Scam Email(s) from Harry Richard to Petra (Germany)


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Letter 1

Hello Sweetheart,
It has been a very long time I wrote a love mail, so I'm smiling right now as I type these words. I hope I don't make a fool of myself.
One thing is certain, you have brought happiness and peace to my heart since we begun correspondence, and my hope to settle down in love continues to grow every time we talk on the phone. I don't know what it is, but you have surely found a place in my heart and I'm not afraid to say that. some men think it is weakness to express how they feel to a woman or to even say they are in love. I wonder what then they wanted in a woman if not love. although distance and time difference has made it a little diffi-cult for us to communicate as often as we would want to, I still commend our effort in making out time from our busy work schedule to remind each other how special we have become to the other person's life. your messages and your voice brings a huge smile on my face and that is something I will like to have everyday of my life.
My contract here is the biggest I have had since I started operating independently, I started the project in February and it was my first time in this Country after meeting with one of the directors of Petronas in Dubai. I will continue to do my best to balance between my work and my personal life with you in order to always be there for you. this contract is divided into milestones, and I'm entitled to three weeks of holiday at the completion of each milestone. so my plan is to come over to you when I have completed this milestone and spend at least two weeks with you and one week with my daughter before I return to Sarawak to continue the next and final milestone.when I come over, we will discuss and have a plan for you to come here before my contract ends in February next year, it's a one year contract.
I believe I should be the one to take the first step of coming to you so we can meet in person and spend a quality time together and know and feel each other on a one on one basis, where we can look into each other's eyes, smell each other, and touch each other. then we can also discuss a plan for you to visit me in Asia if you wish to whenever you are free. loving a woman like you makes he so happy because you are loving, sweet, and have a very beautiful voice. the part I enjoy most in your voice is when you laugh. it penetrates my heart and stimulates me sexually and makes me start thinking of making love to you so passionately. what else could I want from a woman, you are sweet, and I will always respect you as long as you remain faithful to me. I will make you live in happiness, I'm confident that Kimberly will love you for making her dad happy. it is night time here, so I thought I should take the time to express my feelings to you, and let you know that my heart is for you. I will be going to bed soon after sending you this email, and I hope it brightens your day and directs your path throughout this week and forever.
Regards honey, I assure you of my heartfelt commitment for a successful relationship with you.
my love for you always,




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