Scam Email(s) from Rick Milovan to Turi (Switzerland)


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Letter 1

Hi, this is Rick from tinder.
Please I would love to communicate with you here... so we can learn more about each other. I am really looking for a serious relationship with a nice looking woman like you.
Please email me back as soon as you receive this message

Letter 2

Hi Renate,

Good evening!. Thanks very much for your lovely email.... I am so glad to hear from you. Honestly, this online dating is very new to me too, and I am willing to give it a try and see if I would ever find the right woman because I am tired of living alone. I have heard people saying they met their spouse online that's why my daughter signed me up on the site, and I'm giving it a try because I believe there's a woman out there who want the same out of life like I do.

I am looking for a long term relationship with a beautiful woman like you get to know each other online first then meet later. However, I do not want a woman with trust issues because trust is the foundation of a true relationship

Like I mentioned on my profile, I'm caring, romantic, understanding, honest and faithful, and  I want to find my true love and to create a relationship that will grow old based on love and mutual understanding. Your English is very perfect for me.

I am ready to love a woman, and I want to loved in return. This is why I want us to write here and learn more about each other, I want to be sure that we are compatible so, that meeting wouldn't be like a waste of time or what do you think?.

I am genuinely looking for a lovely woman for a perfect relationship. Ever since my ex left me, I have been waiting for the true love of my life because I believe a true friend walks in when the whole world walks out. Right now I need a partner to cherish me and be willing to share life's greatest joy and sorrows with me, I mean someone I would like to pamper as well as loving her unconditionally 

Please tell me more about your family background, and where you wish to spend the rest of your life because I am interested in relocating to Switzerland because of the Brexit.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Affectionate greetings

Rick x

Letter 3

Good morning!. 

How are you doing?. Thanks for your lovely email. I really enjoyed reading your email. You seem like a very honest woman. It will be nice to have someone like you for lovely relationship that could probably lead to marriage Ha ha ha

Well, my name is Rick Milovan. I was born into a Catholic family in Belgrade, Serbia. I was told my Dad and my only sister died in a ghastly accident when 12 years old, and as a result, Mum and I migrated to the US. I lost my 27 years old marriage to my best friend in 2015, after the incident, I decided to relocate here in a view of starting a new life. I have a daughter. She lives in Florida with her family. I have 2 grandchildren a boy and a girl.

Of course, losing my marriage to my best friend is the most horrible thing that has ever happened to me. However, I tend to be strong because life itself is like give and take, and we can't question the universe because he knows what's best for us. Right now I am thinking of relocating to Zurich that's why I'm looking for a partner over there because of the UK Brexit

I am sorry I don't mean to bore you with my past life however I am trying to give you a clear picture of what I have been through in my past although I am emotionally healed right now, and I want to start a new life with someone who knows what she want and where she want to be. I want you to know that someone like you deserves special things in life. You really seem like a wonderful person. I am not saying all this just to flatter you. I speak the truth always because that's the best way to a happy living. I'm a very honest man.

More about my job!: I'm self employed, I'm into supply of pharmaceutical equipment. I've been in this business for few years. 

As for my hobbies!: I like fishing, arts, camping, reading, going to the movies. I used to enjoy hanging around with friends. But, at the moment, I don't have any friend anymore... But I still enjoy my time trying to be happy because happiness is the only medicine to a healthy life.. I love holiday a lot, I mean traveling. I've been to several countries around the continents.

I also enjoy cooking especially baking. I love cracking jokes, listening to music, dancing and also spending time with someone interesting. I love looking so attractive because cleanliness is my life style. I love to work in the garden and clean the house before my woman arrives from work. I'm a kind of man that's full of surprise for the woman that I love so much.

I believe we have so much in common and I am happy to meet you. Please, tell me more about your family background. What are the qualities that you expect in a man?.

Looking forward to hear from you!

Hope I didn't scare you with my long email, my aim is to give you a clear picture of myself

Thanks and have a lovely day!.


Rick x

Letter 4

Good morning,

How was your night?. 

Thank you again for your heart warming email. I want you to know that you're a great person, and someone like you deserve the best in life..... Your emails makes me feel like we have known each other for long and it gives me freedom of expression with you.

