Scam Email(s) from David Robinson to Christine (Australia)


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Letter 1

Before i start anything honey i am really sorry for keeping this away with you for all this while but i honestly knew i was going to tell you everything when i finally come back home and settle down.
Nelson was adopted from the orphanage home on December 16, 2009 when he was about 4 years old. It was actually the idea of my late wife as she had a miscarriage during her pregnancy and we lost the baby so we couldn't have a child (It is a shame to say that though, i really feel shy saying this) Because i know i cant afford to give birth at this age of mine. We ever cared for him like our biological son till now honey, the reason why you see him on the modelling site is because he won a scholarship and has agencies who sponsor him as he won a culture contest in school sometime ago so they picked him up for training, said he looks nice and i dont know whether i told you or not but his main idea is aspiring to become a movie actor or footballer lol, he once told me he likes the Spanish team Barcelona and i laughed. lol. In that sense, he has the opportunity to travel with agencies for vacations as they like him to be somewhat a model. He had won an award for it among his colleagues and i think that was when most of his photos were placed on the the media, i almost even forgot the scholarship and advertisement is still in existence as they really dont pay them much into our account allocated for that but they have an investment plan for them until a certain age which i think is good, i think i would also need to contact the agency and talk to them about moving to Australia to see cos i dont know what will happen if we move back home, dont know if it would sound like a breach in contract or whatever.
Honey Nelson is a lucky boy and a blessing, i really love him just like my biological son and it appears a lot of people say he looks like me, so he has no father to look up to or grow up to, he only knows me as his father and my late wife as his mum but it is a nice feeling to be blessed to see a child in your house, this is also a secret Robin even doesnt know because i really dont want anyone to know i adopted him to create a mixed up feeling for him as he grows up. I do appreciate God for bringing him into my home and i will forever care for him because is my son. This is really a secret i have never opened up to anyone else honey and i hope you are going to keep this confidential also. I really dont like to tell anyone about this but i think it is time i open up to you and tell you the truth because you will also become his next mother and i want you to treat him just like the way i love and treat him as my only son, i want him to grow up to become a very moral and winning person that's why i have always prayed to God to give me a woman who is also on the same religious path as me (Christians) who will always stand with me and understand, support and motivate me in whatever we do and i will also return that same love back honey, I am glad you have come into my life and that of Nelson, i keep telling you God has his own ways of doing things and reason for everything, from the moment we met i had this feeling that i have met the one my heart desire and God has preserved for me, i knew our friendship would turn into something everlasting and i know whatever God has put together, no man can put asunder. Although i am sorry for not telling you from the start but i have never told anyone else about this and i hope this wouldnt be a problem for you or change anything because Nelson has naturally become part of me and i really love you to be part of my life too.

Letter 2

Dear Christine,
How are you doing dearie? hope by the grace of God you are blessed and in a good health.I am writing from a good faith knowing that My brother David is someone special to you.. I got notice from him saying that i will be receiving a tracking number for the package from you which i have already made the customers aware since Monday.I haven’t contacted you because I’ve been out and about with business here , I would be glad if this sample gets here ASAP in a good faith for the good nature of my new business.I don't have to disappoint my new customers as part payment has already being recieved from one of them.Secondly once i sell the sample i can add up the rest of the money for David's bank issue i don't know if he told you we still have a balance of about $500 dollars to pay before money can be released after 9th ..Once the Bank has agreed to release the money after 9th that means we are not to owe any amount and we also need to pay earlier before the said date. I am not ready to put up with the Banks penalty any more .. Wishing you all the best and as a woman you will understand how much i love my family and i will do anything to help my brother just like i know you will soon be part of our family .. You are most welcome can't wait to meet you, I told David that and he smiled. Until i hear from you take care ..


Letter 3

Hello honey,
Despite everything honey you need to find a space in your heart to forgive and forget like Christ did ok I need to talk to you my love come back to me.
We need deep love to overcome all these temptations we are going through honey.
I’m sorry for raising my voice on you yesterday but it was because I was upset especially after receiving the messages from bank so I pray you find a place in your heart to forgive.
I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you my love.


