Scam Email(s) from Andrew Davis to Sharon (USA)


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Letter 1

Hello Sharon,

Just thought I'd write you a short note to tell you how much I enjoyed reading about you. I can't recall when I had a more pleasant time. Everything felt so natural about you and you sounded so easy going. It's hard for me to identify what it is about you that attract me so much. I suppose it might be the combination of your charming personality and your good-looks. Whatever it is, I can sense its presence. You could call it chemistry, or better yet, the possibility that we are on the same wavelength.
I am a very outgoing and fun loving man, with a passionate and generous heart. I try to find the lesson in every situation... situations of joy, pain, sorrow, love etc. have made me grow emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. I am dedicated and committed when it comes to a romantic relationship... I want to be in a relationship where she brings out the best in me and I in her. I would rather be hurt with the truth, than a lie. I want a woman to see me as her equal.

Did I mention that I have many different type of smiles? There's a food smile, a guilty smile, a loving passionate smile, a cooking smile. I have been told that my energy is infectious and addicting and that I am full of passion. I just find so much to be happy about and sometimes it's the littlest of things. I love surprises! I love giving presents and giving surprises. Actually i just like giving. I am looking for a woman that knows who she is. I've learned that communication is key to a relationship so she must be able to talk and not hold things in until they blow up. I do not want someone who i will control. Everyone is entitled to their emotions and feelings. I am a big cuddler and love kissing and holding each other.
I am high maintenance when it comes to affection and romance/intimacy. I want those things which money cannot buy... respect, love, honesty, generosity, communication, chemistry, passion, humility and tolerance-- to name a few.

What are your deal breakers in a relationship? Do you have any one cause in the world, be it political, humanitarian, environmental, that really speaks to you? What is your greatest fear? Do you live in a house, apartment, duplex, mobile home, rv, tent? What is your favorite movie that you have recently seen and why? How about books? do you read? Do you have a best friend? Girl or guy? Tell me about him/her. I really hope that our first communication was not our last because I felt very special when I received your email. I truly want to give our friendship a chance to grow. Well, I guess I've said enough for the time being. I have attached some pictures to this email, I hope you like them? And I will like to see more pictures of you. Have a wonderful time. If you have a chance, email me..ok.
Until I hear from you, take care of yourself.




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