I was only 12 years old when I lost my Dad and sister. I have been through a lot in the past but I believe there are so many good things waiting for me in life.... I am glad to hear that you have some lovely colleagues at work. I think you're a good woman and anyone will be happy to work or have you as friend. I have enjoyed all our conversation, and I want you to know that I am not here for games. I'm a very serious man looking for a serious relationship with you, and I really appreciate your truthfulness. I was in Geneva last 2 months to inspect a house, I am already planning my relocation to Switzerland, and I know that you're a blessing to me.

As a Christian, I want a relationship whereas both parties will be able to express him/herself because I believe that feelings should be expressed, so if you have anything that you wish to share with me, I am all ears.  I'm a good listener and I'll always respect your opinion because my mother always tells me that in every relationship that partners must respect each other without jealous because jealousy and possessiveness can ruin a relationship as it poisons one's mind so I am not a jealous man.

I strongly agree that trust is part of a solid foundation but as with everything in life it takes time to acquire.  Also, in a good relationship each partner needs to maintain their individuality through mutual understanding although it takes time, patience and understanding. ..I know that I'm not a perfect person. But I'm always good at expressing myself, and I know that my future partner in life will get the best of me because I'm helplessly romantic and a fun loving man who still believe in love and romance

I observe that we have so much in common and I am very happy about that.... I am very good looking and fun to be with and I been complemented often on my smile and my cheerfulness because I believe in making people happy.

I also want you to know that in a relationship, I believe discussing issue is very fine. Nevertheless, agreeing or disagreeing is equally fine because we all have our own view points but yelling, screaming and accusations are the things I don?t live with in life because in a genuine relationship there's always a need for intimacy..... But I feel intimacy comes with the ultimate trust in one's partner, friendship, emotional, mental, and spiritual plans must first be met before true intimacy can occur....without a solid foundation in a relationship there is really nothing but a superficial whatever that's why everyone is single out there and no relationship seem to be working

I would love to meet you after Easter... maybe we can plan for date somewhere in Zurich.. Does it sound okay to you?.

Thank you.


Rick xx

Letter 5

Hello my dear Renate,

Good morning, and happy Sunday to you!.

Please don't look less of yourself, your English is perfect and I want you to have this in mind that you are a very special woman and I would love to be part of your life because you seem so amazing. Wow!, I love dancing too. Do you party with friends?. I love country music a lot. I would love to show you some dance steps ha ha.

Yes, I will be glad to meet you in Switzerland next month.  I was in in Geneva last 2 months to inspect some few houses. I will be coming back next month to finalize the purchase of the house payment. I have been to Zurich several times even for holidays.

I believe we're going to be together as I have so much desires that I am willing and eager to offer with the sweetness and happiness of my life to the woman that will be with me forever.

I think it will really be nice and great falling in love with someone like you. To be honest with you my heart has been telling me more about you and my spirit lead me towards your side. I know this not a dream as I feel you're a God sent that have come to make me smile once again in life. I promise you if I come inside your heart today, I will heal every heart breaks inside you and I will close every open wound inside your heart, I will make you feel so special and like the best woman in our community.

I will as well treat you with respect, adore and cherish you. I will be there for you in times of good and bad, and I will never take any advantage of my woman because our relationship is going to be 50/50 from the both side.

Like I said, I have a lot of sacrifice to offer to the lucky woman that will come into my life, I mean every word I say because I am a very serious man. I know how much love I have been missing since the last 5 years now. I want to be loved again, I want to start a new life and enjoy every bit of my life with a special someone like you.... What about you?

I want you to know that since the first day that I received your email, I knew I have found my great perfection in life and right now I am leaving a big part of me with you, it's yours now so take care and tread lightly with it, please know that no matter where this life takes us, together or not, know that you will always be in my heart as my favorite cause you deserve some special treatments from any decent man who truly wants you.

Have a lovely Sunday!.

Letter 6

Hello my dear Renate,

Good morning!. Hope you had a great weekend?, and thanks for your kind email. I have been up since morning reading through our emails. To be honest I feel so close to you. Are you have the same feelings towards me?. 