Letter 4

Attention! Dear Mr. David Robinson, Your transfer has been put on hold. In order to complete this transaction, you need to first make the 6 percent payment to IRS in order to enable international transfers and also get full access to your money anytime you are ready to transfer funds worldwide. Transfer is on pending and funds will be released to the beneficiary after all IRS bills have been fully paid. NOTE: We advice our customers to clear all charges on time. Thank You. Mike Gulit, Manager, Access Bank Plc email:

Letter 5

Dear Mr. David Robinson,

Thanks for the enquiry, we have received your transfer request of $85,000.00 and according to the IRS regulations governing the bank you will need to first pay the 6% tax on the amount being wired which is 5,100.00 USD to IRS before the funds can be credited into the beneficiary's account within 3 to 5 working days as usual.

NOTE: We advice our customers to clear all charges on time.

Thank You.

Mike Gulit,
Access Bank Plc

Letter 6

#Attention!! Attention!!!
Dear Mr. David Robinson,
Congratulations, your account has been successfully updated and active now.
You need to make a first minimum deposit of at least $100.00 in order to keep the account running.
Thank you.
NOTE: Payment must be done on time in order to avoid the account being maxed-out.

Thank You.

Mike Gulit,
Access Bank Plc

Letter 7

Hello honey here is the information for you to send the money to Robin via western union.

Name: Robin Bonds
State: Missouri
Zip Code: 63111
Country: USA

Letter 8

Hello honey thanks so much for understanding to do this for me, I will look out to hear from you later in the day when done with the receipt okay.
Here is the info you need to send it via moneygram or western union when you go to the post office.
PHONE NUMBER: +447537129642

You can just tell them it is a gift to your in-law.

Love You,
Dave & Christine Forever

Letter 9

Good morning honey,
How was your night at work? Sorry I haven't sent the info before sleeping, actually I slept off as I was still thinking if there would be other means to get the money so that you can use yours to buy the ticket but after thinking about it several times no answer has come to my mind so I guess we just have to pause the ticket for today and do it when I return okay.
just take it as if you are giving me a quick loan for a short time(few days) and I will pay back as much as i'm preparing to welcome you in my arms.
Remember I love you always.
Here is the info for you to send.
Name: Susan Jayne Parker
Address is 75 Bowhill Grove Leicester LE5 2PF

Bank Details
Bank Name : Nationwide Bank
Bank address: Royal House, 7 Horsefair St, Leicester LE1 5BS
City: Leicester Country : UK
IBAN: GB85NAIA07043622976043
Account Number:22976043
Sort Code: 07-04-36

I love you
Dave & Christine Forever

Letter 10

Hello Honey,
I have now got access to internet and reading your emails now, i have actually missed you so much for the past couple of days, it looked as if I missed a routine or as if there was something missing in my life.
How are you doing honey i hope you had a good night and a good start of the day.
Thanks for the lovely messages my love, i do appreciate your prayers and wishes as far as this relationship is concerned, you are such a darling.
I cannot not deny the fact that I have been so happy since I found you and can't think of any other thing at the moment other than you. You are all I think at the moment and all my thoughts revolve around you
I never thought that I would still fall in love again after my wife passed on till I found you. Of course we are going to have a future together, our future depends on us because you know nothing works until someone works on it so it is up to us to work it out for our own good, sweetheart i want you to know that all my endeavors is because of this relationship, all the hard work i am doing and devotion is to make us all happy in future honey.
I took a look at the flight details you sent me and it even made me feel more closer to you and how soon i realized the time has come for us to meet, yay... I cant wait to meet you my love.
Well dont worry okay, i know you have the money to buy the ticket but i am the man here and i should make this look responsible so i will send the money to you when i return home on the 4th so that you can purchase the ticket okay, relax your money okay my love. As i have your bank info i will send it to you when i return home meanwhile you will have to let me know exactly how much to send okay.
I have just returned from town, i have been with the manager from the company where i am buying the equipment and we had to find a shipping company that wouldn't charge much for shipment to MIssouri .
After talking to about 4 companies we have finally decided to use skycrest shipping company as we found it to be a bit lower than other companies.
We got the shipping quote from them today and will be going back tomorrow again to see how it goes and how much exactly to pay. It looks as if I am going to spend more than I budgeted.
So far everything is going on well and i am glad about this trip as there are no set-backs or any problems... I thank God everything is moving smoothly as planned.
I think i have to end my long letter here lol, what are your plans for today honey? I have finished what i have to do for the day and just relaxing at the guest house now. it is a one bedroom apartment with hall and kitchen but a guesthouse. I enjoy the breeze here especially at this time of the day as the guesthouse is close to one of the beaches here. Hawaii is really a nice place. I think i will specially come here one day for vacation and it would be nice doing it with you.
Love you honey, looking forward to hearing from you now that i have internet. I am trying to get on Facebook as well to see if we can connect and chat.
Kisses from me to you babe, Mwah.

