have all these assets. for this, I didn't have the chance to have a child with my wife I have suffered so much for this I also lost my wife in an accident of spits aircraft since 2002, I stay here throughout my life a based me on my job .for more information I remain in the hope of your answer I leave you my email address: and my skype address: fernado.pierre38 warm
Letter 3

In fact, the reason why I am contacting you is that I want to donate the part total of my property because I have no one who could inherit. I almost sold all my stuff including a company of export of wood and rubber and coffee cocoa in Africa mill where I have lived for over 19 years now. Much of all these funds collected was paid to different associations to humanitarian characters everywhere in the world but especially here in Africa, at the time I had to make donations in associations everywhere in the African country to feed the poor and others who are in need but I noticed as the presidents of the associations is enriched with my possessions and didn't do what I asked now that it's all my fortune I prefers to look for someone of good heart, good times a person has who I could trust as you because it did not by blizzard I am falling on you it is the good God that my guide on your way then I know I'm on a good track and I fully trust you because I know that in, leaving you my property I would leave in peace and joy without fear.
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