It was a beautiful weather here yesterday even this morning its sunny outside. I live in Buckingham near the Queen's Palace. I have a 3 bed bungalow here with a nice looking garden.

Yes, I am serious about coming to settle in Zurich. I love the life-style in Zurich than anywhere else in the world. They have some good natural views... I mean nice lakes especially the Geneva lakes and the rest of them

I am coming to Zurich by plane. Do you want to pick me up at the airport? If that's okay with you, I will send you my flight details as soon as I am ready to come next month but I am ready to meet you anywhere. I really want to meet you, and then go for a dinner with you somewhere in Zurich. I am already practicing French, I will improve as soon as I move to Zurich, I don't think language is going to be a problem because I'm a fast learner ha ha.

What is your plan for today?. It's going to be a very busy day for me but I will stay in touch okay.

Have a nice day and don't forget to start up your day with a beautiful smile on your face lol

Affectionate greetings


Letter 7

Good evening to my dearest Renate,

How is your preparation towards the Easter going?

I am sending you this email to let you know that you're truly a nice woman. The thought of you have been on my mind since morning. I can't escape the thought of you. Honestly, I have developed some great feelings for you within this short period of writing with you. I know we haven't met in person but I have a feeling that you and I will make a perfect couple. 

I know this is going to be a dream come true for us since we have been waiting for the perfect person at the right time to come into our lives and share this great love with us. I believe you have touched my heart and right now I can't stop dreaming about my future with you

I never knew this relationship that started merely like a child's play on the dating site would turn out to be something that is worth waiting for.
My feelings for you continues to increase more and more with each day passing and it eases me to know as tomorrow approaches, that I will develop more feelings for you more than yesterday and tomorrow will be more than today

Well, I want you to know that you mean so much to my life right now. I want to spend every waking moments with you because you're a lovely woman with a caring heart. I told my daughter that I will be travelling to Zurich to meet my new friend. She is very excited about it.

I want you to know that this current distance between us is only meant to test our faith in this wonderful journey of life... But somehow it has helped us building a perfect connection.... I just want to say thank you for being you, and thank you for knocking at the right time.

My mind has been telling me so many good things about you.. and I know that you have overcome so many obstacles in your life that  made you the wonderful person that you're today. You should be proud of yourself because you have achieved a lot despite being single, and I know that together, you and I will do more. 

You are attractive, generous, honest, humorous, intelligent, kind, love-able, loving, passionate and a wonderful mother to your children even to your friends and everyone around you.

I pray to God to bless you everyday!.
Have a lovely night rest and don't forget to say some prayers for me tomorrow.

Yours forever,


Letter 8

Hello Renate,
I am having a lovely day here after the court hearing. 
I've just won the court case. Here is the court judgement.
Wow!. What a wonderful day for me here. Now am missing the touch of a lovely someone like you right now ha ha
Hugs and kisses

Letter 9

Hello Renate,

Good to hear from you. How are you?.

Thanks very much for those wonderful photos. I think it will be nice to visit those lovely places with you in the near future. You seem like a very outdoor person, and I believe you and I will make a good couple ... and if we're honest with each other, we could also become one of the blessed Romeo and Juliet ha ha 

I am really looking forward to seeing you. I know when we meet, we can get to look through our eyes and see if there's a chemistry between us.. although I am already feeling a great connection between us.. I think time will tell.

Istanbul is okay tomorrow is holiday. But I am going for a meeting with the company by 2:25pm later today to discuss payment options... and if everything goes well, I will booked a flight ticket to come to Zurich on Friday. I will also search for a hotel  in Zurich where I will be staying for few weeks when I come to Zurich.

I have few houses to view in Zurich by a company called Homegate. Have you heard about them?.

I'm going for a shower now. I will message you later.

Have a blessed ay



Letter 10

Hi Renate,
Good evening!. How was your day?.
I am just returning to my apartment now. Just a quick letter to let you know that I've gotten the payment approval from the company. I'll be meeting with the bank to finalize the payment tomorrow.. I will confirm my flight ticket to Switzerland after concluding with the bank.
Do we still meet at the restaurant that you sent me??. I am booking a hotel in Zurich tomorrow, I will send you the confirmation of my hotel booking. 
I will text you in the morning. I am feeling so tired tonight I don't know why.
Have a good night sleep


Letter 11

Hello Renate,

Good evening. Thanks for your email and WhatssApp text. I am always happy to hear from you. How did you spend your free day?.