David & Christine Forever

Letter 11

I don’t know what is more romantic – Either the thought of meeting you soon or the dream I had about you last night. I dreamt about you while rolling around in bed, remembering all the romantic things you’ve said. I think about you, with every breath I take… babe you are the icing on my life’s cake and I thank God for bringing us together. You have replaced my nightmares with dreams, my worries with happiness and my fears with love. It doesn’t matter if I have a coffee or tea. I will feel the same… as long as I know that you are thinking about me. Your warmth envelops me tight, your affection makes everything right. Your company puts me on cloud nine, your presence in my life makes everything fine and perfect.
Honey I keep looking at your pics and your eyes show me the way, your heart beat guides me night and day.


Letter 12

Hello honey i hope you are having a nice day... How was church today? I have been out with Nelson in the day after taking a long nap , later we came home and he engaged me in playing football game with him on the PS4. lol.
Not easy single dad always trying to make him happy which we always do because he is my best guy. lol.
Hope to talk to you soon my love.

Kisses from me to you, i love you.

God Bless,

Letter 13

Happy New Year My Love,
Thanks for the lovely message about the new Year, i really like it because it makes a lot of sense, well i have been to the watch night to pray for the new Year and thank God for the past year 2018 as it was a success. If nothing worked at all at least God made it a success for me to meet you and new things starting in our lives soon within this 2019.
May God bless you and give you all your heart desire, i wish you a blissful happy New Year with all the good things that it brings remembering that i have so much love to share with you.
We closed from church at 12am and it was a nice service, we also read on Mathew 10:34. Nelson is still sleeping and will wake up to see a new day 2019 hahahaha.
The weather is very cold here tonight as i sit down writing you this letter. I am sure you already at work now meanwhile it would be nice to hear from you.
Take care babe i love you.

