Romance scam letter(s) from David Johnson to Sophie (Switzerland)
Letter 1

Dear Madam, Thank you for your respond! However, the Anti Genocide would stop the defence headquarter to prosecute your husband and it would mandate his release from the peacekeeping mission. In other word, the payment have to be made between now till next week Wednesday. The initial cost of the document is (?22966) Twenty two thousand nine hundred and Sixty six British pounds but the ambassador to the Nato organization has agreed to help Doctor Terry with (?7000) Seven thousand pounds so the balance now is just (?15966) Fifteen thousand nine hundred and sixty six British pounds. Hence the payment have being made, there wouldn't be any additional fees irrespective of his release. Yours faithfully Barrister Frank Van Velson Professional pleader.
Letter 2

Hello Madam good day the content of your message is well acknowledged by me and Dr Terry issue is a very critical one that needs urgent attention. The said amount is quite huge but if there is anything you can do to help him don’t hesitate to , because his chances of winning the case and getting out of the prison is very narrow. Today he will be tried at the Court but I will not attend the hearing because no payment has been made to my chambers no registration fee and even the document of the anti Genocide I want to obtain is on pending awaiting the payment of the said amount. It will interest you to know that if nothing is done about this case he will be sentenced to death by hanging or life imprisonments with hard labor along side his cohorts. Because the Syria Government are interested in the case and they are Arab people very strict and hostile (Besides the Arabic people are the most wicked and dangerous people on planet earth )and they don’t value human life. No more time delay is dangerous whatever you have to do to help him do it fast. Yours Faithfully
Frank.Van .Velson
Professional pleader.
Letter 3

Good day madam ok it’s weekend and I’m aware but you can still make the payment today and it will reflect first thing on Monday morning. because we don’t have to waste much time ,everything should be processed very fast before the issues becomes more complicated. Yours faithful
Barrister Frank Van Velson
Legal Partitioner.
Professional Pleader.
Letter 4

Dear Madam, Prior to your email, I do understand that you parents are against your relationship with Dr. Terry that is why they are seeing everything as fake because the only way your parents can stop you not to communicate With Terry is to discourage you about him. With the best of my knowledge, I'll urges you to look away forward by resolving this problem once and for all because that is the only way you can archive the benefit of this matter. Yours faithfully. Barrister Frank Van Velson. Professional pleader.
Letter 5

Hello madam good day I will give you the account information but can you make the payment first thing tomorrow morning if I give you the account details now ? Please reply immediately. Yours faithfully
Professional pleader.
Letter 6

Good day madam i have just been informed by your husband Doctor Terry of Saga and Disputes you are having now. But it will interest you to know you are accusing him wrongly and if you don’t make the payment today then just forget it and I will back out of the case, and inform the ambassador to the NATO organization that I’m no longer interested in the case and he will not render any help further. Because I will be traveling by midweek and I just want your husband out of the court marshal custody so he can fly over there to you. Yours faithful
Barrister Frank Van Velson
Legal Adviser.
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