I  am still in Turkey. My daughter could only raise ?12,000, and I have ?6,000 on my PayPal account. I am looking for a loan for the remaining ?7,000 so that I can complete everything here and come to Switzerland. 

I am really depressed right now. I have never been in a situation like this before. I don't know why am going through this whole stress to retrieve my money. I worked so hard for this money. I am regretting dealing with this Turkish company and I am tired.

I  sorry to ask, but can you think you can help out with ?7,000?. If you can do this for me, I will ask the lawyer to prepare a loan agreement to assure you that I will give you back the money with interest. I can return ?30,000 to you and we can have it written in the agreement , and I will send my passport along too.

Please email me back and let me know if you can help me out with the remaining ?7,000. I can return ?30,000 back to you next week when we meet because I am coming to Switzerland with the bank draft, and I will set up an account there to enable me start a good life over there.

Again, I  am deeply sorry for bothering you with my personal problem. Right now I don't have anyone else to ask. My lawyer here is going through a Divorce and he can't access his money. Please help me out, I will not fail you I promise okay 

Thank you for your understanding


Letter 12

Hi Renate,
Good to hear from you. Hope you had a great night rest?.  
I am deeply sorry for bothering you with my personal problems. I want you to know that I trust so much in you that's why I shared my personal problem with you. I want you to know that my dream is finding the right woman and that will really make my dreams come true, and I will also make hers come true too. I am not looking for a rich woman. I don't care if you're poor or rich, all I want is spending my life with someone like you because you're a very lovely woman. I am looking for a woman that will take me beyond my imagination in life. All that I have prayed for is spending the rest of my life with a nice woman like you who will take me on a long walk holding hands together not money. 
The bible made me to understand that two are better than one because they have a good return for their labor, and If either of them falls down, one can help the other up.But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help him up.
I am glad to let you know that I have taken off my tinder account, I am no longer on the dating site because I am determined to meet you and see if we can build a perfect relationship after meeting each other in Switzerland hopefully next week... so I am not looking for anyone with so much money. I'm a very comfortable man. I will never all through my life depend on a woman or anyone for money. I have a very good pension, I can't touch it until I'm 65 years old otherwise I may lose 40% of it. The house am trying to buy in Zurich is a lovely house. The agents are already waiting for me in Zurich, and I am worried because they have another buyer who is also interested in the house.
Well, i am going go and see the lawyer right now.
Have a pleasant day.


Letter 13

Hello  Renate,

Thanks for being nice to me by emailing me. I want you to know that I'm a decent man. I am new to internet dating portal, and I am glad to meet someone like you. When I met you on the site, I deleted my profile because I was so determined to get to know you better. 

You may think am after your money maybe because of my present situation. But that is not true and God in heaven knows my heart for you. I mean no harm to you or anyone. I know deep down that you're a wonderful woman, and everyday I pray for you and I ask God to give you all that you desire in life. 

I want you to understand that money doesn't buy true love. I don't need to say nice things to you because of money. I'm a Christian and I swear to God, I will never hurt anyone in this life. I am not a greedy man. It's a shame I found myself in this kind of situation. 

I was a little disappointed in you. I expected you to ask questions as to why I needed your help with the 7,000 euro. But you didn't ask questions instead, you throw me into the gutter making me feel like a beggar.  Even if you read something online. You also need to understand that nothing everything that you read online are true. My daughter met her husband on the dating portal and she advised me to join.

Yes, I told you about  my plan to relocate to Switzerland and buy a house, and that plan has not change because I love Switzerland a lot. Before I met you, I already have plan to relocate to Switzerland and I have been communicating with an agent from who is waiting to show me some houses in Switzerland. But I was waiting to know the outcome of my court case in Turkey because it's the money that I have budgeted to buy a house in Switzerland.  I can forward you all the emails between me and the agent, you can check the dates and confirm that my plan to move to Switzerland started long ago. But I was only waiting to win the court case first because that is the money I have budgeted to buy the house. I have nothing to hide. 