God Bless,

Letter 14

Hello Christine,
Thanks for writing to tell me more about your family and kids in details.i can tell you have a very big and nice family. Unlike me i have a small family. I am the youngest of two children as i said earlier my sister Susan lives in UK with her husband she met on the dating site.
Mom is 83 years old now and has lots of health problems, she came back from hospital. When i spoke to them the other time, doctor said she had a small amount of fluid in her lungs but they gave her IV push antibiotics and it cleared up...They did an echo-cardiogram to make sure her heart is fine , they did x-rays for her lungs and ultrasound of her veins in her legs to check for blood clots. Sister said all her blood tests were great so it isn't hard for her to breathe anymore but when her lugs heal some more , Doctor will give her pulmonary test so that she may be able to use less oxygen.
At least she is feeling better now and back home from hospital after staying there for a long time, anyway i have to change the subject from mom, lol.
My dad was a cattle farmer in Belfast, Northen Ireland. He owned a large farm there rearing cows and horses before he sold the farm and settled here in Australia where he worked with the mines before he passed on, according to the doctor he died of depression after he lost his mother(my grand mother) .He died about a month after his mom died and it was very sad.We miss him and i know he is resting with God.
Nelson was born on October 1, 2004. It was a planned pregnancy as well with with wife , lol hahahaa, i like him so much because he is such a blessing to me. He has the qualities and behavior of an adult hahahah. lol did you know that he was the one who opened my Facebook for me ? He is super smart, a genius lol.
I dont remember my password to the Facebook account he opened for me meanwhile i will try to get him to it again for me so that i can connect with you on Facebook, that way we can always chat and express ourselves better than email,not only emailing alone.
I have got a good education and insurance policy for him as i want him all the best in life, i wont be free until he is 18 and dependent but i know that by your help and oyu by my side we can make a perfect and good parents to our kids together.
You have beautiful and awesome kids, just as beautiful as you are. I can see Sarah is a very smart girl and it is good she is making her own $$$ now there wouldn't be much financial pressure on you. I can say i am not much financially stable but i live within my means and i find happiness in that. I have a savings tied up for long term savings and i know i will get nearly $800,000.00 when i retire as i deposited 400,000 several years ago so for now i depend on money i make from acupuncture which isn't enough but just okay to fit my needs and that of Nelson.
I have worked hard all my life and saved the money i invested which cannot be touched now until i retire meanwhile i know the best is yet to come as i will make a lot of money when the contract is complete early next year before i come back home to settle down meanwhile i am a responsible man and would do everything possible to make you happy as a woman.
Are you financially stable and also ready to settle down to make a happy family together?
I am just an old fashion country man who likes to be happy and make others happy too. But hey i have a tender voice . lol people often say i talk like a kid hahaha but i have an accent too because of the people i work with here in the US, i have my accent mixed up. bad.lolol. Well it is part of life's adventures, experiencing different culture and meeting different people accross the globe. Do you like going on a cruise?
I am going to end it here and still write more later and tell you more about myself. I miss talkiing to you for few days.

God bless,

Letter 15

my accent sounds American-Aussie hahahaaa. Kids will never stop asking money from dad or mom hahaha, it is the same trend everywhere. Its okay to know you live within your means as i also do and i find happiness in that. Love and relationship doesnt matter about age or wealth, all what matters is the heart willing to love, care and share hope you understand.
I am sure you will enjoy it when you go cruising, it is such a nice experience. I have been on cruise to the Caribbean Twice and i love it. The first time being on a cruise was a winning, i won a ticket voucher to cruise over the Caribbean for 2 days and 2 nights and it was really nice. Perhaps one day we will try going on a cruise when we are together on a holiday. Have you been to Port Fairy before?
Nelson doesnt talk about his mother anymore, i try to take his memory away from that and its been years now since she died so i have tried to train him in a way that would let him forget about her. I always tell him to believe in God and know that his mom is resting with God until we meet again. I always tell him if he wants to see mom again then he should sin and i like him because he is very obedient, i always try to do anything he likes for him to make him happy . Single parenting is not easy but with the help of God i know everything is under control.
So how long have you lived in Hastings ? and Darwin?

Letter 16

I like bird-watching. Actually i am the adventurous type, i like outdoors and discovering new things. Music makes me happy and sad sometimes but i love music and my favorite kind of music is country music or R&B.
Yes you told me about studying dementia care... I would rather live in the country, it is so peaceful and a lot less noise and scenery is so much better also.
I feel happy when i do something for the elderly like send them a card or help them across the street or if they need to go grocery store and do their shopping, go visit them, seeing them smile makes me happy and feel good. Things that i hate are liars and snakes.
Getting a surprise from my lover or my friends and also giving them a surprise. making little surprises like a note, card, flowers just anything that came from their heart, nothing big just the thought of it makes one happy, do you like surprises too?
I dont like much crowd either but i do enjoy going to the cinema and reality shows and culture too. I mostly eat outside too as it isn't fun always cooking for one's own-self but i cook at times too.
Foods that i like are Shrimp, Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Pasta dishes, Pizza, Salads, Turkey, Ham, Chicken, Cod, Halibut, Salmon and all Breakfast food and you? what kid of food do you like?
You can let me know when you are tired and ready to go to bed okay., i am really enjoying our conversation today as it draws us closer to each other and giving us the opportunity to get more acquainted.
Do you live alone ?




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