Right now I have won the case. The process of getting my money require that I obtain a stamp duty certificate from the Turkey Revenue Department that will enable me to claim my payment from the Turkey bank.. and I don't have enough money to pay for the stamp duty certificate and the bank refuses to deduct the stamp duty charges from my ?2,800,000.00

You prayed with me during the court process and everything works out for me. But right now I am wondering why you chose to say goodbye knowing so well that I'm very serious with you. Please forgive me if I made a mistake by sharing my problem with you. I was only trying to be honest and not to hide anything away from you.

Have a lovely evening.



Letter 14

Hello Renate,

I thought I would never hear from you again because I know you were so angry with me. Thank you for writing to me.

like I told you before. I don't joke with emotional things. If I don't want you, I wouldn't have gone this far with you. When I communicated with other 2 women from the site became I met you. I was very honest with you, I told you that I have talked to 2 other women that were asking me for a casual relationship. I switched them off  because I don't play games. I have never lied to you, and I will never never I mean never lie to you.

When I got your first message from the dating portal, I discovered so many things about you and I became so serious with you because you were serious and not like the other 2 women that I talked to. No one has touched my heart like you did since the last few years. Yes, I know we haven't met but I have so much confidence in you because you're a generous woman with a soft loving heart.  I am not saying all this to flatter you. I'm speaking my mind.

I am not after your money and I don't care if you're poor or rich. I just want to be love by special someone like you and I will return all the love back. I know the next woman in my life will not lack anything because money doesn't mean anything to me. I'm just in a tight corner at the moment not that I don't have good pension. I just can't touch my pension like I explained to you otherwise I will lose 40% of it.

When I said I want to go on early retirement next year, it's because that I have good pension. I just need someone by my side that's all. 

I am still struggling to raise the remaining 7,000 euro. My daughter is doing all her best to get the money for me... It's also a difficult time for her because they just bought a new house last 3 months. But if I can get the remaining 7,000 euro everything will be okay. I will pay for the stamp duty certificate and the bank will issue my payment immediately because the company has already approved it.

The bank is waiting for me to present a copy of the stamp duty certificate before issuing my payment. This is inline with their banking system since the payment was authorized by competent court. It's not a big problem. It's only that I don't have the complete money to cover the payment for the stamp duty certificate .. if not I wouldn't have bothered you at all.

Please don't give up on me. We can still work things out and be together. I really missed talking to you for the past few days. Every nights I go to bed with tears on my eyes and it's all because I miss hearing from you. And I don't want to be disturbing you with emails because I always respect everyone's opinion.

Let me know your thought about us. Please be rest assured that I'm very serious with you. I don't joke with the things of the heart.

Thank you

Still yours affectionately,


Letter 15

Hello Renate,
Good morning!. Thanks very much for your email.
Yes, I noticed we were born same year, and you're 6 months older than me
It's really nice to share birthday year with someone like you.
Thank you for accepting my friendship request. It mean so much to me and I am looking forward to see you hopefully this weekend.
I spoke with my daughter yesterday, she will be transferring more 3,000 euro to me this afternoon.. So, I am looking for just 4,000 euro to complete the money. Do you think you can lend me the remaining 4,000 euro
If you can do this for me, I will be happy and it will help me a lot. I want to come to Switzerland as soon as possible. 
I swear to God, I will give you back the money with interest next week. I will never take any advantage of you. You're a generous woman, I just want you to trust me. I know we haven't met in person but honestly, you're on my mind and I can't destroy our friendship.
I can ask my attorney to prepare a loan agreement for the 4,000 euro that I will give you 50,000 euro in return. I want you to trust me. 
The bank called me last week Friday that they are waiting for me to present the stamp duty certificate for them to complete my payment.
I have never been in a situation like this before.. and I think there's a reason why am going through this problem right now. Please don't allow your trust issue to affect our friendship... If you're able to help me out, I promise you that I will never break your heart, and you will never regret it.
Thank you very much for your understanding.
Have a great day.


Letter 16

I know you're thinking whether to help me out or not. But I want you to know that I am not a Gold digger. 

I want you to understand that a relationship without Trust is like a car without gas, you can always stay in it as long as you want, but it won't go anywhere. I want you to trust me.

The bible made me to understand that ''We shouldn't focus our eyes on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal'' (2 Corinthians 4:18). 

Please don't allow your mind to rule over your heart because your heart sees better than your mind ... I know your heart is telling you to help me, and if you're able to help today, I can get everything completed and come to Switzerland on Friday.. then we can arrange to meet and take it up from there. I want you to believe in me. I swear to God, I will never break your heart. You mean so much to me and I can't destroy our friendship because meeting you on the dating portal is a gift to me.

Also, I want you to know that everyone's mind in life is full of assumptions, and sometimes it doesn't reflect the true position of our heart for every heart is always willing to love and help those that are in need of our help. But if we don't open our heart, we may never see the opportunity to love or help others. I just want you to confide in me and I promise not to break your heart.

I also want to advise you that no one make success by comparing him/herself to the negative things of the world because opportunity is given to anyone at a level in which he/she can see.

Well, I know it's a choice for you to trust me or not as I may not be able to influence you to do so. But I know deeply that someone like you could find true love because you're a very passionate woman and I cherish that a lot.

The choice we made today can make us a better person tomorrow. Please think about it and help me out. I won't fail you okay.

Special greetings,


Letter 17

Here is a receipt of the deposit for the stamp duty certificate that I have paid to the Revenue office here.  I don't know why you found it so hard to believe me. I am not poor, I'm just in a difficult situation right now..Once I have the stamp duty certificate I will get my ?2,800,000 and then I will give you back the money. I am not giving you ?100,00 to lure but I am happy to help you too after I receive my money.
Everything I say to you is nothing but the truth
I am feeling sick tonight.. and I can't sleep.
Sweet dreams

Letter 18

Hello Renate,

Thanks for your understanding. Yes, I promise to return the money back to you latest next week.

Please help transfer the money to the lawyer's account to avoid delay.



ACCOUNT No: 727770795003

IBAN No: TR46 0001 0007 5772 7770 7950 03



Beneficiary Address: Gulhabar Nah Gunny No12 Sisli Istanbul Turkey

Purpose of Transfer: Personal

The money should be sent in Euro and not in Turkey local currency.

Thank you Renate.

Letter 19

Hi Renate,

I received the signed loan agreement. But I can't sleep. I am totally awake thinking about my situation, and I'm so worried. 

Renate, I know we haven't met, I want you to try as much as possible to help me out, I can do a direct deposit of the 2,800,000 euro to your account once we have the tax clearance certificate.  I want you to know that from the first day that I met you, my heart chose you and I have trusted you. 

I know this may seem very difficult for you to do for someone whom you haven't met but I swear with my life that I will never let you down. You and my daughter are my only hope, she has only got 10,000 euro, and she will transfer them on Wednesday. If you're able to lend me the rest, I will gladly pay it back with appreciation. 

Please I want you to think about it. If you can do this for me, I will never forget you and I will definitely surprise you I swear.

I really can't wait to meet you and I don't know what to do because I am helpless. I want you to take the courage to help me, believe me I will reward you. 

If you send me your name and account number, the bank can do a direct deposit of my 2,800,000 euro to your account, and you have my consent to deduct the 100,000 euro that I have promised you. 

Please help me out. I promise you over and over that I will not fail you. If you're afraid to help me maybe you feel something else will come up, I can ask the bank to issue me a bank guarantee letter tomorrow to assure you that no other expenses will come up after I obtain the tax clearance certificate. I know you don't have much money, but I want you to try and see what you can do to help me out please I beg you. 

I will be grateful if you can assist me and I promise not to let you down for your kindness. 

Thank you very much for your understanding. 

Have a good night. I'm still awake I can't sleep at all cause am worried.

Sleep well.


Letter 20

Hi Renate,

Good evening. I have been for a lovely walk. Now I'm back in my apartment here relaxing with the thought of being close to you on my mind. I can't escape the thought of you, and I feel so restless knowing that you have trust issues with me. I have told you to put your negative thoughts far from our relationship because I know too well that you and I will have a great relationship. I want you to understand that nothing good comes easily, we have to fight to get some certain things in life. 

I don't care about your money. If money was the main reason why I joined the dating portal, I could have talked with the other 2 women who contacted me for a casual relationship. I really don't care about money. I'm a man of integrity and I appreciate my honesty a lot, and I will never trade it for money.  You can't buy my love. I am happy that I shared my problem with you, and if you're unable to help maybe for some trust reasons, I will understand and I will never use it against you.

I have confident that soon or later, you will be apologising to me with the way you've treated me. It was a great shock to me when you sent in a text message on WhatssApp telling me that you cancelled the payment I was waiting for to complete the transaction here. I have been thinking a lot about you. Would have been better if you insisted that you weren't going to help me than making me look like an idiot before the lawyer and everyone here. 

We were on our way to the bank to confirm whether the payment has arrived or not when you text came in that you cancelled it. When I got it, I couldn't even say a word to the lawyer and his assistant. I just told them that I'm not feeling okay that I need to return to my apartment. They didn't know what was going on with me. It was the next day, I told the lawyer what happened and he was so surprised. Do you know how it feels?.

For the fact that we haven't met in the real word doesn't mean you should treat me like a complete beggar. There are people who does business online without seeing each other. I don't know why you have so much trust issues and it's not a reflection of your personalities because you're a generous woman with a kind heart. 

I could say that you're afraid to lose your money but I have given you assurance by signing a loan agreement with you. I attached a copy of my passport as evidence.  My address on the loan agreement is valid one, I can log on to my PayPal account and send you a confirmation of my address as the same as the one on the loan agreement.  I don't know what else to tell you, and I'm feeling so confused about the whole situation because I can't understand why you decide to treat me just the way you've treated me. 

I thought of giving up, but I can't because I'm a man of my word, and I just have to prove you wrong by fulfilling everything that I have said to you.

Please help me to help you. We are helping ourself in a situation like this because there's no way I'll disappear without paying you back with what you've loaned to me. I want you to trust me and I swear to God, I will never betray your trust. 

I don't want this argument to escalate more. We have a great relationship in front of us. Anyone with a genuine heart of love would see that there's a great future ahead of us... But it's unfortunately, this great happiness that's ahead of us is coming with a little sacrifice, trust and understanding. 

I wish to remind you again and again that my daughter met her husband online and they have been living perfectly for 7 years. I don't go to bar and I thought the only way i could find someone is by joining the dating portal as my daughter suggested for me.

Please don't see it like am trying to take advantage of you. No I will never do such a thing. I cherish my friendship with you more than you know it. 

I want you to have a deep thougt about me and my situation, and try to concentrate on our relationship without any form of distraction. And I promise you that the end shall give you joy.

Thank you for your great concern and understanding.


Letter 21

Hi Renate,

I just want to thank you for showing me your true personalities this morning. I have been looking for a way to do this until you came up with your questions concerning my grandchildren. If you're upset, how do you think I feel when you sent money twice and you requested for the bank not to release it.  
I don't care how you feel anymore because you have treated me like a FOOL by making me spend the little cash on me going back and forth to the bank leaving me stranded. 

Yesterday, you tried to show like you truly care asking me if I'm having enough to get by, and I'm glad I reject your offer. I'll rather starv than accepting gift from people who treat me ironically. Thank you 

I am happy that I gave you wrong impression about the kids this morning because I know you have been so upset and you never trust every word I say to you. How in hell would you continue to ask me same questions over and over knowing fully well that we have had all of those discussions in the past. Do you think am really happy being here waiting for your fucking money? Who cares about it????

The only money I have borrowed from you is the 1,500 and I will not change my promise on what I've promised you. Once am able to sort things out, I will get the money to you that's for sure. You may need to open an account and email me the account details because am not sending my 100,000 to that useless post. 

I hate people who pretend like they truly care. Thank you for showing me your true color.

I wish you all the best in life and continue to live with your trust issues.

Take care,


Letter 22

Hello Renate,

Here is the account details:

Name of Bank: GARANTI BANK

Beneficiary Name:  FESTUS EGBEYON

Account No= 739086049

IBAN: TR65 0006 2000 0730 0009 0860 49


Purpose of transfer: BUSINESS  



Thank you.



Letter 23

Hello Renate,

There's a problem with the tax payment. They are charging me for late payment, and I'm a little down.
Here's a letter from the financial control.

Letter 24

Hi Good Morning Renate,

How are you doing?. Just to let you know that I didn't sleep very well. I'm having headache cause I'm really worried about us. It will be nice if you email me and tell me what's going through your mind.
I need to be able to hear from you. I'm really worried about you and your reaction towards me from the beginning isn't looking good. Sometimes, I feel like am forcing myself to you which makes me feel like a beggar. 

Please forget about the money issue and focus on our future cause it's more important to me. You don't regret having feelings for someone even if you haven't met the person.. It's better to treat the person the best way you can and leave the rest to the person to realize your worth. You can't buy true love no matter how rich you are for money doesn't buy genuine love. 
Love was given to us freely and freely shall we love in peace and in happy not regression because is as if you're regretting ever meeting me on tinder. If you read the book of (Matthew 10:8) you will understand why you must love freely because everything we receive is free from above.

I know it has been so difficult for us because of the short time of getting to know each other and I believe we're a perfect match despite your negative feelings however all that I have prayed for is someone who will love me without fear. Trust me without questioning. Want and accept me without restrictions.

It's better to enjoy that natural pure love than loving someone with aggression. Yes, I know no one ever fell in love without being a little brave but you're letting this whole thing affects us emotionally.

The greatest purpose of life is to live it, to taste life and experience it with others, to reach out eagerly to others without fear for newer and richer experience.
I never expected to feel this way with someone whom I haven't met but I can't control the feelings even if I try to hide it sometimes because of my situation just because I don't want you to think am flattering you with words to get you to help me NO. 

Well, I want you to know that I would walk to the ends of the earth to meet you because something kept telling me that you are the woman of my dream who can make me happy with your love and affection. Since I have met you, I have noticed that life is worth living. I live mine for you. You have stolen me from me. Alone I can be lost. So, do not let the distance between us become larger. The further you will go from me, the more my feelings for you.
A heart truly in love never loses hope but always believes in the promise of love, no matter how long the time and how far the distance. There are so many ways I want to tell you that I really love you. My feelings for you are true and pure ... like a virgin. I have tried lots of times to confess but you are always acting deaf to what I say. Remember one thing and pretend like you don't care but I know you care so much about me and I'm holding on to that cause it mean so much to me.

I'm going to the gym now.

Talk to you later if you want.



Letter 25

Hello my dearest Renate,

I am so excited to hear that you had a lovely day with your friend. I am still looking forward to seeing you soon as I can't stop dreaming about us together. I know we don't have a perfect beginning but I am very sure we'll have a great time together because every time spent talking to you is awesome.

Please don't feel disappointed with this little challenges. I want you to understand that every good thing in life comes with challenges..So, for us to succeed, we must be determined otherwise, it will end up in failure.

I truly miss our sweet chats, I never expected to feel this way. The thought of you make me feel so special and I am longing to meet you. Even when am sad, your emails or text has kept me alive and I can't imagine my life without you. Honestly, no woman has ever said all the sweet things that you've said to me. I feel so blessed to have you and I'm afraid of losing you.

I want to beg for your assistance for the remaining 4,850 euro, I should be able to refund all your money back on Friday latest. Please I want you to be kind enough to transfer the remaining 4,850 to Festus account. Please make it express so I can meet up with the deadline to avoid delay.

I promise you that I will not let you down this time. I also want you to email me with your post office account details.. but confirm if you can receive 100,000 euro on it to avoid any problem okay. I will send the money immediately before confirming my ticket to Switzerland.. 

Do you really think you can recognize me when we meet at Zurich train station?? because I had a dream and in my dream, I saw you holding billboard with my name boldly written on it... You wrote ''Rick Milovan" and you signed it with your name under.. when I saw you, I started smiling and I walked closer then you became so surprise and started crying... and you said to me that you weren't expecting me because you thought I wasn't going to come and then I held you as we walk round.

I really hope to make this a reality.

Thank you for all your help and thanks for your friendship.

Hugs and kisses

Yours forever grateful





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